Phone Scam the Rich African Prince

Friday, October 6th

Ya know that email you get once in a while from a rich African prince who wants to share his gold with you? What if you got a phone call from him???


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I am going to probably be recorded it's been carefully answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning. It. Yes hello. I am according to speak to Sean p.'s. And why is. It shot on highness the prince of the country I'll look I'll. Believe you received my email. Royal highness ads at the draw now more content on. You expressed interest in harboring some of my goal in you'll Holm. I didn't know. Yes. He adds fuel about my goal and Jew and me back. Are you not to be kidding me. I'm not kidding he did you week about providing his safe protection but my connection Al Gore's. You responded that you could do it. Get the Jerry. Even emailed me and oh yes. I got an email that. I. Am I can assure you him every three. My goal is very real as well now I have come to America to contact you. I'd leave my gold eagle protection odd. No no no I didn't. Yeah yeah. Really did. Reach out and I don't have time to play these games and you provide protection for my goals to. I. Mean that. And he. State did it you'll even ahead that might call it would be safe and you'll probably see. It. All I have come to America with my goal I have talked to. Jets' top peak. But G-8 yacht to meet you. Hate you here yet the jury didn't buy all too will begin to heal hold as we speak. I have my goal lead to me. He teased that he shot me. You 21576. The and you'll in Chesapeake Virginia. Into your neighborhood as we speak I would daddy much like you to show me where my goal will be capped when I arrived. Okay Katyusha rockets and talent like Ed and I'm not a home late K color. I am a mile from the. You ought not I can clearly see what you're able to will be in the driveway. It is directed loyal to. License plate that says poppy even VK. I know you ought to hold. A. I had. I just did add delete I'm a quadriplegic cannot. Please would not be a good idea it would be very bad for you and almost hopeful Mike gold which you look really to keep all until property. You almost certainly get arrested. I on the other had had diplomatic immunity. As you royal prince public I don't know. OK but you have the wrong question okay I am not. I will never agreed to keeping eager called. We did not agree with you to come to mind how are you a dollar and an opportunity you have. The auto sales. Well. I'm Carl and the police.