DWW Emily and Andrew and the problem with snapchat

Friday, October 20th

Emily doesn't have Snapchat on her phone, because she uses it for WORK. When she wants to take cute pics, she uses her boyfriend's phone instead. However, he recently DELETED Snapchat from his phone. Was it because he was sick of Emily asking to use his phone? Or is there another, more secret reason...


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Wednesday. So. Yeah. I handled the problem is the deal I'll listen and 304 point five can do at all. That taste but a lot of Red Bull reds and I am so glad I wasn't. Wednesday's hearing for 73104. Point five hi who's this pilot in the morning. Emily what can we do agree on this dirty work Wednesday. Paul we'll likely know it might. Not mean. And yes he has state he's so much and well. What is your boyfriend's name. Andrew okay Helen you guys been together. He had been in a relationship for it Latin. No OK so coming up on that one year anniversary. Not a good time to be cheating on your girlfriend. Now it not okay so why do you think he could be cheating on. Me in a hall do well and. It usually does last. OK so what did you see on his found. OK so you're just so I ever owned sound. Which. My short he personally never typical bill which is really nice except that in return I don't want we view it. Download about about. That are. Work really. So I can download things like USA today alert. CNN I I can't even get a link that they weren't but they don't want achieving and Graham or apps act or any of the. OK so that that kind of stick to your that you're not even I mean cigarette. Well my boyfriend and I will be your account but I don't ever I really do it. I'm I don't. Okay the question you said the problem on starting with snap Chad thank you your not on snack chat. Lou. So let me play offense I don't have a snapshot whenever I want to have veto it typical girl into the hole. He net picture with a cute so there's sort of thing I did you went and found out. Basically the hippie sit around on the right. Here on Atlantic cute picture then usually you haven't because he's watching footballer. And ever so let me let me get it back relax me. Out of nowhere. You've locked out there now. He's got it or not it sound like a rocket and I don't kick you and then on a kilometer and a minimum market throne and I was like I'm where's. Chat and he are right I deleted. Play was probably. Probably getting sick he's using up all the space on his phone. Now mad. Bet they don't tell you the ship after I am I I don't. They call us again if you. Save you the pictures why are you taking them. Kind of site don't wanna watch stupid. Fallen on board. So he deleted snatching at probably because he's sick of you asking for his volley. What does this have to do with him cheating. I want him to step should be your Adobe did not check. Last time he did admit to inbox and they know yeah and that he had opened yet and I'm right. See these years and he racquets and and that's why I doubt I'm not the one we did not even that far. OK so somebody seeing him something on snap Chad. So who are to what was in the pictures. I don't know I. I didn't even get a chance to. It's somebody's gonna snaps you saw I had him and then moved in next week he deleted that commends them. Yeah. Yeah it's a little fish and sang a bleeding out something done OK so well this year the quietest and chat on the show what do what do we do send this guys and snaps of your butt. Well anything half OK but it wouldn't let you delete it all I am right. For white eye stinging like a rain and text from my tune and said something like how come I can't think he snaps meanwhile what happened. And then Mikey he writes fact like who is there is a disappearing time thirty aimed grinds undersea leak could. Work six REC you'll be like I just tried to send you something any of egos who is this just makes sorry I just got a new phone who do you think it is. Whoever he text back is obviously the person he's getting snaps from believing that idea ambling. And that if he does text somebody else's name besides you that we can call and need to be like I'm hoot how is Sarah or whoever it is. OK so stand by ash is gonna get his number from you and then we're gonna attacks him okay. Okay. Now that this thing. Actually works I mean. I'm not sure he might audience there a better word is a certain way and I think I think it color okay it'll it will we're gonna find out we come. So well what we decided to do is actually. Has been texting and drill. And the first thing could I do there it is it's like hey I tried snaps inning to snap and I didn't get a response what's going on so first of all what did you. Actually taxed to intro. And said and said that hey it's mean why aren't any of my snack schooling him I just think each and and it's not sent check me and I need to. In bull ring dean he wrote back and he said I had to do eat snack shack here is thanks so when I'm. Done that he thinks today's and then I read. Sorry I ever that I and you and can you guess it is okay. And then he went back 32 normally need. We'll pull it through the. So all race and we know two things now we know that there is another girl named Melanie loneliness she's a free yes. Up what did you write back. Henry Poole backing his okay. I'm right back right begged damn right hey I need to tell you something real quick can I call you from work. On. Yeah we picked him up so heavily do we know this or do we know who freaky Melanie is. No like that but apparently knows my great friends. Okay well he writes back then will call him and then you can kind of surprised he's right he's ranting and Ron Allen got out okay. Long. Yes he said that it's quote common OK so let's call him at work and then you can ask him all about it. If freaky Melanie. Yeah. I. And we G answers and we feel free Tennessee whatever you want okay. Both. Hi Judy it's only. You're doing. Hey hey. You're not that great so. You want to tell me who think he Melamine. Who like. Read and do you what you can eat free and eat it. I ID and that is I don't know really. A pet that addition would that. So everything you delete it now. Yeah well when you're. Talking about the good and you'd. Click the back into. Your new. Okay how do you know exit free checking my check and now they're. Oh yeah and I and did what got him. Well we hope we hope you catch I don't think we did a dirty work on any may image is only we moved on and. Okay. I don't know what's going on them topsy gangs saw him thank you go earlier works this is pleased and. And. See nobody conditions aren't you better like a long time ago and you're actually wagered so you need. Like. I could even. Do. Whatever. I don't use ago. That and let. Me and you. Sure. I'm the head. And we get paid and you're able to make it. And they better than the argued from. Me and I. I am I. Why on. I live I zero I might think about running at this point yet she mustard and mind.