WOTR Jill and Chris the too good boyfriend

Friday, October 20th

When your boyfriend gives you flowers out of the blue, it's either because he WANTS something, or he did something WRONG. At least that's what Jill thinks is going on with her boyfriend, Chris...


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I lose is a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning and human. Better choosy you love. And it starts now and we welcome Jill Susie well he's you know. Still we're gonna be put into the test for you today my boyfriend. Okay and how long view and Chris have been together. A little over the years. So why are we putting into the test. You can't eat. And I have acting like himself a player like it's pretty happy days. Okay yeah gimme gimme some specifics here late what's different about him. And if they're they're a couple things plastic head. And I began me thinking about he snapped this picture content. It back at it like this woman on the ticket violate at right. That might have been making and it flowers apparently in character appreciate it. All right weeks or so what's wrong with that. And let Ryan clean them very bad Catholic. I couldn't be here he ever got protection about OJ back or just to take it out of the polluted and. He's trying to make you feel good it. I mean it's not able to appreciate it though an island just happen and that Atlantic and I. Me trying to hide her you know. Did you recently tell him that you don't feel we appreciate the lake did you have a fight about it. Okay did he recently have a near death experience like you almost fell down an elevator shaft that was my. Given so many things now. Not that they know I'm. She's fighting your for sending like. Maybe there's a ring campaign and I don't mean the kind you get on the phone. Yeah. So you think something's going on lake you think is is like a classic magician move we shows you sending over here to distract you from what's really gone on over there. Yeah. Okay well let's fight because so what mortgages were offered Chris a dozen roses. He can send anyone he wants and then you're gonna tear who picks and what he puts on the card okay. And this actually should be interesting because he just sent you flowers so there's. Like it even better chance he might choose somebody else could he might be like just send her flowers last week. Are tied for the do questions we ask everywhere there was participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Are you how certain are you that we Christian peace flowers he's gonna choose you descend into and not somebody else. An analyst Andy. Spent eight hours ahead on CNN and I'm thinking that I'm like well let's find out. And only a opt. Opt out. Hello good morning I'm kind of speak today Christian prayer and please. Good morning thanks Manny and actually and claim from a draining flower delivery service Keisler designs dot com Gary. Aren't good power and I'm fine thanks for asking. Still any ways they're reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before or what we deal. Had you heard a floor designs that come. OK well where Emil flower company that allows you to basically order flowers that pushing them back and enamored going into the final shot placing your order and paying extra for same day delivery. And this week we're actually running a permission to spread the word about ourselves. Where visa and MasterCard users get to use our service are one time only frat actually. He pre. Silly is there anybody he'd like to send him free flowers to. We're gallery you last week I need you last week assists. I'm sorry we jazz started to permission today. I take it you bought flowers for somebody this week. Yeah yeah I can be used lastly. Is there anybody else you'd like to get some platters to. I mean it's not gonna cost me and. I'm I'm sure I could think of somebody. You said it was free. Yes I won't even take on your credit card into or anything. OK so I I do have a friend at its sentence do. Well you need her name her house. Okay. OK so her name is Heather. Okay and that's flat you can come with a card so what would you like to put on the cart. Let's split they known this. Remember what we talked about I'm pretty sure it's happening next week. Laugh at sounds pretty scary. I don't but very little what happens next week. Well let's just say I'm making some major changes in my life. Look what and it changes. Rick well. What you have now what's it what major change and they'd say you're right. Ain't it that your relationship does she do if that actually and that should tell your culprit Ali thank. What's going yeah hey Chris I'm this and this isn't really a flower shop this is busy mornings you and right now you're on war of the rose is your girlfriend Jill S. This is a call you put you to the test she's actually been listening to everything you just said. Okay just telling us. The changes you're making sure it. I mean I was thinking about getting a new job. A little time next entry even attempt to make flowers frames. I don't know I I guess. Hey Chris Hughes you're so this other person was just a friend is that the truth that received more than that. I mean she's so really good friend in each sport has let it while we were together. Oh OK okay you mentioned that pars. Yeah yeah out policy Dell Dimension of the arena slot. Durst does have an extent you actually heard him each other that's. While this has gotten really complicated. Okay extracting it not back Robert Gates here on the screen edit a little. BC news wall or the lowest.