Phone Scam the retirement home

Friday, October 27th

Linda is about to get the shock of her life when she finds out her grandma Beverly has been "breaking a few rules" while living in the retirement home...


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We recorded. Be careful answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning zoo alone is. Alyeska speak to Linda at least. One hi Linda this is Edward shear and I'm calling French. Ten gaming community is better relief and your grandmother. Yeah yeah. Okay. Everything's fine she's in great health she's feeding him really well with the other residents around here so don't worry. I. She's doing great. That being said we did have a few incidents. I want you to be aware since you are contact point. Person for her nothing health related like this that she's still in great shape health wise. I. Yeah it's more of she's broken a couple rules type thing. For example we noticed that she had prop one of our security doors open when she went outside for a few minutes and part of our guidelines is that all security doors musty shot at all times. Well yeah I I am sure. How. Well you they're actually there's more leave believe she may have also. They either sharing or selling some of her medications to some of the other residence. Or why. Yeah I know. Out Ocalan to continue on here does it it it gets kinda worse from there. OK so we have a weekly lunch with the residence where the Boy Scouts will come might have lunch with them. Yeah at last week they brought pumpkin pie in for dessert. And your grandmother was taking the can of whipped cream and was demonstrating to the boys how to do wind picks. Which is which is where you illegally inhaled that the whipped cream. Now I know what went to talk with. You sir Richard my grandmother. Grandmother ever and yes. I mean I know she'd do incorrectly that door. Oh art you know maybe maybe it's. Well actually I'm afraid there's a few more here and it gets worse I'm so last week she grabbed one of our male orderly is on the bottom as he was trying to clean her room. And she said to him you know I think we find it. She said. Have you ever had. Had it with no teeth begin. Why. Would a hole and you know straight. My grandmother that. Not only did she say it that a number of the mail order lease have complained that she's often accidentally topless but they want kin. And they're starting to think it's not an accident. My. I don't know what to. I don't know what to say. We also think she may be somehow acquiring illegal drugs from outside our facility apparently one of our nurses is bringing her her morning vitamins. And she told the nurse I. I guarantee whatever hills you've got a better than this and in my sock drawer right now. We didn't find any drugs we did find if he's smoking devices. Now you know you you must have done wrong person my my my dad is even smaller. Mr. Unfortunately what we find is that older adults have habits that their children and grandchildren really know about until they become adults themselves. It's not an uncommon for example one grandparent we have here. Secretly Hattie flask we found with some whiskey and and that he would put in his coffee. And I guess he saved. That's how he's been doing it drink in this copy like that for the past ten years and these kids had no idea. Yeah now I get I get them like the batted. Totally fresh and at least. They like other. Beverly is a feisty lady I can I'll never forget this last week. She stole one of our church blesses you that we take everyone to church went. And she was driving around the parking lot and we said where you go she said she is going to the casino. But she was doing a circle in the parking lot with the window down and and she was yelling out Wu tang clan a number enough. And win. Which I was like why are. You. Really. Yeah. Linda this is actually busy morning Z radio show I'm zero for your brother Stephen why Aniston poses cameo. I hope. My god you guys shocked you know. It was really hard for you guys is plainly put your grandma and assisted living community and so he said he wanted us to bring Keogh. Yet and yet out some quick and they need to get out I. Ask at what point did you think like now there's no way this is real. Probably when you started saying she was dying to read people had ever spot to. OK so you believe the whole talk was flirting with or at least they. You know my mother and a little I'll cheer you Matt yeah I get them going up until that.