DWW Andy and Marissa the girlfriend with a guy friend

Friday, October 27th

It's never easy when your girlfriend has a best friend who happens to be a guy. But when Andy calls to check on his girlfriend Marissa, he finds out that maybe she is more than just "friends" with her male co-worker...


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Simoni zero. What's your you guys doing shine or my life make me look like a brigadier. Listen and hurry and. We can help dirty work when he's on the air force 731045. Hi who's this. This should end. Amy what we do in this dirty work Wednesday. Yeah well oh. Hopefully it's a medium created here and I have but I'm worried about. But if you're crazy you have nothing to worry about he's not getting Hokies is seriously what's going on. Situations where my girlfriend has a friend who's the guy. They beat acting gel and creepy about it or it might vehicle idiot and some of Colombo I am back. OK okay so let's start with your girlfriend her name is. Okay and how long ECB new girlfriend. So beginning at. OK so few months at least that. Okay and since she has a friend who is in dude yeah I Ry okay those minutes question and answer this guy works there. Yeah they're not too long ago that you return to. Basically they teach others every day. Okay thanks how do you see her I'm means weeds tracks from every day observed how often do we don't want to interact at all. Don't mostly just some regions. Okay see your problem is. You think your girlfriend in this brand who's the dude might be more than just France. I don't know a little. Sometimes I feel like yeah. OK so let's bring our resident female X ray actually hear it yet and then you can't explain why you feel that with so. Why do you think they might be more than just France. Okay. I don't trust on the machine alleged to have all numbered attacked her. I mean the fusion just different from work I'll continue to be texting you want your about it work. OK I mean I have Nixon matter and shag he's our and we all text teach at there on the weekends sometimes I mean. Okay well doesn't have the pictures she put up like all the sudden. Shall put up pictures of stuff Purdue and during the day at work and she's never use to post pictures. Okay is this Ryan guy in the pictures. Yes OK and you know what else. So we're supposed to do and how old screen last for him shoot like I don't want or softball team work but instead it let okay. I don't play yeah I guess so what I'm doing lead to pick you up. And she was like all right you don't have to go accessible to and from work on each injured knee and you'd tell screen. Let me take a while against Ryan plays on the work softball team. I guess I'll just. So. Watching the game and going out for drinks afterward and not colony back into the next day. Might be sending going on there email might be a good tax. Was sent the case I think what we should do names I should call Marie sat in the night and actually and things like selling says premiere where. I was thinking of asking out crying and he told me to call you first because she said you guys thinking going on. Any Tressel if something's going Allen and she's gonna tell me right away yeah that's. True and if not and nothing's going that's gonna say oh yeah go right past them higher to have a voice and in the I'm not interested in Ryan Zach. I am. If she's actually in RS in this package she's not you're just gonna damn Sherry go ahead and ask amount most balanced. I'm more pain Jackson to enact even if they haven't done anything yet but she's thought about it she's going to be like well actually need ya I think. Ashley's right and yeah I don't know for gonna find out one way or the other and we might be left with half the audience think deny something's up or now she is on his visit but I think this may be our best way to find out. So it's up to you they even knew you wanted to try and. Yeah sure is. As long as she doesn't know I have any do. No she she won't even know you're involved. So now what do we need them we need her phone number I guess we need her an American in name and maybe a friend of hers that she works said I got a female friend so can you you can get is that stuff any. Okay I'm gonna do a call out right now quickly to all the ladies toilets in this morning because. Ladies you know more than anyone the you're gonna be able to tell if something's going on listen close to her reaction when Ashley asks if there's something going on I think nobody knows women. Better than the other women next though we're going to be relying on your judgment it would recall alert when we come back. Why can't Tim I recently he's. Got to see. Set my name's Ashley and they don't really get there that I'm a friend and one of the girls you workplace Rachel. Some. Op yeah it's regional and if. Okay now. What I do trio of. And he's gonna sound very like second grade and I apologize I I just wanted to make sure I was standing on anybody's is. I was softball game on Friday night and I got to meet Ryan. OK and that long story short I was thinking about asking him out. And Rachel is island William island check with my coworker Marie sent Paris banking eighteen. A lack okay. I have. Okay I'm good news is all kinda gave feet. I just didn't wanna be that person and he comes and then asking guy now when somebody else's are interested. Pleasant Halen and there's myself now back get back. I'm guessing but attain your voice and something is going on then. Eat out it's nothing but officially going iron and it. Is like into the jet. Pack. You can describe it that way. That's all he had to say I a 100% respect that so I mean have you guys gone now that. I'm not gonna very Barrett an official data or anything like Everett acting calling it I like. Your tranche. Only had my coworker he did Rachel and eight. I mean she just what he can link up like she had to sanction which he or she but the king Cilic. I'm sorry like I said I needed this is all really weird because we don't know Leach out there and everything. I'm not like mad according to talk panicked split appreciate they are calling I just. Ever lately it's never had that happen. Little things like I actually asked a guy out one time and then found out that he was Ari sleeping with another ground when I asked amount. Salads lake I do not want this happening again. He had no I totally get it I can. Like chicken an action. Sprinkling racial to me like you guys I was like. Look at Ernie and woody usually by then and. I'm. Really trying. Because like looked she looked like work our circle which is just like it is so. Obviously we're not getting in getting the job. Could this. Gas I don't exhibit any Rachel it's like what she said his Emmy she's pretty sure about it and that's why she had me Khalil. Yeah Irish got. They can't let Kirk. I should get to know and think that your car then. Yeah I definitely you know but no problem the problem. Eight Seoul. After hearing all this to contends is is. Yes she definitely think it went and I mean like in fact I say this is all near and if I had against Allegheny probably only got it wants anyways recently. But they've definitely done OK so that's your theory anyway what do you think. I hated app. I don't go look at it. Okay well it's possible that may be Ashley's jumping the gun here what we can do. Is we can pull the audience and hear what they have to say and then maybe they disagree with terror synopsis of this whole thing on US to try and. It again.