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I’m the weirdest and wildest little ball of curls you’ll ever meet, and probably never forget (for better or worse). I was born in New Jersey and raised in Virginia Beach where I went on to attend the Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School (yes I was a theater and chorus kid, where running around in crazy costumes and acting a fool was accepted and not frowned upon, hence the weirdness). After high school I attended VCU in Richmond where I studied Broadcast Journalism and Spanish, and also sang in an A Capella group (think Pitch Perfect but waaaaay more partying). I graduated in 2016 and moved to southern Spain after that to teach English for a year. 

After moving back stateside I found my Entercom family and I’m so blessed! 

Besides my love for radio and communicating with people, I am a singer/songwriter and love how music not only can serve as a therapeutic means to get through the hard times in life, but also can help connect others throughout the world, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what language you speak. 

I also love dancing, traveling, going to music festivals, skateboarding, cooking, reading, the outdoors and animals (shoutout to my golden retriever Thor)!

I can’t wait to grow my radio skills and soak up everything I possibly can at this amazing company!

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