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As an on-air personality and the man who programs all the songs for Hampton Roads' premiere pop music station - it's consistently ranked as one of the top three among 18- to 34-year-olds - he spends a good deal of every day wrangling celebrities for in-studio appearances and phone interviews.
In the name of ratings, he has been shot at with a pellet gun, spent time in a sleeping bag naked with another guy in the studio and lain on the ground so pumpkins could be dropped on him from 20 feet in the air.
As music director of a popular radio station, he plays a key role in deciding which songs will become hits in Hampton Roads. He is sometimes the first person in the country to play a record, and counts music pioneers Pharrell Williams and Teddy Riley as friends.
"The real Shaggy," says his on-air cohort, Nick Taylor, "is much smarter than he comes across. He's smart enough to know when to play dumb."

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