5 Sexy Questions With Dad.mp3

Friday, June 17th

Talk about awkward!! A game where your OWN FATHER has to answer questions about your sex life!!


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You're about to hear on the busy morning Zealand he won before is the most awkward game we play on the radio. He's on where I went OK it's not. It's kind of playing me box sexy. Questions now we've Dan nine incidence and please welcome to busy morning the market doesn't this morning provides integration with dad this is Chris Chris. And your girl dressed. You are okay good the way you colonists on this morning Chris. Pretty neat so okay. And you who volunteered. To play flight sixty questions with your dad. Still let's meet your please welcome to the radio program for the first time ever chris' dad John -- job. Good morning good morning to you sir. And you can you can see how your daughter is Chris is on with this as well. Or. Oh yeah. John what do you do for living you don't mind me ask answer. Our work contract ultimately awhile that's fantastic speech OK so. Now here's how this game is gonna work we are going to quit his job kind of that's chris' dad we're gonna give you five questions about your daughter's sex life. If you could hit three out of quiet or more correct and you will be a winner John okay. Okay all right so I do is take your best guess. I'm your daughter has already answered these questions we have her answers but let's get to the questions question why. Ashley was questioned. How will follow the links he when she lost and reaching needy. All in new. We've seen fifty teens and the answer Chris. Fourteen boards need more yeah. When you're pretty cool I am fluent pretty close on Allen all right so all for one let's try questioned by the way how awkward is that question goodness. Senator Cochran is off tonight. Question Jerry Ford Johnny is has she is and creaky in your dad has she ever got freaky and your bad job yes and a. No. No and the answer Chris. McCarron yeah. So no one but did all right and question authority and he died at the sleepy. McCain ready to sit at the how many steps to lay eggs as Chris LNN. Oh my gosh. Oh you know it might be nine might be zero. You have to put it number good that you. More than a war and I can count on my finger more than your. Adoption. Lawyers and is more than ten is what you're saying is your answer. Oh OK now I've gone. Actually answer crest. Or how important. All right not two more questions ago this is the one and get hard question for for John. I tabbed as she and her films yourself do you and Steve. Yeah. Yeah I girl who you think yes or now. Yeah now and Chris Syrians. Is. All I no longer about her daughter yeah. Isn't that kind of things you learn there OK and the final question question implies that hit. He used to equal. Then not bear a sexual partners. Crystals had. Is it more. Or less than ten. Less than ten and the answer Chris. Well yeah. Everybody is that for the text to a question Picasso to a lot of five. I don't know I chicken gradually you're not Chris your dad doesn't seem to know a lot about your sex life so I guess that the good. And I'm on the road but I couldn't work together every day LC a little surprised you know a little more that's what they scale but I'll tell you what just for a participating in such an awkward contents we have some lovely parting gifts for you guys John I'm gonna let you go analyst Chris picked those up for you okay. OK I just take care how many millions Hague L.