99 FOR THE 1

Friday, July 27th

Ashley from the Z MORNING ZOO had the opportunity to sit down with the founders of 99 FOR THE 1 .. They are a 501c3 charitable organization that operates around the Tidewater region in Southern Virginia

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It's actually an and he engineered respected in this morning and he air wing of the GMI at balance and Rachel balance it out days and 99 fly though one Harry Eva is doing today. We agree it. 99 for the line. In a nutshell Manning and for the one is dating mobile homeless outreach and basically what we do is. We take big box tracts. Food trucks are fuel and we completely strip them on the inside we get them and be. Convert them into a one stop shop for the homeless had gee it's changing it's how we've always kind of had a heart for people men and helping people and we are doing we've been mission's work like oversees all okay installing clean water systems. I'm working with different organizations and then we decided. We have had a little boy and we moved back to states like Iowa that's Adamson. Cousins to be around and some friends so we moved back to my wife's hometown Virginia Beach right here. And now I had never lived here and we Iraq writing down the road we saw a few guys Holmes and science and here it is curious of how we can help. You know the problem of homelessness and so we started man. Where an income frown. So they name comes. From scripture. It's as scripture adamantly that toxin ballot Sheppard who has a hundred sheep. And he loses one so he believes in 99 that are found Ted fine no one's lot she. And he finds on my sheep he'd president racial there's originally saying he brings it home and that's kind of how we view the homeless can meany is they're the ones that are. Not looked act as opted not looked in the eyes maybe not love down as much and we just always gonna make sure that they know this from a month sentence sermons there for them are always gonna show up were always unity consist and we just wanna love them like Jesus loves us do you chest operation and he generates. Right now idea. Until further notice we into the ring and yet we have some other things in the works we believe it would that we will be nationwide it's just matter of time where only your hassle right now you know we're been growing exponentially in the past year and a half. So it's time yes for your guy I Piaf right now we're in Hampton roads that's our focus is seven cities we live in Virginia Beach and primarily. In this area we wanna branch out we'd been at or. Smitten suffered. A he says he says seventy still even then you are in Virginia Beach you do printout he continued trainees and and slack we are really on the appropriately then. I'd Chesapeake are okay Virginia Beach towards men came to an. We let light ticket segment there still eat. Meantime in OK and it. Series this year full time jobs. Not actually a Friday. Instructor for tiger's. People iron yeah. Independence else has seen it doesn't take a very rare I think it. You know. Die every model house's okay reliving my wife raises our two kids and teaches them act like adults. And now I checked in yeah so now on we do this in the best way to leaking in the most time we have left over after primaries and. And everywhere and her team is volunteer eighth OK I was and how do you not your team yet. Well. Umbrella of like 75 people. Which is very large and in the last year and a half and scary and that we have about fifteen corps members and then the ones that are constantly there we have. And Brian he leads media and and cat you know is and it does everything else and then we have here stylus they can now and I think that's one of our. Biggest thing is tied Fran we have showers in all of serbians which is cool but besides that we have here stylus they have now. He just volunteer their time take my son's hand yeah it's pretty. Pretty cool we could pretty unique team I think it's very fine it's a very vehemently atmosphere we L in Chile. Being around me tethering going out and spending time with each other outside of the ministry which I think is super wearing. And say you are anxious and am leading the chilling tactic that high you find people carrying me but he Jess. Track her around and and mock or how does it work. Yeah it's actually that simple. Because if you think about it if if you have on the streets you may or may not have a phone you may or may not obviously. And the vehicle or bicycles and they come to a year obvious you have tickets again yet you haven't you don't have an address or anything like that so the idea is just like we're 99 for the one with the scripture is that the chief has lost. It's not in a place where. Everyone can see it. And where can be found because if it if it were that easy it would be lost. It does make its way on. The idea is that we wanna be able to search for. People that are either on purpose hiding themselves to get away from society or just really out of desperation and need. They found a place to stay here in the woods or undergraduate have you. And it's really interesting because if you if you drive your car to work or wherever you're going most likely. On your past you're gonna see something that resembles the marks of someone being homeless living here or being. And. Every day and meantime in 8:4 in the morning when I leave the peninsula if he did same people in the same area at. It's disheartening but it's good to manage these people like you guys that are occurring now helping people like this and you get so much. How many games he have currently. We just got our fourth and actually it's really interesting because we're we're independent we're an independent nonprofit that we go to a sensors. Which were launched last September and it's crazy because in that short time less than a year they've party been able to I asked and they purchased a song. In straight and then donated money to put a shower and everything else that's that's that's one of the things that's really neat about nine after the one. Is that guys can get in our hands and they can hop on a shower if they're here my professional. Getting clean pair closed underwear socks all the hygiene stuff he'd need a pair issues and literally walk off and feeling like a brainy person. And when when we start going to a sand that pastor Thomas when he realized that our vision and his vision has really closed the same because we want to reach people. There are real. Easy simple way in the best way that we noted that just love them directly go to them and love them. I think that's what it's a little teeny about what we. Other homeless outreach is lake and soup kitchens and in closets and have played out which is agree it's all in need by. You know they're open certain times in the homeless past you Kirstie and ran silly us we go directly to you then we're going to. There house if you Willie L. Anywhere allowing them teal. Leave the country of just walking a couple steps city showering get nice and clean inning going right back to they're comfortable and not. You know deadly gaining times in figuring out a time and to get this plane and just driving up and parking literally on the side and red. You mentioned he's out there organizations they have. Now they are certain Nicklas at a certain time. You guys it usually go out boys kind and Jess on the wind. So we have scheduled days we go out Saturdays are big day. We offered up for five hours and Saturdays but Monday night's we just recently started our bicycle. Outreach basically and that's on Monday night's our guy hunter he does the vice ministry. And then. On Wednesday nights because too weak and he showers on Wednesday nights but we try to keep it to three days a week. A couple of hours in the nighttime in the evenings and then Saturday is more like. After they. But there are like random times like if we've been helping him clean lake recently we eat and helping Aman and teach kids and so. Anytime she calls and needs something. You know where they're so it's not necessarily just taking it and how better team really getting involved and and building relationships and so he needs something it's not like all its not tired ace and it helped her relate where. Not a does that of that I think that. With with what we deal with any job that you love onions near involving helping people arm is really like no quitting time. I mean obviously priorities that's what can we had to learn since we've started and I ties saying we can't let other people's needs come in front of our family met my wife. It's a but into the side he had doubts because then. Began by. I got your teen how are you guys can art DNA to help people out. They have to had your foundation solid tax now and again the question yeah we have sent our old were you. Now I aimed inching he had these relationships. There. Some of the homelands. Community. What does one actually being about the homeless can meet that you can share our listeners. One true thing about the homeless. I would say is that the are honest with themselves. I think that's really. That's a common thing met people. Think about the almost is that there. Look listless let's just say this there's a lot of mental illness in the homes community there's a lot. And then there's a lot of guys that are just gone through bad times and then as evil that really don't give a crap you know and you meet all of them. And is the people that wanna get off the streets those who wants that we try to help. But one thing I can save us a fact about almost as they are generally pretty honest with the situation. They'll tell you within five minutes meaning you hey here's where ramat. I have this problem I'm here this is what happened to me now to. Whereas I can meet you or anybody. And not saying you personally I'm in my. Anybody at all enlisting right now they could literally be a into their wrote the worst time and airline Yunnan and now and they won't say anything they won't say I think he news. And you have to dig and pry some and it's it's it's there but you don't know it is. And that's it they're really cool thing about almost is that there relief healing and they're really genuine really honest and they're they're just like hey this is human because it is at that point. A lot of these guys don't have anything else to lose. So what's the point being face yeah let's planned lying coming up yet. And stymie Ireland actually if you're in need. I mean obviously am and it's I'm a share with you what I need and get me. Out of this it's really act play yeah honesty place today or if you need to it's that have pulled out one false saying about the homeless community you hear people. Yeah and thoughts on homeless people in the case. I know people that Sam can help and could go get a job either walking it is placing their jobs are easy what would you like to stand out that. You know. One false thing about the homeless here here's what really bothers me. And it is true for sound EC big guy you see these media's right I saw this video this lady. She went in the McDonald's she's asking everybody for money how many people I mean. And then at the end of at all what she did. He has around a corner he's another call and nice class act has got all designed cell plan yet that's the thing okay. There's this there's this blanket statement being passed around now like all homeless are those people. Man and it just got to stop saying okay so like. People are really really hurting and they're really really not wanting to live that way in the and you got. Jerks that feel that go around and tricked people he had money in scam people and the false thing I don't wanna say this is false. Not everybody who's homeless. Is a scam artist a dramatic mood. Or espionage Satan they're not bad people like it they don't when he even look him in the eyes like they're in steal my money and did you any get alcohol but it's like yeah let some of them. Art and I can't thank accent I remember growing at. My dad he was a contractor at times he. Sounds mean standard path that signed he went to retaining power Al painfully daddy help me but again. He said no I don't wanna work can you just decent money that hasn't been out clay clay I only had leaning on them offering united jabbing at. Instead my dad was dragging on peace on the main linking his car in only. In the next to me my dad tracker same team around. So I think I picked off in the same thing indeed drop everything got in the car at night and where is back out on that. My dad got in and close. In that other stuff friend Tina my paycheck acting agents cash. In the past and to if you ever needing Alison please let me know and I. You know kind of had to be thinking that I mean like that and this and it tastes good impact I think reintegrating into that good and that you can't judge. You know 11 is saying for an hour that apple like one person room during the dollars and that the social media day he CRVs. It's the wearing night. They these ideas that glamour I senior these bad types of nine people and we had accessed on the social media still weeks yet to come. I think it with. Blaze social media and Allen went you know what you do we're very hands on industry you know there's not paying. I train Staley there's not seeing it in between you and meeting this person can relate bowling season where. A Jack there are jackets but you're literally how like having to build relationships and so I think. With our team building those relationships and being insisting and we see the same people all the time so our eyes. It like it hurts our heart because that's our family when really odd don't get that her some money because this really. Actually his name is and hands when he says Intel's. And he's he's not a bomb against John and he has a name is Hussein and let me tell people involved tricky organization. Com well I'm waiting for the right person to go ahead and write a check for 2.5 million currently out there. Now I mean it's super easy we're always asking for volunteers says you jest. Message us on any numbers additional media query email address the answer every mass inch and we eat and drink and he'll. An orientation in which we like everyone goes through just to kind of know who we are and what we deal and you know meet the team and it and then. Start gone out on the BN. And so it's really really easy. But at other than others and volunteering in messaging if there's. We have a lot of people that wanna just give monetary ailing. Or once you set up a fund raiser or whatever. In any way that's different something's. We don't even know how people are gonna help until it happens yeah we're like how that was cool and yet comment. And it's just yet whatever people have to offer and you think it might help almost community and help us grow grow to. The actress and he can still no lesser and that's the message. Yet. You see is your biggest need. I would say monetary tightening checks sent anything in Atlanta is in neat for a specific family her purse and pressure and I Ain T. So here's how I putted I think they peoples we are very visual and initially we have squared me ends and then people see in the bay and that we have all these clothes instead and we're always in need of you know hygiene products closed yeah anything and so I think they. It's not that people don't wanna get money making eighteen. That they need this more in her life and on actuality we deal we have four running man considering kinds saying need to prepare is asking this year and Yunnan. We've CME's here in the air. And we paid for. So yeah monetary donations. Use. Other other than monetary donations. One of our biggest needs issues. She says she is and growing their growing need for backpack sneakers jeans or yeah or excuse yeah sneakers or crime or it's like dress she is probably not gonna collapse yeah not too comfortable. But ya Edmonds shoes size nine through twelve of the Austin nobody wants to get 300 those put together. He's beaten. You had any means that you deal in newly acquired do you have any influence coming up. So we definitely have TU really really oxman events coming up that are cynics say about the first one is August 17 it's a Friday. It's from 6:30 PM to 10 PM and intent would be in the biscuit. This is and it's it's a means of ice pregnant compound on the set ping them and us. Everybody loves it's sad sight in the owners are amazing marts are beautiful so. We've partnered with and it's cause I'm nineteen of EU they changed and I hear that since several. You can't let that hey yeah I can't. And still we're gonna have lag Neil's take I Bennett whales in the relieved me. And and they're gonna do gourmet biscuits images of the size and it's serie and then their signature drinks. Or have raffles and silent auction and inches can be it's in the outside an inside and the tickets are 49 dollars so with your 49 dollars you get into the event. You know CNN decided dessert one in the drinks in a raffle tickets used. It's a prequel like. We. Makes it at. And they just started a new and ankle against the sun short track get a calf that owners there are super woman I happened. Come in the studio before island reappeared be careless I really popular there and they had. And they brought it and I think every Yankee at yeah that's. Yeah and their super cool here and and she message mean couple months and she's hey I have this idea late. I really wanna do it then it's like this is her cashing in snow. It's called Halloween at hogwarts. And all and it's so here's the tricky thing it's October 26 friends saddening. Ten at 1155. But it's sold out in 24 hours from dying cell of the exciting thing Mel is Nino that everybody is excited about it and that it's so we are told. Arguing to keep an eye out because we are actually looking for a larger and into lakes being in the tank so people who am I taking a kind and antennae bank his liaison here that are now. Yes the dad yeah. I'm the only person. Stay or should change our partnership he Hadley and he had me at their partnerships. Yes it currently we are cart namely unless acts. They're really cool there I had hair and they don't eat at area of making the coolest thing about then is. This stocks that aid Tony. They normally in the people that are. I had by a parent they assembled Tony they donate isn't in him and the Ares is actually better. Because they're they Meeks socks for people that don't change there's hats off to an inner costly on their feet so we've got to hang with and to give to our homeless community which is really cool. Local business called sound wave customs their rough Lynn haven they Ethan he's owner of their he decided that he really. Really enjoys what we do. And he has a heart and suffer people he he's done a lot of work with elderly community retirement home spending time with people. So he understands that the basic needs of people is heart in on it means he's real and gas spinning time. So he he decided he is gonna decked out some of our hands and the last truck that we got so assent church thought our fourth man. Totally flat out gave it to us. Soundly customs came in. And they put in stereo system. Lights they kind of plumber and a shower there mounting hallmark. Our power and burgers to do hair that's everything for free. Well I think what of them wearing means I don't talked about it I. Something Seagram wearing an all four of our audience is. We have these breezy but it sounds like you can hear us coming down and rest and look nineteen easy playing kinda stuck strictly gangster. He came track team you know I have included prison it out yeah. Yeah. Now on. So that's a thing like sound systems as it's it's really interesting is growing at a radio station right now no power of music. Is phenomenal that's a crazy again because it make you feel so many different things again who literally change your your whole life yeah. If you hear a song and but the thing about like this so like totally going off the music and if you stepping in whenever hands. Thus they haven't had a shower in three weeks which happens a lot with the guys meet they'll be there on last night left. Lest I sound was a month ago and the LA and yes I need a shower they hop on dance and we have the music on so we it's like it's not just our. I everything that's hanging in the air it's not as like a regular car stereo it's like this virus some bloopers. Like it legit conference in Amman but they hot and we ask them like what's your favorite music with some even on island until and they. It's cool to me is that is one thing that we get told all the time like. They'll tell their friends they let you listen to the home Tuesday yet. My getting an and we turn it up and we close all the doors and they just have this moment of silent in this moment themselves in hot shower I am content and music and they'll come around here sometimes and lose really Mary let's sending an eighteen weeks. So that yes that's one of our partners sour customs he offers music and the light that these summits more than audio but. Partnering with people like that is really what we wanna do we want him we wanna eat a meal that play hell why yeah offer remarked that's that's why we go to church that we got seated because we share the same vision was where we're going in on how to help people it's not just like. A random things random people it's like now we feel like are really in sync with these people are. Do you Wear any at Aaron I harmless organizations. Yeah I think. It's really cool I think people's idea is that where talent competition rate has very. We always looking you let loose for a way to cure island competition you are exactly but a feeling we've heard it more often then not now but it's not true we actually sit down once a month later. All the homeless organization alienating any guess in Virginia Beach and it even that HRC build anon I'm Lisa talent and then the people at hand NG COC and blinked and homeless and hit the potters house and angry at the lighthouse everyone LC getting an and we all sit down Nikkei is. I think we understand that we all have the same heart and they seem passion and but we all. Silly that we try and meet we counseling want to work with people that you this evening in aid now only work with and now which is really cool. On that being said I would like to make a public challenge to pin ministries. Mike Townsend to dodge ball on the tarmac after Dallas. Alan scamper down Stanford's talent that they hit great. Well actually plan to be I endeavor and you be winding alleys like to ask hammer and you Elise as is there any thing. You would like to leave it came generates two day. Don't be afraid to get out there and do something that you feel you're called to do. How it absolutely encourage anybody out there just because you raised a certain way. Or just because you look a certain way just because people think that your certain way doesn't mean that you have to be that person get out there. Because sitting on the couch isn't gonna get you anywhere in a look back thirty years from now and you're gonna be like why didn't I do that. Yeah. And has he smiled as normally. But thank you the very coming in today again Rick nightly series get more information. I'm in sticker I am on our case at 99 for the Latin thank you Elizabeth I think they haven't asked.