Cobia East Coast Championship

Thursday, April 12th


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Yeah actually it another game generics purse back dead end this morning I came here with how I don't Alex Brown brick Scheyer happily talent and really tee. To talk that a pretty exciting. And then coming up at her yet fishing tournament. He being the go relax and wrestling thinks he Shannon. Tim how are you today Kyra I'm doing good are you actually I'm great or not thank you for coming in he came on leave from Gloucester sign an excellent high Korea if you could can you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself. Yeah I'll minus Kyle bell L'Oreal group Berkshire Hathaway town really I'm also the head wrestling coach for the real wrestling association. And when your bestselling teen lived heat and isn't travel wrestling Reid. The team is located in Gloucester Virginia we wrestle at the high school like we can travel all over yes ma'am Gloucester high school we try all her you know Virginia and we go down on them bomb North Carolina. Have kids or wrestle up in Maryland as far as Ohio or just had a bunch of kids go and wrestle in Tennessee this past weekend how long have you been with this program why wrestled for Gloucester high school. My senior year high school about a took over the program three years ago in my GA cited taking an opportunity came up. And thought I was having little boy. My first on passion of Christ and be harassed things while helping and I can't force and yeah I would love for him to wrestle took it over three years ago myself and five other board members took over the club and you know we've actually done very well. So far I can be your next question how did your team did this past he said. Did really well we want to come this oval league championship. Which is a league that did. It encompasses the northern neck area and peninsula. And parts Williamsburg. And we took first first time we've won it since the ninety's doesn't this year we took elevenths at the state turn it out of a 150 teams the best we've done a really long time we also had to girl's state champions. Come Gloucester high school had it. A state champion at 220 cam walker and these states we've had several more state champions we've this past season was really kitten. Can ask for better season. Now because you wrestle in how each school. And you mean before that is that what got you into pitching basically you wind it continue laying. Yes so I actually sort of wrestling com way before that house fitness experience. And wrestle all the way up and then. You know have become becomes part of your life moon you everything you do somewhere in other falls back to wrestling. As far as confidence knowing what you can and can't do think it's a little different from a lot of sports is an individual sport needs you and your opponent and a referee on the map no it's can't blame it on anybody's part it's. It's only owner's shoulders whether you warrant loosen. I think that teaches. A lot of stuff about life. And say you went tears teach your kids basically all the lessons you learn while being arrests Larry you know most of your life. And sound when he took over that grill are wrestling association and and you had thinks she turning coming up to benefit patent settled let's go right in attendees who began teaching the attorney and then to win. Where is this event. Well that term it is June 2 one answer will be at Crown Point marina in Gloucester Virginia men. That's located at 9737. Cooks landing road Hayes Virginia 23072. But you don't have to leave out of the marina so blinds in at 6 AM on June 2. You can leave from wherever you want but you have to weigh in Crown Point and when he inserted 3 o'clock you have to be in line with you fish. By 5 PM and there's also a captain's meeting the night before June 1 at Crown Point that is a mandatory meaning to at least one person from each vessel. Beats Chela how can you register to arm British entire team into that turning the easiest way to do that would be the go to WW dot Kobe East Coast championship dot com. From there you couldn't find my contact information can also look it up on FaceBook there's FaceBook site forward as well be that you can direct message me mom also my contact information if you wanna call or text slash emea. How much it costs intact it's going to be 250 dollars McCain's inner. And then we also have sponsorship programs stopped. How Disney sponsored this tournament I know there's many different ways to killing Kermit that Elena that violence against. I have to look to. So we afford for levels. Went platinum diamond gold and silver. So we'll start with this over the bottom of the silver sponsorship this 500 dollars and includes one boat registration honorable mention what sponsorships names on a signage and also a small logo on the shirt and you go up to gold which is a thousand dollars that includes two boat registrations captains bucket T shirt yet advertising with sponsorships name listed on the signage. Your logo logo on the T shirt and the website do you have a diamonds 2000 that includes three vote registrations maximum advertisement with sponsorships nameless and on the signage T shirts that kind of stuff and then we have the platinum its 3000 that console for voter registrations. They need to chairman banners and everything it's a big logos on the shirt come here also at the top of the sponsorship page on the website now with those boat registration you can actually gift news so lets anything come your company CNN com want to do 83000 dollar platinum sponsorship and nobody wants efficient and so you can actually if there's two other clients that you have to do a lot of business with you know you go here's a free entry to this this could be efficient term. Nine there's some bad signs for example and if a sponsor went to be on T shirt during training inch what do you think deadline for an act. Yes or for the deadline to get on the T shirts and assign which would be may tenth McCain now if you want to be a platinum and you had your own banner. That was still go up at the tournament. And fishing training and there's any prizes I would imagine what kind of prizes are you looking act here. Well for first place you're gonna get 5000 dollars plus a big trophy how desolate. Good payout second place is 2500 dollars third place is twelve on her fourth place is 805. Place is five. Now we are placing sixty tense. Calm wind came up with the prizes for that yet that's gonna depend on what comprises stuff we can come up with with sponsorships. I had no idea when it comes at issue. Yeah. You don't have to be super insufficient to actually do this one it's in the beginning the season Mirko via secure bases and actually starts on June 1 and so this actually held on the second day don't water's still a little cold at that time so there -- be a little deeper monsoon normally if fishing unofficial around here. They chum. For the official basically Yankee go to thus chum bags and now. And sit there and have appeared wait for the fished by. This press time we've done this fishing trend. Yes ma'am my time ever putting on a fishing tournament and it's been quite the journey so far. We'll owl here you know fliers like ante at all the information they do get it it seems like he definitely know what you're doing he can try all see that there's an actor part. He says after party is going to be a Crown Point marina announcements are 4 PM we're have a band and a punch or raffles that you can in her home. And it's for 25 dollars soy can eat and drink and be barbecue and stuff like hanging round appear trailer. Where economic. Yet between wanna course. But it should be get Thomas going to till 9 PM. And then if you don't participate in that the change. Turning neat part you can actually attend after party of course pay between five dollars and are making each and every key Hillary's dead I just pat cash tied to being like cash bar and you know 25 dollars on you can even during my hat and crossed the bridge to come up after the party you know it's gonna be a good time so what exactly are you looking fly zany king laughed in your training for this tournament since then it's party that you mean need assistance went yeah so. Our volunteers are always welcome definitely use a lot more volunteers but right now really looking for people sign up and sponsorships. Most of this stuff if all everything that you look at that right now are paid for out of pocket website and all that which is fine we need to raise at least fifteen to 181000 dollars to pay for the term it that way if we can actually have something to donate to the wrestling club. So that's your year overall goal is fifteen to 181002. Race and anything over. Anything over a dollar to give to the science of crowds are I have a goal chemical yes we'd like to raise at least 5000 for the wrestling team you know there's a lot of kids and our area that the families can't always afford to do the rest and to join. Joining is not so much the expensive part. It's the tournaments is tournaments every weekend. Chattering Clinton and yes it gets it gets really expensive you know if you have a tournament Saturday and Sunday you're looking at registration fees for one tournament anywhere from. 25 to 35 dollars in that you like so we do honestly no matter how Richmond. Yes and we try to pump up as much as possible but it it's it's a really big team we have over seventy kids this past season. So we can get. Mean you really expensive really quick specially if you have multiple kids wrestling him trying to make it to where you know the parents financial situation is not an during the Q it's being held to wrestle what made you landed that only June to sag that you mourning dad helped into the back in touch play just seen there's there's kids on the team that in the parents just don't have the money for these kids have futures and wrestling. They're so good and and they tried so hard my sons I've been old enough to wrestle yet but I am I help out this much second financially with in the parents and anybody that needs it you know as far as bride staying in the hotels with Maine anyway I can. Think it adds yes you know there are coaches and stuff where I was coming up that traveled all over the country with me. And you know that you just want to hope it will make any money coaching that's for sure but they they gave of their time for me now it's my turn. Again I'm sitting here with Kyle down talking ant Alex and then if he has coming up at Columbia fishing turning. They had aimed at gorilla mask ringing and say see Shannon. If someone wants to get more information specifically aren't your teens don't organization and how can they do that. They're the easiest way to probably goats to our FaceBook page guerrilla wrestling association there you can read all the comments and everything in Seattle accused of Don file some FaceBook would probably be the easiest way our website now depending on his me and it cheating is up and down Triple Crown but if you sometimes you can read about us in the local papers and stuff. Okay teens really. If you are more information specific they are and EU fishing tournament. Which you find on your face the paints of course yes she can go to Kobe East Coast championship on FaceBook where you can go to Kyle bell homes and now you'll find plenty information on there on this also fliers all over the place where I'm from Virginia Beach. Up tapping panic. They can't be airing today Leach is mace fakes meat may seem Lennar early to some of these listening right now actually the deadline to register. And make her act. Yes it's may 31. The night. Siegel and the boat that you really want to think she's. How is that a possibility train line iron yeah I mean long recession infringement people. Yes. And that's what people and it pretty easy actually had a guy email me really listen to determine a kayak now. I never seen it could be some of these things are huge Jack says he's gonna kinda I think that's almost certainly if you want to get from appear as long as your registered you know again. I knew the name of the Peter yeah yeah that. Dungy isn't but it is still amounted to bring on line I don't mean. It would be fun yeah some of those contacts those guys can stand straight up and number yeah I mean they're not me after a few Beers and then an on again I think. Here's and with the fishes. That is there anything else that you would want to leave we can't generate in regards to is your CCA shell and you wrestling in general on that fishing turn him and. Anything at all yeah you know. I've planned on this being an annual event if it does really well you know for raising fifteen grand or more I don't see where my team would need all of that money so if other teams in the future if they want to get together to help on this you know this the ultimate goal for any coach I believe this to make sure that every kid boy or girl. Has the the opportunity to wrestle arm and you know wrestling is is really big out here Virginia Beach. And especially up north of Richmond but there's everywhere there's people who need help. You know everything costs a lot of money these days than ever seems like everything's out to make money. But generally we just if if we can get enough help there is no reason why we can't have better uniforms better equipment new romance the kids it can't afford it. With you know events like this now they have the opportunity. He says much calvary coming in this morning to talk about this great and then again if you look like more information and he can get their face that they expect to make it even easier for you you can text awareness. Bench. I don't ask each to seven at 71 FR silencing me link straight year found. Along with all of the information in regards students thank you so much for coming in today thank you for having me.