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Thursday, August 17th

Ashley from the Z Morning Zoo with Channing Bradley talking about the upcoming Dave & Buster’s Make A Wish Foundation Regional Golf Tournament


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Good morning and actually the fanatic he generates perspective and this morning I'm here with Cheaney the Bradley. Friend gave investors to talk about the regional golf tournament coming up. What it's done that dating and all the information that you're gonna need out best and then I aging today chaining I'm them up by yeah. I'm trails of allergies going on right now let them think they're technically take Canon of the fact. Tell me a little about yourself and that company that you work Ford. I'm an image Channing branding and I work for Dave and buster's energy beach Jane beach and they've investors and actually been there about four years and have been their about a year. Okay and what is your position Yankee in plastics my position as the community outreach coordinators had been handling this since April rename my efforts to advance which is the end golf tournament and from may and benefiting make a wish foundation. And name in the event that ear. Coordinating currently the golf tournament it's called the Dave and buster's first annual regional golf tournament and it's anything to make a wish foundation you said correct that is correct what is to make a wish foundation and the make A wish foundation is a nonprofit organization that assists children nationally it's just to make lasting memorandum wishes come true for children basically they're diagnosed with my threatening or terminal ill medical conditions. The purpose of this event is basically it's too. Now Ramon and continued to build awareness for other companies individuals to get involved momentarily. And help support their cause by assisting other children to receive grants wishes to. In what ten dizzy and start. It's 9 AM shotgun star and they dated the tournament. That's going to be on Tuesday September tomorrow in the peach and it's going to be at the Virginia Beach National Golf Club located for princess in growth which Steve physically justice when a 500 tournament draft isn't it the court houses priced tickets for you and Hillary is heating Indians then the black changes salute and SEC and delicious. And Roland turn and then you can actually go in and grow on my web page at www. PR flight dot com forward slash Dave and busters or just email me at CBW that Dave and buster's at gmail.com. Some of the parts rank companies or individual and rolling in the turn it but he hit the full statement spoke thing lacking is they also receive a full day of golf experience. But the opportunity to win several of our exciting prizes we even have massage and it's gonna be doing their new stretches you have to woods and you know the ability to meet great people. What are some of the prices that he'll have. Some of the prizes are including my Eric 2018. Low rider Robby Davis and or two tickets at the masters or even a five day four day Caribbean cruise just them. The prizes yes so much more. Now there's different sponsorship levels and see can you explain that partly serious. Definitely so we have our highest at the platinum album which is our title level sponsor. And also that's going to be a tiny 500 dollars. The goal hole sponsors across the 15100 dollars bills that are so silver's easily shared holes plants at a thousand. Our bonds at 500 which all NCR four sons and then if you let that golf despite yourself as a PH and have a 250. Or even vendor tables which were aren't accepting right now fraudulent. Semi response isn't endings hitting. We have seen for around and it kind of course. I have I have Virginia Beach priority Honda chest made distributors. The size and indeed digital place the list goes and the deadline to enroll in the tournament. And you and your ass well we're still accepting golfers sponsors have been is up until the event so definitely please contact me and how would people contact you to join again please contact me at the PR flank which is at WWW. My PR flight that com followers last Dave and buster's aura again email address is CPW. That Dave and buster's and gmail.com is there anything else he'd like to add or tell anyone listening right now not here then. Definitely. It this and it takes teamwork commitment passion to job success for this event so. Please help us continue to hope wrote the make a wish foundation and just get involved by making a donation even joining in on the fun. We can only reach our home with your generous participation so we definitely but look forward to your support. And getting more companies involved with our friends feel coughing outing on Tuesday September 12 at 9 AM. The theater when there tiara. But the anti semites for joining me to eighteen thank you for having me and I can you cannot say they zig Z one a Ford dot com for all and they PH sent out click on and says that chain was just talking about and we hope to see you back.