Dogs Deserve Better Interview

Wednesday, August 22nd

Ashley from the Z MORNING ZOO sat down with Shocky and Melissa from Dogs Deserve Better to talk about their organization as well as their upcoming event at Ocean Breeze waterpark! 

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It's. Might it actually can netting him generics perspective and today I came here late Shockey and Melissa you talk about an upcoming event. That's happening ocean breeze water part he might get a little hint as to what's going on it he listen and act ranking here. Too little puppies right here on the studio right now when I was in a wave is coming to an issue Greece and its biggest being dog deserve a better so let's get right into it. We've done to deserve better began their rescue them. Our chief tells right into my country sixteenth year. And we're very excited. And that would make it and do elementary. And it was started in Pennsylvania. And in 2011. And it moved down to its present location and here that we have and Smithfield. Which is Michael vick's previous property and and we and on strong. And 2003. In addition to our Suzanne pattern. We primarily rescue dogs. And advocate for dogs at our chain or. Outside with no social action and mom abused neglected. And we really work hard we is communities to educate. And just because there's so many statistic. You know getting out there about dog and arcane and never have in Iraq and would at least 30% more chance grass and on just see. It it's incredible what. What that can do to a dog's. Brain you know and everything and on oh yeah we worked pretty hard to. Just advocate for these dogs and just get up there in the community all over the country. Now I you Foster peace in addition to having dogs at the center. Yes we'd love foster's meat absolutely love them. We. Love if people are interested to get in touch without. And we supply everything on medical. Food. Training. On and we do appreciate any postures that we do am. He only rescued out excellently and inching and it's not at all from Oliver we do all over the country. We have some representatives. On my three. And Virginia. We have one in North Carolina and then anybody that does. Contact us throughout the country that is trying to help dogs that are on chains Iran and are being neglected or abused. We work hard with them and work with animal control. And see. Law enforcement mining area. Out wherever they may be we've gotten dot com Oregon. Illinois. Ohio. And north. Wouldn't. Now weighing some dot to dot conducts his or better what is the process. And did it dot com believe that it. Yes I went to the conference on yes they are microchips aid neutered whatever needs to be done medically. On. And you know the one thing we don't do is. But we would if we had a feeling OK we better do an X rays say I'm like. We would definitely do it. But for our guys normal vaccines are completely vetted and vaccinated. We take care of it even after imposter or adopted it as something for instance. Our went treatment that they have to go through from our worm disease which is apt title and move on here. We supply everything. And we we do require an application. I can't. That helps us and we like to have that first and it's not necessary before people made the dark horse. But it helps us and know if it's going to be a good fit right off the bat usually. And we do we do do home check. On but the way it usually works as I will if it's in the local area I will bring a dog with me to do the contact. And once they've visited. And are checking out everything good and if everything goes well at at home does that mean everybody's on the same page and we can make it final year. Now what. Your greatest need as far as Danny sings and yell. Even help from the community. On the golf course we love donations and monetary of course is how we survive on that. The only you know our donors and sponsors and that's the only way we can survive but that's. Food and stuff we do always expect anything food canned food it's always a great need. On we do appreciate volunteers that want to come out and do some grunt work. You know we have a lot of property and a lot of work that always needs to get done. On when you have. And many dogs and a home. Mean there's a lot of long and after your parents now what work and five rocket began. An end and answer any kind of but he did mention yet so many dogs how many jobs are your sent and spent ill I think for us if you think of dogs and home. It can be anywhere from eleven OK up to at one point we had forty something because we had in one year. And one. Several month period 24 puppies. We had one set born at the center and then we have another seeds. From Suffolk County. And god they got a mom and eleven puppies away from the terrible situation. Oh that was pretty crazy right now we have we're up towards parity because of all the puppies home I'll hoarding situation we're working on. On to get these dogs out of this situation though it can be and where usually around eleven. We have a few dogs that are what happened when that's for a long time mom that need that. Right doctor. Narrowly saved let us now what is. And then I can't hating dogs living at home opposed to ads you know I shelter like mini Basque ET here. Yeah ot airs eight Alex mostly a positive because the dogs that we get and has never really been in a home. So we're able to get her mom eat well and you know all your honor and teach them how to go up and downstairs yeah. Teach them about ceiling fans most of our guys when you turn on that feeling can help and Kate you know patent. Flat there oh. Freaked out about so many different things maybe back to me and I actually all of that we vacuum every day and get. GAAP atoms don't like to attack yet on that. Yeah and just in general you know coming into it keeps pitching area is great teachers and no counter surfing yeah you know getting in the garbage. Honest and we do our best to try and get them acclimated to it. There's certain things. That are in Holland so those are not the worry of Vietnam yeah usually have a little more work to do when they're accepting from you know but. Yeah and sometimes that haven't found falls to it because. You in a home if break we learned fairly quickly if we have dogs that are gonna start getting possessed. And you know what there area a one and they're couch and yeah there when you check out snipers in the end you have to work with them and no word on her and you know when. How to be playing with visitors and where to eat it. And we have big gate at the end of the driveway so if we don't if or outback with the dogs and we don't see people sitting at that eight. After yeah on the back inning and got their opener. Yes we love visitors and basically between eleven and 330 is our best time where it doesn't. You know for visiting me on because that's not interrupting a dog routine as far as when they eat when I. Do certain things that is a great routine fourth and you know sometimes people come right before dinner. Are right before Brack has. That can be a problem because the cars have no interest in people alcohol you know they're so hungry or. They're field blocks we do feel blocks other have a schedule that we'd like to stay on but we try and accommodate. Help with people schedule. They're getting into the flags and leaves and banks I know highly fetch a six cents last year. How this and then come out Shockey you into these questions short circuit. Only thank you so much for having us comes. This event came about one of our supporters actually approached ocean breeze with the idea on. Every year at the end of the season ocean breeze and diss their pools man gets ready for the next year. Umps as she approached them with the idea of on the last. Day after it's closed. Having dogs Cummins woman pulls the funny and to them out for the winter so she. Approached ocean breeze about that told them that she was with the houses are better and when they looked and our rescue and found out what our mission wasn't what we strive to do. They were as excited as we were happy event so that's sort of how it got kicked off and Tony seventeen and we had a it was a great event you'll laugh yeah we planned it very kind of last minute as big events ago and the turnout was just amazing. Eileen last year and Alec thank Don cannon and he had a absolute blast at first I was like please can Millen had dogs and heat can I email. Feel weird that I cared about these things tennis ball in the water it's happening now and in yes it was a great team mainly stand with their dog everyone's having fun. Still how tender park will be paying for the dogs to planes and then. There will be out a few a few different pulls open the runaway bay runaway bay wave pool a happy and then as well as the looks again the way we did it last year though wave pool was open mainly for bigger dogs Angel slogans for smaller dogs we do have come some leeway on that if you have a older dog that doesn't really answer all the activity that's the Lexus when he can go over to the small dump the pump he embryonic case let me speed yeah actually yeah I think we have that happen with a lot of dogs last year which makes some really cute pictures by the way. Long Thompson visited to polls that will be open for the there's also play area and the back which last year on our first year. Was designated sort of as a bathroom area for the dogs and mixing and hit kind I had it ended up being. This great area all the dogs went back there and played and they just had a great time so that that will be open as well this year have you ever done that. Necessarily doesn't love to slam many great place for them to goes well. Is there any pair people who maybe inner city in ten being that do not have our key in print a dog absolutely we have Latin entertainment on the share were having strictly business classes a band local Hampton ran on super high energy left to get audience embarked on they will be there we have. Food trucks. Cast iron will be out as well as captain crab is but we'll have their full menu as well as from being an options. Come and we'll have two bars opened with full full beverage services while. And what kind of documentation is required for any willing to bring their dogs well in addition to to your ticket you can either go to the box on some buy them in advance. So either your ticket stub or some sort of something on your mobile device palm prints that you have purchased tickets are home is what you need and for people bringing dogs they need proof of vaccines and when you get to the park. And also for anyone that buys tickets in advance those same waivers will be downloaded an email TU. Prior to the Nancy component count that as well and haven't filled out. Any effects now I get in their rules are limitations on how many dogs Stanley. Yes. Well obviously only dogs social and finally dolls will be allowed into the park mom each adult eighteen and over can bring one dog okay so basically if you have a family and yet two dogs there has to be 22 adults there to bring in OK come. Obviously the park and the event is open for anybody come. But in order to handle a dog you have to be eighteen and indeed I'd have to be leased the entire event. Walking around the grounds they do have to be leash terrible. Absolutely be designated the swimming areas obviously and the area around the poles and me on the do not have to be leased and back in the play area and they can be free as well also plan planning Iran for your dog's just a run and now can people's planning any of the pools yes this year we are doing some a little different last year only the activity pool was open which is where the love. Claims are remains on this year we're doing that pool and also V adventure river which is common another area of the park where you can just get on an inner -- and sort of I think flutter around do you think lazy river exactly like a lazy river types thanks so something for everyone buddy wanna be active in the pools are disorder chill out there something for you either sponsors for the event and it's elevate the on site offering any of their services yes we've got some really great sponsors this year. To mention some of them beach pet veterinary hospital will be there they're ex sponsor of ours. On they will I'll they'll have a tent and table where they'll offer discount a microchip services. To these dogs are not microchip and you know some people just. Always say they're gonna do that and then just you have on hand well they'll be there. On doing that is at a discount price in the party checked ticking it's about microchip to make an immediately goes woman that's been hanging on to the inconvenient and it's a very quick op process yet continued on microchip and also have a first aid. Ten there on just in case anybody needs any medical attention for their for their pups even so they'll they'll be there doing that. Some of our other sponsors are on insurance agency. Pos clinic will also be there come off leash canine training. I think a few of these are their last year as well I remember off leash being that he hadn't yet they'll be there again Atlantic they mortgage will be there and we got the spy laser center. Joseph for a realty. And then actually Tito's did this last year and they're doing and again this year for every Tito's beverage sold at the bars they will donate a dollar two dogs. Guy or their dog people have had cleaned out their commercial is not good for thought yeah I think if indeed as the end. That's strand mine has been actually hearing today BC's turn them as a couple weeks now. And then he's like I that he is because it says their dog people out late today. Let's say at c'est son what I do different levels of ticket prices and what do they include. Okay. If you are an adult with a dog on those tickets are twenty dollars. If you're coming designer and with no dog that's ten dollars up for ticket. The cut and both of those ticket prices on if you buy the day of the event as opposed an advance will go up five dollars that'll be five dollars more for each to the day of the event. Mom. They're also different options we have not VIP seating. For 1999 that includes to chase lounge chairs with cushions of the many shade. A side table and poolside beverage the VIP seating. Permits up to four guests and the 1999 is an addition to the ticket price okay if you are common just lounge around and have people come weighed on news that. That's the way to go in terms I won't. And what about canary and I'll send and that cannot yeah I believe we're sold out of bed Palin does get that yet to get a very. Plan quickly found what not and people that whole ocean breeze at pac ten is like season pass and tiny discounts and yes advanced tickets viewers initially season ticket holder I didn't get a five dollar discount on any ticket purchased in advance I think any opera Cheney's trip people who want to volunteer frank listening. Or even print a rescue in general. Absolutely on anybody wants to volunteer Ken go to there's 22 places you can go to sign up and I'll definitely get the message if you do this. On FaceBook the pages called the second annual wags and waves can come any message put their apple get directly. Or you can get to the DDB website which I'm also has some information on Melissa talked about as far as general volunteering. Mom if you need help with the dog anywhere in the country I just go to our website www. Dogs are better dot org and there's a link for anything you wanna know donors impostors and volunteers anything like that Paris say. Yes many resources it's and it's a great website. Now I Costello pet everything on daisy and up my website to make it easy for our listeners you can text the word. Doggett to 7571. Airport you'll get links in straight cheer for and make all the information about doctors are better as well as all the information about the second annual wags in waves event and Sherri listeners are nineteen and the need to act here with celebrity guests in the studio hired here today say oh let's talk about these guys in here literally hating here. T have. The little one is Mascoll. Rap song they are we're not like her exact age but we're thinking about eleven to twelve week toward the smaller one. And then the big boy is being extremely nosy. We're out and yes. Is Brack stand and we he's probably a week or two older. I can't and they have come from hoarding situation and and we've been working on for several months and gotten a finally what are surrendered. To last waited my lies and more puppies so we have lots of poppy. And your stupor that I think it's just. I'm very proud of them to them here yet and now I am not underneath your best player the keyboard and I. I don't. They're just they're amazing we're really you know it's nice when you have hoping that much easier. Especially when you have more to be able to. I'm work with them and get them into a routine and that are getting them you know house trained and and playful and know what's right what's wrong. So yes these two are the two that are available. And others are not gone we don't we will not. Let them going to their adoptive home until there's a new attack which can be done fairly early and there's a lot of controversy on that but we've never seen what you. Having an early. It always helps them actually. Count out there. Cindy if you are available for adoption and yet they act and you can see their pictures you like tech saint. Job to seven I senator when airport Allison engine yelled they're pictured here on the week Allison streets here thanks he can check in now and sad. Trying to piece tier opponent would be great tap it from his tenure here. I went I like to ask both boy and we ended in your view is there any gains either one of you would like to leave it came generates today. When it's about dobbs as your Aaron went there it's about the lags and we demand. It really could be anything. And. Shot eagle it. I just want to thank you for the opportunity for some houses and this is a great way to get the word out about Hartman and more importantly about our rescue of class I would just urge anyone. That wants to help and has never known how to help. To please reach out to us coming get involved whether it be with our rescue. Or another rescue anywhere in the community just to help you know just a hot dogs and need move would be my main message to everyone listening today and come out to the event please. So that's going to be a great time. And yet there aren't so many dogs on need our help him but also to you know a lot of lot need to be changed. So if you feel that you can't do anything to help a dog or you that you are more. Politically minded you can always always. Help in that area that there are so many laws that need to be changed that are as chaining dogs are planning on being out reports that and and it it's it's a very. The heart area can work with down here in the south and all hunting dog and contemporary and you know we understand that just give them better. Their conditions warm and you know. As we head on our website under resources there is lots. To learn and we also have lots of availability. Of documents and on just sending uniform if you want information sent to you package why you get on we have Dorn hackers. And on to have information news and. What thank you again parent parent coming in today and pin flags and waves. Second annual lags in May is having an ocean breeze in September 16 11 AM till five. Text or Doggett said and I've set and went up where you get all the information saint street tear them. And here's my.