DWW: Amy and Shawn and the extra work shift

Friday, March 2nd

Amy's husband Shawn has been picking up extra shifts at work, and coming home really late. But is Shawn actually busy working? Or is he doing something ELSE she doesn't know about!!??


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It seemed mornings it. And we'll show you guys doing so under my life make me look like a pretty. Listen and I only know. I'm here for 731 of four point five hi who's next isn't eighth. And you drink every industry where Wednesday. I had been wearing and got it covered up. Lou. Okay key so what is your husband's name. Sorry okay and you mentioned his job Ricky tells what he does. Oil and I'll okay. So you said you think he's lying to you. You act. All right good Kleenex so first the art yet to understand he worked a forty hour week. OK. Any bit. But doesn't everybody work a forty hour week. Model that's how long term it has forty hours on the market what they called game which is like. Read the outward and it's not always the scene trying to. Oh yeah I know exactly what she's talking out because you know. Kyle lamb has and he's along trend he lacks you know they guaranteed forty hours rang let Chad ease Brad Asian head there on Sherman but they view came where. Did she put she kicked yeah I there isn't anything zero OK so that you said Sean is doing he's doing the forty hour thing. Yeah but then retool and taking action to stop the border and that coming in currently in I don't know. I carry it blew me yet out. OK and can explain me what. Picking up shifts off the board meetings. They say there's this building and they call it the hall okay you go and you wait to get signed it John. It's kind of like a gamble but like you can pick up extra sheets that way okay like dial he works a guaranteed forty hour job my native frank but if he wants extra shifts eking go to the hall after wired. Pick up a shift off the boring you okay. Exact a toll free public every night you've been trying to pick a ship captain ordered him and I just don't you belly to work. A couple that came after it extradition act. And you've net dirty but he just a teachings before it lacked early what in dirty up the car. I don't I just like blowing me. Yeah incidence of that gut reaction that that women's intuition. Right well listen maybe the reason he's working so much is disease saving up to buy you something so maybe take you wanna cruise. I mean that dat crowd is really nice. But it. I can't that I just don't keep working. What do you think he's dealing. Okay we'll be too tired arms let me ask you couple questions here win. When was the last ninety he didn't like a whole pick a job off the board thing. He's not weak but it did happen right eight where it's like Hillary I at. And then Eddie went to the hospital and edit it at that they act and they wicked and Garko. OK so if he worked the night shift Friday night that he should have been at work all night Friday that out partying or anything like that or now. OK and one question real quick what bank do you guys use they won't what Bain. Would show on debit card beef from. Earlier. A a bit of unholy for sick in the we're gonna get his number for a meal and then we'll call him when we come back okay. Okay okay you you know come so is used to Kyle does is sometimes it does this. Does this sound like he's too because Mickey it's only guy who's really makes an extra monies but getting maybe he's not happy at home to maybe somebody or stay at work and make money and go home be miserable but it doesn't sound like he's cheating to me. Any errors I don't think he'll eat there until she mentioned Nike's experience when he comes home like he's not dirty or anything like when Kyle comes home. Eat like filthy to dirty clothes are dirty I know and when she sees excuse me when he is he's comfort clean. If I don't believe any of that part okay. We're gonna call him up when we come back. This is a call from Bank of America fraud protection. Teeth stay on the line for an important message. Hello. Oh yeah I am trying to reach on and he's. Patient and this is Scott Lang I'm calling from Bank of America's fraud protection apartment. The reason I'm calling is as we detected if you charges tear debit cards that were out of a normal pattern. So I'm trying to make sure nobody stole your card or your identity or both. I'm civil charges in question were on the evening of February 23. So I guess that would have been last Friday. So do you remember if you win out to eat or anything last Friday like I know that's almost a week ago so might be hard to remember. You know jagged Eddie do about it on Friday at what promised that if they had spent. Well actually there's like a budget charge is on here for places like Wal-Mart best buy target their error. They're all within an hour each other and they're all on Friday nine that's kinda what stood out plus there's a lot of high encourages a couple of flat screen TVs laptops. All know how kids. I definitely didn't by any of that. OK see that's exactly what we thought still OK so did you then is I'm asking you try to remember we are you may have spent your debit card. That's unless Friday night so like I say no it's almost a week ago that you give us a place to start the media market is okay then we had to go from there. Okay. Well. I remember I don't try to marriage. Illicit avalanche of attention this year. LS take OK yeah right here and then just to make sure looks like you paid for more than one person is that right. OK I don't make sure the overcharge you or something. Other but received only went there you a couple places. OK let let me ask you this do you remember using your debit card anytime. After midnight. No optimism I know I was home and dosing bit better and. If you hold a bad I didn't get how we didn't get home until they app. What I. Who. When. So it. Okay we'll let it looks like that whole women's intuition thing my. Might have been right again I mean I hate to say and they usually is eighty do you want us to call him back. Yeah that. Do you act and the phone I've done. Okay let me play once all year and then what we're gonna see Shaq can get him back.