DWW Amy Gary and Laura the other mom

Friday, May 26th

Amy's 4-year old daughter Grace said that she saw her daddy kissing her friend Maddie's mom! WHAT!?? But is she telling the truth? Or is this another one of her made-up stories!???


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They seem warnings zero. We'll show you guys doing I don't in my life make me look like a brigadier. Listen and Mariano. We'll get help dirty replaces a mere 473104. Point five hi who's this. Haven't they need. Maybe what we debris on the dirty work Wednesday. I needed that calls for. Either my husband is not the around the another woman and an Internet or my daughter's the story. Wow okay he might let's serve in the beginning what is your husband's name. Okay news that you have a daughter yeah. Okay how old is she. All. OK so tell us what you think Gary your husband is messing around. I hurt you pretty normal during the eight kind of work schedule and grace to apple the gap. Because usually wrecked that you that I schoolteacher. Doubt you know there's a whole lot and a lot of treatment it will. Each and yuppie current market and it can't at a technical and Aaron Bert. It'll ever got one. Shark like I group anything they read kindly to eat you could go hang out your friend's house for a few while mom has to go grocery shopping or something. And usually all get together it'd be cooked out a point that. Well and a great use legal played over priced talent falls here it is diet. As yet few weeks ago that it was going to debate how to every day life. Eat dinner at what she did today and look at in the same day to another item adding value of credit for it kind of thinking. I. I wonder why. It is it out I mean quite a picture. I didn't do anything to make it I thought you weren't there anymore you know. It had ever seen in about the unique LP. You ought to be and Eric I. Got that all our agent I'll leave it or you don't and all that. And she means. It's me and you an idiot not. And I like. Well I know her well. It would be an. Agent met my. And he got me yeah but I'm adding that the U. Ed Wade did I hit Matty mop. And cute that was when we are picking it up I thought that. Out of the Mollison baby sit the. Well you know I'm. Out and yet but when Gary get that I am right. Well recently and they say she said that she thought you bet that it. And will look he gave me. And I. But did he look surprised like. You can't get caught him doing something he wasn't as severe. No. It was more like you really have. Air and eat goat blood might be giving her and that she what I got Barack highlights you know hey how are we going by. That could be having I don't doubt it something about a school ever had it. Didn't feel right now. Yeah. Did I did she make up stories like this all the time word peeking she might be actually telling the truth. Left to cheat you guys. Like to make a story and. She could be better rating I don't know I don't really want a regular habit because I don't want error thinking that this wrong. Right OK I got you what is mad he's mom's name. Lower OK and forget Iran how about this say. A she's like the tramping mom on the block. Saying. Yeah yeah. Alcan. So let's figure out a way to find out what's really going on here I feel like your husband is already here and right now so he's probably going to be a tough nut to crack but this Laura lady might talk especially. If we make it sound like Gary already confessed anything to us like we each we can definitely jail. We've done this type a trick of war. All we're gonna need to record Gary's voice first to pull this off so. What cell phone service. Do you Geist used either specifically gaze at Verizon AT&T. Over. Right it's okay to mortgages will call Gary personal record some clips of his voice. This'll make it easier to get this laurel woman to talk if there is something to talk about double figure this out OK so stand by everybody shag and you get me Geary. And Laura's numbers. At Mona island for Gary and he's. Airing a closer I'm gone from Verizon customer service and shaken there'd been any recent interruptions in your service in the past we give you had any dropped calls. Any problems in your cell signal. Running back or call no. Any data issues like he can't get on the Internet or anything. No. OK then if it's okay with you I'm gonna put you down as satisfied customer. I won't go out. Okay and do you mind if I give Verizon service five stars for our rating today. I don't mind applying a great okay with what we certainly tracks and you have a nice day okay. Oh don't you do. You flew right. And that whole thing beginning. Months ago when Collins at eight. At least there are aliens. Are gearing okay use that and some are called know. No and I. And I don't mind on it right mark those last. Three once I think that's what we're gonna use that to get some sort of confession or try these yes and now all. Sneaky music these that's doing it right now only do it now okay you know at least into my summer did you mark the but it just really don't know okay. And let's call. These lower. Oh. Yeah. Well good morning test until Laura please. Laura Taylor this is busy morning C radio show nick actually shaggy and he went off for how are you today. I am again worried. We're great so listen I don't know if you've had a chance to listen to a shed this morning and I. No I had. Aria. Okay that's that's fine so here's the thing and we just talking with Gary who I believe you know that's. His dad. Because you're doing a segment on real life neighborhoods of Obama press this morning. And he was telling us about YouTube. And what's going on. Okay. What any of you. You know they think they have become so very and you keep trading at hand and sometimes he would fill. Made to get paid to it. It yeah and he said ask you about it because he didn't mind us talking about an event we still have them up on the line in the second. Gary. Well. Yet it's scary. Here OK it's usually you don't mind if Laura talks about everything that's going on right no. Even though the details are like a little silly she is. I don't mind it undergo surgery. OK so Laura give us the Derek yeah what's your side disarray mean they Gardena that you guys have kissed each other. I'm. Talking about. And sorry it's okay funny Gerri Artie told us most of the we just wanted to hear your side of the story. I can't believe you actually might not mean. In different idea late into on the radio right now yes. I can't really aren't about you only. Hear you don't mind she talks about. But firebrand. Why it got. You believe you talk about being. I'll tell you what. Let's take this conversation off the air you guys can have a private chat OK hang on sat. OK Laura. I'm just gonna connect you with scary here you guys air time right now. World doing what. I'm already seen in other about it. He got it somebody's gonna hear it and your wife about it. Why would he did do something like. And you know what I. Would attic army is pretty it all of it now. Who is. That was actually a neat Gary's life. That is the well I didn't hybrid BG. Yeah I didn't get around. Only got slick it would be very only hit. It I care I'm so sorry. My fault no big hit all you know I don't know by anger at Ito. You're at or. Type it I act if you. Do you believe that I had been lowered its standard flat well look here's B we only kid I awareness.