DWW: Austin, Rebecca and the Mystery Necklace

Friday, January 5th

Austin's GF Rebecca received a necklace as a gift from someone on the day before Christmas. She claims it was a gift from her uncle, but Austin's not so sure...


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Do you. They've seen warnings it. We'll show you guys doing trying to in my life make me look like a breaking news. Listen and Mariano. We get how dirty work when he's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this quarter. Austin what we do three on this dirty work Wednesday. Well I need your help bunch of buying something now it looks. It's weird and the big portrait of tigers sealed my girlfriend guy AA I action come from Amazon and air and which you open it up like it was an end up being necklace with like a hard and it. It sure without impunity to abolish who came for a. Focus on taking it that this was not a gift from Yale. Now we and I absolutely it was not for me and it was there it was totally weird to try to capture. So I. Well I actually like it. I like we talked about it a little bit like a couple hours went by air bill option shop and she excited are we minutes from uncle died. Did. Yeah. OK let's dare return address on the package or anything no. Some Ramadan shall I mean it was all like correctly line age addressed to her what's her name like art direction everything like that that's the return to us. Right to what is your girlfriends again. A cases somebody bought Rebecca necklace with a heart she said she had no idea where it came from and then she said was from. Yeah it. Without it just doesn't make any sense because I mean she never. We're like talks to this uncle like I mean it is easier once a year I mean she's here a year. So you think the old uncle Doug thing was a lie to cover up who really sent it. It cannot be arriving never even talked. Quite talk until all skeptical about it as Seoul are. Home I ended up and I never do this time but it kinda doubt light going you're Soledad. And that's. And I've seen about outreach and on air like modeling that necklace like in the next few tricks are the result was dead and like I went to all pretend I didn't everything end. There's there's not lightning bolts sense taxed vote these pictures are just outer. OK so she did take pictures within on there were no texts sent saying something like I got the necklace is so beautiful thank you. Exactly alike issues handle it like this from outlook plug in my shoes sending him the picture but why would she have deleted them out. So okay so what was those pictures full day. That's the question. Millen era for Europe how Clinton snapped chat. Alone you pigs oh yeah kidney is all cherries that she can't touch anything to any about me now that. That's probably what they are okay so so the plot is thickening a big here often use the package came through Amazon right. Okay so should be pretty easy that it knew if we caller. We pretend we're from Amazon we should be able to convince her to tell us. Where that who sent that to her I'm so here's really did you DO stay on the line we're gonna call Rebecca when we come back okay. Let's check let's Australian Greg let's put him whatever line he's on. That Austin can hear this TO. Am trying to reach a Rebecca at least. Rebecca Medina Steve Rogers I'm calling from Amazon shipping and receiving. Yeah so. I don't know exactly had to tell you this but we have a package. That was supposed to be sent you over a week and a half ago but for some reason it never got TO. Oh yeah and I feel terrible about this because I'm sure this was supposed to be part of a Christmas gift and now it's too late. On. I mean I mean OK I. I don't worry about it. Yes it looks like it was actually one of a two box set and I actually think you've got the first box what you just didn't get this line. Let me check we check real quick what was. Six here and that might help figure this Tom. Okay did you receive I think it looks like he was a necklace. I get around I nearly became that they are solely between four. OK so this other box is supposed to be delivered with the but what we believe happened is instead of Keating to yield it was sent back to the person who ordered by mistake now. Can you are here's that can you confirm the name of the person who said the other package TO. Yet the one with the necklace won't what was the name of the senator on that. Okay and you say you did receive the necklace. OK and let's look at that picture of it looks like it was a pretty nice one. It is okay well he's the diagnosis and a pretty girl jewelry Christmas that's pretty Smart maybe on Valentine's Day you'll get a diamond ring. Open nine. That. Dad the other question we tried that once he's actually my ex husband. Hole a hole cams I well I mean at least he remembered gees something. Like. It. I. Well. You have an expose him to. I am. I put that blew it. This is Oscar. Rebecca let me let me cut. In your real quick and this is it really Amazon and this is busy morning zoo radio show and right now you're on dirty work Wednesday. Austin called us and told us about the necklace you received he said. That you told the the article Doug sent a team so well and I'm guessing that was a YE. And means. Yeah I guess I think he's probably. Right now right. And you have an idea how Israel did not who I got spotlight goal that we've been out you have you and urged. About it. Or. Not and we're going to try to haven't actually no you're not told me about pledge you this. About like why. I like that so and so what do you like so I would limit of guys who run. So a lot of. I need to know how he eagle eye on it. Did you check in particular golf didn't end here in the bathroom and shut them pictures that result in tobacco land. While I mean I have I went through your opponent like I've seen the pictures or your clearly lying about that is lots. How. Well. I have a question. I literature a quick Rebecca Austin said. You know he asked him if this guy still love you and ECB you don't know how he feels which which makes sense. After all I mean you're not in not a mind reader but let me ask you this is any part of you that is still in love with him. Dean what we still be married. We're not married anymore you know obviously. Right but but that's not what I asked me. I wasn't any party that is still in love with him. Get back violating my privacy by going to rifle you like to. OK so just Tino. Austin this this is what a therapist who called deflecting an act you guys and a private line if you want to you can continue this conversation because I. I can already tell this is gonna take a lot.