DWW: Becca and Courtney the Identity Thief

Friday, June 1st

We've heard of girls stealing their friend's MAN before...but not their IDENTITY!!

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C morning zero. We'll show you guys doing federal in my life make me look like a breaking news. Listen and we know. We get how dirty work when he's on the air force 731045. Pie. Hi who's this. Suspect can. Big back diligently you print this dirty work Wednesday. Eighth so sounds became my best friend magazine has I left phrasing and she was turning Femi it was a tight game. That it's here and panic and telling him he can't leave until I'll let other relate if they had it closed. But thank rhetoric around like 1130. So I get there in the right. Where's the change guy and she's looking around and she's like an out lesbian. So I ask around every other organs already at the party with another girl in court like this story. Quite right like Tammy Thomas has been substantially cut into 889 and she's like I wonder Courtney said something about you know. Look at this this whole story. Forgive me even saying that it sounds very high school of public it should be an episode of Riverdale or something. Now I know rate anyway I didn't even make there and it next morning we're eating breakfast and it is like I guarantee you according that's something bad about you that's why he is a accept sometimes. He did that he talked to this Courtney girl about it. A Cuban agent could have been admonished him right back. OK so. What you want a city here tracked down court you find out if she if she is the reason that this guy left without ever meeting new. No actually I have she is number. I don't think I mean you can call him an answer and apparently everything. Again this sounds very high school range tiny and we've got time and people after some one to ten states in this is kind of the same thing mom and no no this is quite this agony it involves girls talking she and Downey can actually it's easy exactly what I am Sam Cooper and OK so we're gonna call what is this guy's name. It okay so we're gonna call Heath among gonna ask him is the reason you never meant Levy's friend back there because according to a decent L stuff about it. I think I would confront her about it but. None she did date you know that this went happy shirt or anything. Okay. I will make huge deal. If we find out she did say something about you then you have. Have to let us call her and you have to assure out for everybody on a shelf because I gotta get something out and so okay. Now I gotta say okay to keep your fingers 'cause. We may see some fireworks here when we come back so before we get to that we are calling key. And I love his horse eat the ice cream man and his and his number here yeah. Do. What is the answers oh yeah. We just look at a person so. He's doing okay. I let's look back on TOK okay. The fact is this he. Yeah heat this is busy morning zoo radio show nick actually shaggy and he wealth or it's today. Lungs did Harry. Great so listen we have a question answered this morning for us and it's not like it trivia type question meaning actually. Pass to do with Lindsey's party last training EU did go to that party correct. OK did you have a good time. Yeah. When you got there did Lindsay mention any thing about all you've got to meet my brain when she gets here her name is back. Yeah. OK so is there any reason why you didn't stay at the party to meet her. Where it was. Okay at the party you didn't see to meet you left with another girl. You know I didn't. You didn't did you leave with Courtney is that right. Well it. Left with you left with baca. Yeah another party we are now or loud and shoot lay gave up on the bartender and. Okay. Yet the that was Rebecca. Yellows. Out her Courtney Love her son knows you Saturday it was Erica. My hair as a it is not actually southern. Yeah yeah what I mean I'm back. You lesson Courtney. Well she told we're able to record should join me in June lake. You must heed battle like that correcting you must be Erica is like a game. Look at trail although I think actually admitted. So she's trying to pretended to be back kissing you would leave with her. State where am I among confused. Yeah back girl that you left let. Her English corniche eat right here basically going to be Amy. All we got a caller now please tell me you want us to caller. Definitely. I don't know what's going on here and I just hang out. Don't pick up number 12 he's going up up and back we're gonna need court he's number OK okay got no problem. OK so when Courtney answers remember he's just ask. All fall. They Decker yeah it's east. And. That's what I wanna know that's. Eight completely Kennedy joked that pretty much of court eat that for you. Well. And I go with it. I get or eat out at me. Actually we play on it being a a delighted it got Dayton. I. Know why I didn't mean it. And guns and go right back problem until you get around me because entering in theory EUU. So for the greedy few line or do you just keep you clear up. What you slice and I don't think that's. Still my guy. Don't like to speak could be gotten. Were. No we are and told him he needs. In America. Need somebody from the kind of talks. He looks like go out. At best and who you go out with just don't feel. And it just it Buick Open that your personality. Like he used to without it. My. OK maybe we should ask the man in the middle here what he thinks. He's Cody you wanna go Ali do you wanna stay with Courtney or would you like to meet the real baca. Yeah did you try to battle. Well there are actually. That that's probably a good idea.