DWW The Bizarre Case Of Frozone

Friday, March 24th

It's the Dirty Work that had all of Hampton Roads buzzing about one word: FROZONE. Listen to this DWW and you'll soon understand why...


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Dirty work Wednesday before we continue not to. Simoni easy. Are you guys Jewish or in my life make me look like a pretty. Listen and hurry and. We get out. Dirty look what they've done here at 473104. Point five hi who's this isn't China. Agent would you agree on this dirty work Wednesday. OK so it's gonna mount street out of an entry so I have. To think OK well. I did avoid punchy because he secretly like Jill. It's not apps are offered. So. Like a lot of the people who live near show I'm I'm sure I work over the big building in Virginia Beach you know current headquarters oh yeah. Yeah we're very familiar that we effect we've gone their several times and deliver launched a listeners and we were always amazed by how big it is yet. Got it even gets so I'm young so keep that in mind because I work there diet at all negated. A few different try to work there as well. You know these days say most romances nowadays happened in the workplace that's really starts. I mean that's where you are out until I just. I just blame I don't want people judging anyone make any idea if you guys from work has there's literally and a few hundred people who work there. Any way arms felt. Here is what I need help I need found out. It's somebody who apparently likes to kiss and Powell started the little joke about me. And apparently I have been given the nickname. Early then. It has. If I write about my hunch that person who started his nickname is that somebody eight to go out. So frozen you said as in let it go let it go that frozen. I I guess so I don't really know for sure it's OK so might somebody once you figure out who started the nickname. Well I I kind of I I don't care that much and started it I just wanna do it means they get straightening me creepy community can play out this started it that bonus. It but I just wanna know why it's broke and like waved at me like him make some sort of I print because. I'm not I mean I I have no white. Oh yeah. Yeah. Maybe you're really bad and then like maybe just like you can't let your praise and more or even maybe like your really really high maintenance like you'd think here the like ice queen or something. OK first off he buried here acted in bad. Yeah. Okay well it can't be got the packet I know I'm no mention bother me and he did in the image her but I just I just it's killing me I can't imagine what it means. Okay well you're right about one thing this really is seventh grade material. So OK so let me ask you this you said you think you know where I started what is. Guy's name the guy you think may be started. It name is Adam cocaine usage you dated him ranked. In her room and you have this phone numbers don't yell here okay. And give me the name also if you cantenna of one of his close guy friends from work. Early I mean there's a lot of the upgrade would just pick one that you probably think knows. What frozen meaning they closing in on the joke. A brand. OK so this and sit tight for Sega and get Adam's number four is okay and then when we come backward to solve he freezing mystery. When we come back next okay. Out of times she thinks is the guy they're a lot let's bring up Jenna online to. Agents who were calling Adam right now so don't say anything. OK. Good what can I see each Adam please. Yeah and this is busy morning zoo radio show and he won all four nick actually and Jack how are you today. I am good out you know where grace so this in we're having this discussion on our show this morning I don't know have you been listening at all. Actually I have to get it might target so you know. OK no big deal don't listen here's the discussion we were happening. It's about nicknames that you gave your access you know like stinky pants are Psycho sue or stuff like half. So we got a text from your friend Bernie and and I guess he works with you. And yet there's legitimately made everywhere over Libya. OK so anyways he texted us and he says. You've got a call look at him and ask him about robes and I guess it's pretty funny story divided nickname you have earlier x.s. Yeah yeah maybe. Well listen we got to hear this story in any why do you call your ex corrosion we've all the guessing. And it's either because she's an ice princess or she's really boring in bed. So which one is it. May have yeah well. Well. Who should know this reduced. Well Torino when he listens to our shelves. I mean especially not winning him. Apparently though. So branding got to go wrong we don't Harbour frozen. We called there slowly zone. Oh frozen alone like the like the eight thank Incredibles pros don't. Yeah. Okay so why do you call her friend zone. He awoke. To decide on a British citizen radio. Just try to keep it PG thirteen. Okay well. To him on her throat zone. It is it is weird you own. As a big slow. All of OK because it okay so so what you're trying to say is that relating god in could use contending TO. You can get a big hit at what he did you. I didn't see his liar and hurt its Hong. What does I don't go inaudible. Are you getting mad at me I'm a home made that. Would he. We'll. Look at those as you know what I'm not accusing us is obviously you're sort of complaining. Sort of broad zones. Oh. Okay well pattern is gone. But he said he didn't start the nickname the do you believe him. I bet it will. Generate her. And how you guys that work if you slept through it. I told you I haven't supposedly just went out.