DWW Brian and Michelle and the Last Chance for Romance

Friday, September 8th

Brian is in love with Michelle, which is GREAT except for ONE THING: she's supposed to me marrying Joel! So Brian is ready to tell her everything he never could before in the hopes that she will postpone her wedding...


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Oh. Yeah. Yeah I handled the problem is the ideal time of 473104. Point. I didn't do at all. That taste but a lot of Red Bull threads I'm glad I wasn't. Dirty word crazies on here for 731045. And and usually guys ask who's calling I already know who's calling this week we were talking about this earlier it's Brian hello I am saying hello. So the reason for your call is we're attempting to stumpel waiting. Yes and I know it does not. Typical request yet does so I'd really like I've I really really really appreciate it. Yeah okay so. I guess ease him back story here let's start with the girl. I. Don't shine that back in grade school. System from around and bullied them beauty can pretty much does trends. Regret together we ended up on the same high school where each other's com takes place and after high school and brought down. That's when things kind of fell apart. I'll and is now long story sure and I really like to take the next up physically our relationship then you ready so. And I kind of feel bad about the little thing in. We eventually did do it and Shannon getting pregnant but Beatty didn't take it so. The whole thing Amos and our relationship. And our friendship. Yet that that's an emotional roller coaster to beyond her relationship. Then after that we went through a couple years are we didn't clock and I started seeing a girl and and she's got away crown them. I recite each other a mutual friend's wedding and thanks again acute cardiac hackers are and I mean god it was ugly. I can imagine OK so fast forward to today. Okay Luke left Thanksgiving. I don't I don't you remember lately a lot of flight got delayed and and it stuck at airport and Baltimore and out of nowhere. I seem sheltering myself. And so I go over to learn we basically spent like ours is talking. Catching up and an Emmy and again and look at each other all the time and call each other's just to say what and over the past years become more and more obvious and am still monitor him. I now I can't leave their letters go I mean I can honestly say right now losing her was the biggest. Regret in my life the if you told me tomorrow he's dedicated. It yet to give up my house. My money. Anything just get another chance later I would give it a hard. Shelton now she's teen needs. Yeah I suppose there is an intelligent and gain and I've met them I need a nice guy who has. It is not right there. Okay all you say that I mean how. How do you know he's not ripe or did she seem happy. Not always know I mean. And sex once and I answered. Well battling and is now legs yeah I can't buy and everybody. See here is why. My plan is definitely use it cholera. And I want readers and I wrote down here and I'm what I'm hoping it that so at least here at this day. And she hears it and she doesn't care. At least and I tried. You this thing keeps coming back to me the airport. Like what was I think you would both be delayed and accidentally run into each other in the same airport and everybody's by the way not small. Rang that was on Thanksgiving weekend that plague the billions that the busiest travel weekend. So you're convinced that whatever age you wrote down will maybe get her to. But cancel this wedding. You know I don't know all I just yours yours it's really the only chance I and do you get their last chance trailing. Okay well I'm Amy meeting cholera in you can say your piece but no promises that she won't just laugh at me like nice try. OK I hope it's good 'cause we're gonna be calling your only come back next. Well. Good morning this is Michelle. He Michelle this is busy morning zoo radio show on C one afford nick actually and shaggy how are you this morning. I. And save. We're greedy pigs tracking so I'm. I can tell you're laughing military you've been listening to our show this morning. Fashion. Now now I'm I'm actually in New York right now no other. Well that could work to our favor actually sell this in. We got a call from Bryant. Okay UAE dead and so what it Bryant happy day. Well look at it in a minute but first tell tell us about Brian. How you write what you I don't know what he wanted to battle. Action. Petition Elliott. You know we're friends we. We have known each other nations like great school we dated for a little bit it. After high school. And I don't know about it and we got. Okay have you ever considered him to be more than just a friend. I mean yeah I don't read each edit your account now of course and you're about to get married right. Yeah I ask you Jules. That's true accents and you love him. You aren't I meaning him. Okay well congratulations. Com now before you get married. There's something that I think Brian watching each year so I'm gonna put Bryan on here and then Bryan whenever you're ready you just go rate ahead. The. On the first day we meant he showed me that it is okay to let someone help once in awhile and take care of me. Already years I feel like we've been taken care of each other are good times and really really bad ones. I know that some ambulances going and and when that happens I'm sure I will look back on my legs and have many regrets. It should have done that I never did. Chances initiative taken but I never. I'd be able to come to terms and sign peace with Soledad. All of it except for one thing. I wish they could see you then I'm happy you're marrying off I would check it to Malaysia. I want the best provoked Libya. But that would be a lie. Because it street says after everything we went through the good and the bad I never stopped loving him. I still can't believe that you ever gave me a chance so let you. And I can't believe they are delayed because as stupid and in the air and on where they have you know. I don't deserve another chance. I don't deserve you. But I'm standing here right now with my eyes watering. Because I want you to know that I am not Korea and if there's even a chance you feel the same way. A light note that I am ready to do whatever in the world it takes to make it happen again. I know this is terrible timing I'm sorry about that. But when I look at you I see the rest of my life standing and timing. I know you're wondering why am telling you all of this and so I'm gonna make one request via. I would make one final opportunity tell you all in person. And got some kind of grand gesture or crazy stunt our line is one day. Like we used to via Nokia and there is no girlfriend. Just mean you know. One night it one day. And at that the end of the day you can still a new primary jaw I look at each pictured myself. And I'll never bother you again. It appears that police area. Wow OK so I guess you did prepare something bad. Okay Michelle you still there. It out here. OK so Lou. What he's thinking right now. I don't get why you think you did to me. Like I I just don't get why would we all that. I'd like you know how screwed up at bit to do this. Somebody. And on on Google's Larry. I couldn't use a layer and they were not at least saying it. So do we get back to the whole requests being Brian you said you wanted one last deep nanny with Michelle. Michelle is that sending the you can see happening lower. No we didn't need any kind of thinking now. Well she. She certainly makes it good. Point there too Michel remembered when we. We want to hurt tonight Q 88. I mean. You have roller skating and I look at it that's great to me trying to. We. Haven't changed. You how. I competed. Albright is right. I don't know I can't get unions' OK okay. I've really I don't know about issues and. Michelle Michelle if we give you like Tony four hours to go home think about everything you heard in this is very on the spot eating. Do you could have any answer by tomorrow morning like what it if we would call you by tomorrow. He thinks. I'd end. I mean I can write me and connecting without protection money will it. So where it really asks in his own culture they all. I don't think any of us where. Not 12 and that I'm minute pitch you on hole and mean you're gonna have a little girl talk can't. And. OK so Brian what we gonna do is we're gonna sort of leave this for now as kind of a little cliff hang on until tomorrow and then we're gonna find out which he says either from new. Or from her tomorrow morning's okay. Yeah. This pilot and locate them really excited about it and against the I I really don't I really don't know what else to do. I have no problem and allow the ski gripping this crass and ended so that's it ended and we kind of left exhausted because we had talked to Michelle. And said no and actually you talked for longer than either must head warm and she said I need time to process all this and I airline taking efforts yet. So that's we have this morning we have Michel joining us. From yesterday's dirty work Lindsay thank you for letting his body yet again and joining us on the show today. So Casey don't sound very happy right now I'm feeling like here not sounding the we we all want to know first of all. Did you make a decision about the date with Bryant. Yeah I mean I think I got it. There's obviously had been like a whirlwind for me. It's up 24 hour. And I kind of feel like that bench means it. Deal with that alone on that team now I can't I can't talk to my fiance about is there anything else. I think I needed. OK what what did you decide to. You know I honestly have never has. A guy viewed as both for like Netflix apps eight hangs just stare at a new team just Eric. And you know I I just feel like I I feel it now and I don't get it ain't so got out without it bank. I think asked the same how I came with. It's actually seen one clip in the past and that's just not well. The world works out I must eat here at the gala and like kids and I I'm grown now I'm sure and I didn't see another late in my wedding band and I'm sure he has little. Giving me hear you. Saying you like Edmonds aren't am I out of somebody you know. Hot when it beat Whitney and once he would mean we'll continue to what could be let me eat yeah. I so this is the sounds like he is on the canal so it's a known. I get SNL. That's like I wanna keep. Being friends but heaven and half of them highlight but it. You know I went in the past that's not how good height where. How realist works. OK well and you know I know this is very emotional for you and have we kind of we kind of brought you into the show I mean this whole story. And eating ask for any event so I mean I did your pride is seen everything in you've been a very good the real good sport about all this. And says Jolie and the look forward from here on out you're still getting married to great guy that you love and nasty got that to the board. Yes exactly how. Well things are lightness and kind of biting here personal life I know this is crazy now realize have a story to tell anybody years from now but down. But yeah. Yeah. We'll listen I enjoy I enjoy your wedding and them were really happy for you really sanatorium don't feel bad about decision made I think. I think a lot of our audience to think it would be with her listening would say she made the right decision to a lot of people. Listening would agree with that decision. Flooding killed at. Definitely think we feel better.