DWW Brian the loveable loser and Katrina the hot girl at work

Thursday, June 22nd

This episode of Dirty Work features one of the most memorable, and touching moments in the history of the show!! Hear it for yourself!


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Bonser for a so yeah are so there you go you really ready now Jacqui keep an eye on the news and if you get an update for us I would appreciate it amnesty some dirty work was yeah. Dirty or. This morning zoo. Are you guys to list under my life make me look like a brigadier. I'll listen and hurry I don't know. Dirty work when they Zamir 473104. Point five hi who's best. Hey my name's Erica good you can call me wrong. OK okay. OK so yeah how sometimes you guys like always keep people think I'm really third first level and do like a little surprised. Delicate three way calling. Yes well yeah any. OK some more recalling and lie okay so like I work it off and I don't they Wear and it worked today dude is so old why. Okay see your Sears skipping work he could called dirty work Wednesday. Dude. I. So let's go ahead. Kate likes going that well there's that bunch of people on impressed about the I want the guy I'm friends with Brian you're tonight he'd be really nice guy but he got. The biggest crush on one of our coworkers think Katrina. OK so Brian likes Katrina. Brian love Katrina the blob but as it like Nero dot com. It's actually telling her anything. He leads are these little. Anonymous Jason the prize their best like one to eight hours writer Coleman or copy or it should know where it all comes from. And nobody. You. Yeah I'm not only are you open up to do I mean am I the only one that now and I tell all I'm. Talks to her it won't do it it's almost like he cap this year but without make up take person. Kathy okay so how long has this been going on. It's so strange. This little Monique calendar or desk but it's like when they have something. So this thing going on for six months then. While OK so what you need a studio. So I want to look at them and what they can't try to tell him just helped treat it how you deal but I thought. He could capture listening in on the other line but when we talk about it she can look going out and finally shall know the truth but he wanted to keep it. Yeah. I don't know man this feels like a bad idea I mean is there is there a reason he hasn't told they're already. I mean he would like bureau of confidence to work ninety silly but I minority. Or. OK I mean what hack things like if we get her on the turn and change she hears it crying and she rejects him. I mean I'm hot dog packs. Yeah now that we've got to do is now now than ever. Okay wire to six months is now. There's a guy. That's where. He sees it yeah go ahead. Total yet. Our building and tech or any threat on Monday and it Skype is it complete. And always gonna do it skater try to get in her aunts and bragged to be back printer at work about it and it just dumped her. OK so we've got to do this now or else she ends up with Decker did. Exactly. How hot is this Katrina girl like on a scale from one to ten. And she's pretty hot everyone here were pressed. So porch and nine I don't know which like a quick. OK so you be willing to risk your entire friendship with Brian. To put him on the spot like this expose this secret love he has and then praising Jesus that she thinks he's beatable. Yeah. Okay and just you know if she rejects him it's all out on the barely making it ten times worse for him. It. Okay well this is this is either going to be amazing radio or what I imagine they Hindenburg sounded like when it exploded. It either way it's coming up next. Let's bring on the woman that we've been talking about who is joining us this morning this is Katrina or good morning hello Katrina all morning. And you have no idea why because GO. I yeah okay so here's a voice that may sound familiar to you from work. Thank you trinity. And paying. Say. These guys come out with something. Any chief does so in order list send the dogs Bain and okay. That's hanging. OK so let's call up you know who here in San. I. And I'm. Eat. All right it was. It did a good thing. Well not a candidate at replant logged into my and let me out. Sure no problem. And the second thing is you don't ticker apt to Katrina outright. No it but it but in other. On Monday. And of course it gradually beat Akron about it. Well. Good friend. Dude. Tell her how huge deal. And Syria and ate it like Decker. This will go well whatever makes her happy Eric may be out there are no. Happy all cracked you do your little flowers and chips and Colmes our. Truss at right are correct edition smiled which get set up. Just tell her it would it look I'm not having this argument you can decade long she's happy. That all of matters locations have to know shall meet. Sides girls like her own big guys that look that look like. Why not. Look great coach like what he was great. And he's seen it look like. I mean you know I don't know maybe it's just trying to have it shall make. Yeah you know I'm not injured in that apparently you're good thanks anyway our advantage. Now at age are they exactly. We let you. Hello. Well what I would think right now. Trying to what you. Who is. Katrina Bryan it is that you know. Such and it was on air now I mean like it that you're an old school and they. Who took a look at the night that. I mean you know. Sometimes they do also warrior. Weeks you'd. Be so how. Oh yeah. I knew you liked them so I mean it might paint it. You know are being ordered to do tell what you get the start. Which you get to start but yet do it like training knows your order and that's what I'm just sometimes we work I mean I. Are using gold Baird and get your tree when it saw that on hold on me let me did you graduate who normally it. I can only do you think it okay. Would it be okay and I accidentally or time. Would it be OK as I wrote you back I would say yeah okay. I wrecked and you start but would it be okay and I opened my heart we'll be okay if protestors faced. And repeal it I decided to replace. All the men in your past coaches wouldn't to an out of state will always be true. I. Think experiencing them. Only the most beautiful thing and you won't. Are you an idea sort I mean. Hey wait a hum. I'm really already know you're on the phone this is Eric's trip to embarrass me obviously I knew I come up in a lot to me. Like why. Why you why did you tell me. I don't know I get that are you do hurt. Oh grocery got a stalked early work goal try and probably I don't. Not an ugly why would that. I don't know because I am actors so I mean just you're not you're not. You know hi Katrina it absolutely does but not lots and lots take care plan not in love it there. But I would I would ticketed garrison childish if she wants. Yeah iron. I EM. I definitely want to go to Italy you know Brian BC news. I mean look at her word. Today. That you didn't let it get hair color what do you think EO at the at bat. Yes or no well I mean I'm already at work now so well the case could. I mean I'm going to be late and they have to explain Highlander now. I'm pretty sure every email Annie and generates needs to think I'm like yeah. Yeah share.