DWW Chris and Jana and the Thanksgiving Mystery

Friday, December 1st

Things between Chris and Jana were going PERFECT. That is, until Chris brought her to his family's Thanksgiving dinner, and she saw something that would change their relationship FOREVER!


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The morning zoo. What's your you guys doing I don't in my life make me look like a brigadier. Listen and hurry. We get how hard dirty look Quincy is on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this. And this is a big craze what are your beyond his dirty work Wednesday. OK so. I brought this girl that was stating over my family house for Thanksgiving. And something happened because now she doesn't want any more black. Don't serve that tofu Turkey. I have to ask you know. The lakers beat something happened and I have no idea what it. OK so I it's let's reset here you're dating this current. Well. Okay and what's your name. Janet's. OG LE JK. Okay okay so how long were you NG and that dating. Well you know no matter how wing party so you know Alamo. You can if you already invited her urging your family's Thanksgiving that's why she dumps he'll talk about put the pressure on early and. And we talked about like I told you seriously don't have to come you know I know what. The the only reason why invite editor was as she was gonna be a Lola thanks. Older I'm just gonna like they were friends no pressure on you or anything else is cool right yeah Amaechi and liquid desert scoring. OK okay you're sure she wasn't like freaked out hope that god she's dating less than a month. So I'd come meet my family at Thanksgiving. But nobody knew who dating who who originally issued like excited about. OK so she comes over you have dinner and she says that the Thanksgiving table I don't wanna see more. So what she didn't even make it to dinner but this is what right so. But stick around we try to micro must have suffered for all of their parents grandma. Around the kitchen at age can help with any thing. So I go downstairs to watch football and about like half an hour later I get this checked my own niche and I came out on. I'm thinking like. Try to portrait done here's a Blackburn at my grandma's garage she goes I need to leave you didn't grow. I'm like is or is it okay. She goes no not doing very well. He's going to get my act it go like a pretty sure no problem. So it coincided our vote at the moment I'm like you to distinguish UH turbulence it now won't be buying. Don't that your family dinner and start analyst. So after a few minutes are you know arguing that I should stay like please don't please just go that your debt. You know maybe that maybe she had the bubble cuts or something maybe she was having like different tests have problems. The last half maybe Cheri show your payments and she'd. Yeah like bad people. You're actually that's very classy have you. Happy to grosjean is happy yeah it's OK so you've. Isn't you take her home but you said she told analysts he went without that it's only to meet. Wait wait hold on there's there's more so the next day I had Russians feeling and I know her my only major student. She want it and bring it over. Sank on a pretty. To now until like genuinely bad. So I keep checking up on her and it republic Dexter is picking her bunker. It actually mean it but now I'm thinking like maybe she's getting rest so you know and then finally on Monday night long tech. Telling me that great giant. Make some lucky girl really happy she's not at girls and we should stop eating. So I'm like. What the hell like caller most secret and is itching to actually be like that in the telling my yeah. At all TI couldn't estimate of a group used the guy went to his Thanksgiving dinner ate all the food took hold leftovers and then dumped him but this I. I don't understand. Yeah right so speaking dinner right I think I liked thinking what did. You like what did I do to make this girl no longer wanted deep. Yeah the sport it's an issue is totally fine. She really liked it yes it's going to play cricket my grandma's you like. We need to do now oh and also I don't want to ever see you again. So your theory is that something happened to this day that major change your mind about everything. Yes but it but I want you actually contact. Did you ask her about it because I could totally see Eric in him maybe she is trying to help in the kitchen and maybe learn them women and I was in there as well said something Darren. Rabid thereon away I mean I know my thing skiing. When they're winning you know all the drinks shift Lelie and every game people start getting cat. Well like you know Lance my mom when I got back I was like OK so did. Anybody say anything to Janet and mine at her in the world like. And did you bring about a Thanksgiving last year like did you did you have and another girlfriend my share. And they can that they say I went to damage his one term. One Thanksgiving many years again this guy's gambling and his mom. Called me Hayes acts Craig's name. Won't loan me. This game and we weren't he had in my shrunk and after that OK took us what you want us to do you want us to call up Jana and find out what happened. Mean I was hoping you could chew on catcher Michael. Okay have you thought about just going over their early confronting her face to face. Yup look like what it was something embarrassing like you guys sent out. Try to make it like worst car. Okay the issue would admit to crapping their pants you know person I don't know what makes you think she's gonna do it on the radio in front everybody who. Yeah. OK did you see yourself. The hypocrite and so we're gonna call her up and see if we can get the true story here before we do this I have to ask you Chris what do you think the reason it is. I don't know what beat her out. Like almost a week if I knew I would be called it. Sure Oakland of course would beat you you wouldn't think. I think there's someone in the teaching and act cat he and she ever heard them talking about an hour art. You know maybe she got a text from somebody else during and then dinner I credit better off trade. Think of the overhearing card that could be that could be a Catholic state could at lake she could have dipped out of the kitchen for a sack and an inch and they just have anything alarm look at the close on this one happened you know OK so Chris turner number forest and then we're gonna caller when we come back and bring in our. Yeah it was so late I know your cousin Wii is the date. Worse released him in my life I news in the Indian yeah. I am going to speak to Jan please. Did you get this is busy morning zoo radio show on C model for how are you today. This is busy morning zoo radio show nick and actually on easy 104. Your your car to comply. With what we're calling you because we're hoping you can answer a question for us. I've got now I'm I'm not really a marker in the mornings. Early. This this is not a trivia question. In fact this question you definitely know the answer TO in fact you might lead the all these cars and who knows the real answer to this question. I. So OK so. We heard from Chris earlier this morning. And he's telling about how you went to his family's house for Thanksgiving that you were really feeling too well and yet the leaves suddenly. Yeah. Okay but that's that's why you really had to leave wasn't. I don't believe you can dilute. Feeling uncomfortable. Okay uncomfortable because you had some bad spinach dip or or a different kind of uncomfortable. A different kind I am. Don't. Get this. No no he's not listening but he did tell us that you you broke things off with him shortly afterwards. Yeah and honestly he's a really great guy. I am sure he didn't have so many nice things embattled. Actually he's had some very nice things about a year and he just wanted to know what happened at his grandma's house I mean you feel so uncomfortable that you had to leave so suddenly. A compelling. Campbell what we covered that but you said it wasn't food or anything did did something happen at this dinner that we don't know about. I. I really don't think it's anything that he's gonna want people talking about on the radio and now this. Well now hold on he's actually he's going to call box so he doesn't care who he told us he doesn't care what you say as long that's the truth. Yeah Ireland. It I did what this story out there on an accountant. Okay I'll tell you what we're recording this conversation right now. So tell us what happened we'll play it for him. And then we'll let him decide if he wants in on the air and all you really wants to know like did somebody informally I think you know he's just worried about act. Now it's nothing like that. That you don't need it and record mr. Yes. Okay great. At them and I would add a month. And everybody was super I mean. In the kitchen and then a lot of and I'm guessing it should uncle and it may be it can't. Recognized and rightly. Well no way did you recognize them from. I hear your. Your had your hand and are about it and he's gonna get a chancellor of the. We we that we are going to do that yes. I. Aunts and uncles. And know that. I personally. Dole. The K okay so yeah. I'll simply tell his. His aunt and uncle are swingers. And you know them because you can't thank. OK quick you know then because see you. I know them very very well. The OK okay is that because of that. Adds. I met at particular. Undecided how he's where the big diesel because I you know I I actress to get me how I'm in I'm not sure I have seen me. And that would be comfortable sitting with a guy you're dating and then across the table. You know his uncle as like hey let me tell you what meat and your aunt and you haven't comic before. Yeah I mean I've got. A case of it was that the reason you broke and you can't get around something like that. If you don't understand something about like OK so it's not eerie opening. You know what I'm saying and it kind of repeat it people don't talk about it a lot and Eric there's no way you can't and then night. Even as he trip and I owe uncle and it. Weird fray yeah. I would have and I can't. Think it is it would have worked out. Okay so so the old aunt and uncle swinging through can I guess for me he says and so I. I don't know I would now audited and has been so use you know very well net does that mean you know them both very well. Okay I see a holiday time of the year and sharing and carrying it couldn't yeah yeah. I don't think that's the type of family gathering I think anyone's looking for is pretty easy doesn't he do it secret C until style like everybody Johnson. Games and in a plan yeah yeah yeah. Now that's got that that's earlier work until Chris draws his uncle's name colony not all secrets in against are going to be good ones.