DWW: Chris and Rebecca and the Airport Kiss

Friday, March 16th

Chris dropped his wife off at the airport for a business trip to Atlanta. A day later he got a call from an old buddy claiming that he saw his wife making out some random guy in the airport while they were boarding a plane for ORLANDO. Is Chris' wife LYING to him? And if so, how long has this been going on?


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Oh. Yeah I handled the problem is the annual mile point 7304. Point five all didn't at all. That taste but a lot dreadful dreadful and I am so glad I was told us. Quincy is not here at 473 while four point five high whose tax payers. They praised what we have three and his dirty work Wednesday. And so in those nights so craving buzz. A friend of mine swears that he my wife making out with some dude at an airport. And another way says that it. Like just civil rights what's your. Back okay seeger and saw her at the airport making out with some dude yeah Atlanta. At the Atlanta airport I'll cash right now I'm confused on start from the beginning. OK so Rebecca she is an arrest for Paul Mitchell you know a better product called. And her dad she like pushing the product. Lines and other places like at. And she does a lot of traveling for work but usually most she's done 12 days archer. OK so she's like a regional wrapped. I know she tells me a few weeks ago that there's some big hair show coming up in Atlanta. As you gotta go for work. And there's templates for days some like oh right OK cool I'm fine. So huge missing on Monday and I dropped out of the airport and then on Tuesday I get a call from guy. Late we hang out each other but I haven't talked to me three years. And we work together music as a football league is anyway economies like came in. Little weird but are you Rebecca spoke again and only yes. He goes OK. I just swore I just saw her at the airport yesterday making out with some guy that was not you. Okay you say this is that he would play. Airport. Yeah I guess it would not there now any said he was pretty sure it was her. Do you know Iowa is and that they were boarding. Gate to go to Orlando. How old posts and she lied about the trip and everything. I'm sure I don't know but I. I call it does he was going on him and faster where she was bang as she gave the hotel and the room number and and moments. Okay and this was in Atlanta. Yeah did you try calling the hotel. And yet and I filed a friend that pavlik and Jerry I'm lying. About show. Allocate some machine I don't room and everything. Okay how I sure wish your buddy this is actually your wife he saw at the airport. We've said wouldn't that you like almost a 100% sure. Okay what do you think. I don't know I mean I'm one and ladies seemed like she was implying that onion and I don't. The whole thing is there's little to coincidental you know. Yeah that's what I keeping in the what are the odds that a friend of yours would see someone who looks just like your wife in the Atlanta airport of all places on the same day she supposed to be flying there they vote why did she give you the hotel room in the number well. Maybe she told her rim to somebody else like. Maybe she has a friend's here he's delaying the same here gained and didn't have a rim and she is just play you can have on average there I'm not going to be as usual and. And yes. OK so I was sitting you want the truth here like where is she really in an issue alone. Yeah I mean it's tell me I. And sleep at all it's. OK well let's figure this out do you know what airline she was flying supposedly. I don't doubt that a sent out. Delta okay yeah that would make sense of the whole Atlanta thank. Ashley check delta does they can connect to Orlando I'm pretty positive they get any Jess and I every airline doesn't connect to our lean and mean. Freaking Disney World down he had that's chair I. I'm okay well we can find out first of all issue which Orlando and second if she went there alone or with this mystery dude. And again this whole thing could be one huge mistake. But it sure seems like too coincidental to me. Hi this Rebecca and a OK while you are hard person to get a hold of on the money with Clint Barton I'm calling from Delta Airlines we've been trying to get a hold the gentleman that you were traveling with on Monday. You have to personally am behind in his seat. And the week paged the airport loudspeaker legacy and here it. And we'd ever reliable phone number on record for him but we had yours and our flight attendants that she thought each you were traveling together is that right. Yeah I can help you. I can probably actually get a hold of what number eight an accomplice well. Actually what we can do is we can send the item right to wherever you are I mean we actually have a courier who works for us he just delivers in town for no charge. Plus it's same day that we don't have to wait Preston mailing now are you staying here in town. Yeah we're actually an FBI on the area and he. Yeah. Okay and that's in mid linked. Ought to know Orlando. Right sorry actually meant Orlando. I'm OK and I can just tell our courier descent into your room correct I mean an ice in years staying in the same room. Okay. Let me put our courier on with you real quick he's got a couple more questions Oreo. Okay I actually it was really if you didn't implode if you think we expect. We can make it real quick no problem one moment hang on. OK I. Yeah well it looks like she was lying Chris do you want us to do this part like the courier thing you want to do it. Now I I want doctor. Okay Steve in my. Our mission. Hi I've got our courier on the that's easy to make sure you get what's coming TO OK. So you're in Orlando right. Yeah yeah. So not Atlanta but. No I just told them. And the guy you're sharing a room it is your husband okay little list. Excuse me. Yeah I am wondering if your husband prince was OK would you mind too much onto land those you know talking like I don't know error and whenever. Hey what's going on yeah that's what I like to know. So like I now on the line you me trying to work should serve I don't really trips where he goes earlier guidance. Who. Okay. Chris. Slow down and protect them OK I figure it just ended clearly. Like no ifs you're upset. But I'm not Atlanta. See I'm I'm upset that you've been lying to me and they destroying other guy is good food that I was screwing other guys. Oh I don't know I get a call yesterday Michael and he said he site airport making out what some dude. Include how bad. Can I eat. Here. And I told you that I told you I had acute thank you to or yeah you told me it was an land China. And week later that may oh. Okay at a party at the knee and they. Correct but I thought you meant like moving it somewhere else like on the street now moving to another city in Orlando. It was a guy your wit and who's seen the breaking. I will make it even. So all he ever really ready okay they're getting ready. He can't do it but I don't. Get a. I don't understand that you hate and you don't think dummy like oh you know by the way they're committed now Orlando it all mother's eighty. Not Atlanta you know I am right don't get. Well I didn't think you can't hurt. You don't care about anything I do I think it's. Make sure beat you people that might email okay. I get back to work Saddam really busy. Urge you wanna under a little different but check up on what you wanna deal. I'd get grades so they did know do down there sleeping in your room that you. You know what I don't suggest it is ridiculous. Booed. All okay says she seems to have had a good explanation for everything do you. Do you feel any better Chris. I made. And I'm not. You got it and I think she's a 100% still might mean about why it. Tina. Okay. Here's what we'll do it if you want Chris Naughton. Nobody sniffs out BS better than our audience alleged in this tell us did you did you think she's lying or do you think she's telling the truth calls at 473. 1045 or you can take seven by 71040.