DWW Colin and the dirty pictures on his wifes phone

Friday, February 3rd

Poor Colin. Finding dirty pictures on your wife's phone is bad, but then finding out who she's SENDING THEM TO can be even WORSE...


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Do you were. See warnings it. We'll show you guys doing try to in my life make me look like a pretty. Always been Mariano provides high. We can help dirty work when these on the air at 473104. Point five hi who's this. Oh in big Colin what we nutrient is dirty work Wednesday. So. So I found some pictures of my when my wife's phone. And I and I don't think you took and for me. Okay. Our personal what's your wife's name. Heather okay Helen have you guys been married. Just aren't yours okay. And these pictures I'm assuming they were like sexual take Miki pictures. All of Korea yeah okay and you think she's sending him to somebody else. Jordan has featured happens okay yeah. This is gonna sound really hurt via Reid has. But I kinda need to know what was in the picture eleven let me clarify why. Last year a guy called us you found naked pictures of his fiancee honor fallen. If she wasn't him it turns out she was sending a new girlfriend works up plastic surgery place. Like I guess the dongle they're needed pictures of her stomach forcing deceive you as a candidate I don't know. But when we called her she basically told the whole story. Still getting back to what you found in your wife's phone do these pictures look more scientific. Or they. Evidently it sexy time the. No there's nothing political about these pictures appeared totally. All about this extreme flight. In the Babs. Those things she's touting that she's like looking at the camera she's touching yourself. There is blond wood and a should I. It is definitely. Okay 100% actual all right and so going. And you said you have no idea who she says at least you. Won't let that black vote you guys I can and buying a difficult bring it up the first so yeah I need to find out. A piece admission Jason find out who she sending these pics of herself till. Yeah okay out. You know she could be putting to an island is set. Are again yeah. Well no one up early anyway. Gina she's an ancient lake has any of her friends senator there has and her boyfriend. You I'm not really sure this is the first I've ever heard anybody doing that to but you know I don't think so. Well if it is bad mop my hands up and jam paranoid but I am I generally don't think that's that's what it is. Give let's find out so this is going to be tricky because we have no numbers rightly you don't know for a fact that she said just some guy in here's his number. No no I have no idea who she sending them okay shag with Scott Stevens getting his wife's number. Okay and then text her a message. Something like this something like. Hey guess you got a new phone. And then right here's a hint I know what you look like in the bathtub and then put like hard guys are we keep peace wherever it lets you which she text back. And then we'll decide what we wanna do from there. When we come back now let's get you know like we taxes Shaq when you read what you texted. Q heard too. Have there to college wife guys kind of would you set a root KI guess who got a new phone here's a hands. I know would you like in a bathtub and then I did a little hawk eyes OK and real. He wrote that OK was she we're back should send hate babies it was issued newfound okay. Looking at the list. In his second what you writer back. Right yes give me a call real quick but call me or my work phone and then giver the hotly nemesis he calls us instead of fact don't do react. Ask her if she calls a hotline when you answer. Just say that say good morning thank you for calling how may I direct your call it that way she'll ask for whoever she thinks she's call it. Okay Colin Easter there. So yeah so when Ashley says how may I direct your call she's gonna give up the name of whoever is getting these pictures OK so make you're listening carefully. Yeah capture the only we this is gonna work is if the purpose in that she's single issue is that he's here actually works when I. So okay shag go ahead and send the message her case in neenah so new right now okay and now what do we do bash now. Are legally is. Exactly isn't it now and she does call. And Colin you're gonna have to decide this issue does called. You know due to how we had director called bang and then total please hold at that point call we can pick back up then you could talk to are right there. Or will begin using a putter holds. And then picker back up and say oh he's on the other line that we please use voice mail what she'll probably do is leave whoever it is a voicemail. But shall have no idea it's not really his voice mail order that you're listening who this might be your best option to get more info got a pretty Monday that. Yeah I guess and can't get guys a day a hot line's ringing now so I gotta be okay are these his players. Yeah actually you are angry and you. Good money and they keep calling Hamad director com. I'm angry in my. Problem leasehold. OK so she's on hold yes. Okay and what we're gonna do is organic. Or is Keller what I think he's on the other line accidentally pick when pick up a Q you see here on the airline. And teller illegal voicemail don't ask her she wants Cleveland can she might say no I can't think so just say I'm gonna put you through his voice now readying. Another line right now Phil he future is placed me Allen tanked. I think it OK you don't have traveled on 12. Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system at the tone please record your message when you finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options. Hey it me. I I colleague knew what they are no other black belt and let me now weakened OK until now has been highlighted include end time but. Obviously it use that I liked it and they're actually cloudy. Actually had a DM me. Yeah doubts came back. It's the hint. OK so all right so I guess you know who these picks went to do you know cut college you know who that guy is just in what whenever you miss all. I have no idea OK but now you know the truth at least so no what is your next move. Problem. I. I honestly don't know I. I guess I thought to it tonight when I get a whole new kind of funnel or here's an idea you can call back right now we can play that voice though she is left did not see was she says or does. So yes yes they know that is an option Colin do you do you wanna do that isn't what we can do is we can call him back. You could say something like hey I got something you do this until and then will play the voicemail she just left and then see would she dons. Yet yell you know gaelic in the past. K honey it's made me. It would. So. But there is this something and you give a listen to. I just wanted to get your opinion on what you think I should do about. And okay. And so on yet here and it's. I can't and why it didn't get time but obviously it use their elected and approximately. Eight. Attacked the DM me. You let it go. Sure. That's pretty much hit. So what do you think guys I should do about that. I don't know what it. Well you know that's just a basically you just not made so what you think. What do you think I should do about it. I don't wanna have easily over the yeah I didn't think so I am. By the way probably. Him and had it on the radio either but I think we're on the radio right now. Everybody listening note and cheating on me so. Welcome. And yeah. Well I yeah I can't make Hewlett manipulated and whenever I got near. Yeah I'm an issue we've done.