DWW Courtney, Austin, and the revenge screw

Friday, October 13th

Somehow this Dirty Work about a friend "doing the right thing" got turned upside down into a revenge scheme that NOBODY saw coming!!


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They've seen warnings zero. We'll show you guys doing try to in my life make me look like a brigadier. It's always demonstrate I don't know I'm telling my. Dirty work when things are here for 73104 point five hi who's this. Pretty big Courtney what we differ on this dirty work Wednesday. Well. I thought I did something pretty bad. And the person vacated due they don't exactly know if I. So I'm guessing it wasn't merge. Doubtful but I. It's probably just as bad. Oh okay so what did you do. I slept with a great friend played president. Well these things do tend to happen. A good bit. I'm dirty work Wednesday at least so what is your friend's name. Okay and what is the the young man you should all unique key cards to what is his name. OK you say you slept with Austin police Amanda's boyfriend. I think you sheet that nobody. That's not my fault because after it happened I trust and confidence I pick him up like that you gotta tell if that's right eight. Idiot like out Heller does any evidence. Okay how long it goes this. Police together where it's basically a few weeks. A few weeks that it's. It's like a Geiger admits that a few weeks or something you admit to down the road while like under waiting naive we know you're like hey you remember a long time ago your recording yet we totally did it. It one time now. And if he feels bad about it and why had you told her. Well first policy she probably shoot all believe me and she tried to think I triggered the number of things. And second of all I was waiting I think prost and get a you know like he promised he promised that he would help her and I'd be inertia. Yeah he didn't tell her. So I say you you know you get them honey chances to do it and he never did it so now you're at a nadir it. Well that's why I called you guys. Well I was thinking what do I called on then. We talk about it but she could overhear the conversation. Nancy you want me. Did see mornings you dirty work Wednesday's three way com. Yes exactly exactly. Now you can hear burger. Okay well do you do you know that this makes it where restraint because now not only is she finding out. But she has to find out in different and everybody. Yeah I I know and I feel bad that I didn't know any other way to get it didn't hit it in under pressure in the. Yeah I got I mean. But even if you were to get them both in a room it would be your reverses as if she's that in love with him all he has to do is like an hour. I don't know what she's talking about his chick crazy. Eat pray that good at what they. That you get on. Yes I say we doing natural that you got a weird definition of the word friend that went on her feet. OK so what we're gonna need his both Austin and cement this phone numbers and OK then we'll do a little three way calling when we come back then. So let's welcome first of all it's welcome Samantha and to busy morning zoo that oh yeah oh. And you do not know why we called you this morning. No no I don't. Okay well it's because according to one of your friends there's something you need to hear it now this wasn't easy for this person. But they thought it was very important OK so let's just call up this person here the. It's an anti I would ask you don't see anything would just listen. What. Any doubt you're. Hey Courtney. Today went up. Into the hill. Yeah. Not used to report them. I'm still getting used to the whole working in the daytime and we're going to be you know yeah yeah I guess I didn't think about that it would be weird. So. I didn't get weird. You remember what happened and a weekend it would account. Oh what part. Of fire where we. Yeah I mean I remember I remember why. I hope they make it happen again. OK. Let's say interesting battle rages in the (%expletive) at 8:30 in the morning. You know I I just. Can't I have heard about it it was okay. They do it again delaying till. You can't get yourself together whenever all that's that I I don't care. And okay RE a bomb. Yes okay so he he's going to be working knowledge Saturday. I'm off I mean I don't know if you product. You know did got a couple over company. What is going on right now. I'm gonna get my again. Your question I just wanna hear them both of that I. Can't did any you lot. C wanna point you put it that you found out it the other radio for everybody here. Home ill I would get revenge that they do big. And I don't you get quite as bad as you may need be all and aunt. And she didn't make it out so it. Opera at get the public want to buy it again. One and. You. Mean. It appears that. They were we were we just sat up did we just get used for like a revenge screwed tone now. But he is anybody's still on. What we need to figure out what just happened.