DWW Dana and the St Pattys Day Mistake

Friday, March 24th

Dana made a mistake-a HUGE ONE-during her friend Jason's St. Patrick's Day party. The mistake? Sleeping with Jason!! But there's more to this story...


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Do you mean senators aren't change things and he's just sit and tainting witness diaries and also wiz Khalifa did remixing completely remade the chain smokers closer song and we prince Khalifa does a remake she can count on one thing. He's gonna make your song all about wheat. This is best relationship and his wife is what we'd heard so that's what he did our unity here it is kind of interesting though I'll do that before 9 o'clock right now. 8 o'clock on a Wednesday you know what it's time Fuller. I don't think our eyes Erica was questioned whether it was. Thanks Judy we're going to take security alert Wednesday on the icy mornings. Wednesday's hearing or 731045. Hi who's next to the senate Dana. Dana what are we debris on the street where Wednesday. I need your help. Actually I need your advice. I'm not saying this. Would you help you says something's really mad at hasn't last weekend and I want to know what you guys think I should use and it. Show. Last weekend was sick concert dates and there is one of my male coworkers proposal unplanned. There's this huge house party every year or Stew in it and an illicit like three other guys in the of the party. Like everything about it sounds like fine. Yeah and so the party started adding that circulate. Veterinary care number. And the what I got there and thinking and think I'd ever want and then we're playing beer pong at. And I noted that Jeep and armed girlfriend isn't there normally elite where Ernie. And he rolls it I. Like a page scene Peter popped out on better. Maybe not a writer something. So anyway that I could then. I'm definitely drying but I'm not too out of control. I'm waiting and we into the locker room and then Jason late. Perhaps my hand and he goes to lie and you can you get on in my era. So I'm like OK which. Is what you know it likely get in Israel many close the Torre checked kissing me. Oh just a girlfriend. Yeah. So. I'm like. Mean I keep gas do you think your girlfriend might have a problem with those and he was like well not broke up that wind. Rolls has years of pain and untried car like I don't want you on not but like I always had a in Virginia then. But back agreed to work together they would pick girlfriends so now I'm like and what's legitimate anymore now that monsters shorter. And I and I definitely slipped them. Did you yeah. I mean act that way we started the day you Lebanese you know. It's a useless. That's why. And I and then the next and she. Okay so you said you needed advice is the advice how to deal with his ex girlfriend. Well no here's the worst part so. Pataki and the next morning and asked about the brake pads. And he told me that hammonds buried just broke out place. That morning of the party to get any place that day as it is laps. Well so he wasted no time that gap but it presidential like I'm getting to wrap. Leader you know whatever and he doesn't call that the X today I are now why is it gets Ian Murray got back to gather their. Totally tied together right now. What what day was he pays he was at last Saturday no it was Iran is less frank Reich was less try to round OK so they broke up on Friday. You slept together Friday night anywhere back together here on Saturday. All now that that's a quick break up. Yeah but here's the thing hourly cute thing I should just like stay out of it you think that girl or even knows what events. CC data mean there's no way he told her low paid by the LA and slept with somebody else last night viewing get back together. Okay yeah yeah I seriously doubt he told her anything. Well I don't let apparently you think she deserves to know urgently we battlegrounds. Boy I don't know on this one I mean like. What he had it's really not your business I mean if I would background and I tip my boyfriend back and then found out he suffered somebody Allison night we were broken out I mean. At least the morning now. Here's a couple of text CNET that are coming in right now elementary but they say is is not be speaking. They say both of these figured you're only doing this because you want Jason for yourself now how true is that. Now. Like I swear by it I actually had a all I keep thinking is that if I was her I would wanna note but it feels stupid. So this is nothing to do with you hoping they stayed broken up. Where no. Thanks right. Wolf what you wanna do you care I mean I. Anyone eat we called them clothes. Ain't done near gave him the chance that meet today and hopefully that won't delay didn't design. Cool I like ten chin and dank. There OK so here's what we're gonna DJ network gonna call up Jason and we're we're gonna call Marie. And we're gonna give Jason the chance to admit to what happened if he hacked I mean if he hasn't already. Armed but he doesn't admitted what will do as. We're gonna give you ten seconds to decide if you wanna jump in Intel or what you'll only have ten seconds now if you stay silent. We're gonna assume you didn't wanna tell her. Okay and what it okay his decision you have to meet here this is going to be good I hope we enable them on the line we will do this when we come back. If you broke up with the dude and they do you the dude made at the next day and he was like I'm sorry let's do that yet there. He didn't tell you I slept with the meals last night how Dell would you feel. I would come BK yeah you have broken up but it was like a little your program for one night and then you know you get back to ever I would still want to nab it I didn't. I would be like okay what they keep her telling me. Maybe we get past and slam yeah I know that I wouldn't want to know I guess you get everyone around menial heat that. The dude I only does he doesn't do it if I was reading your earlier relationship we broke up. And then the next day she came that is like now Silas connect together and I find you so it was a meals last night on Clinton's hair and an editor now you've obviously chosen your. Gray yeah that's like Gary cheek. Did yours say now whether she wants and say all right well I didn't take awhile or she went to be like well do the tax agree with your disagree. They it's 5050 okay. A lot of people aren't thinking that Tina as kind of test being like she's on to purge itself and that's why she was signing defense. Check easy me the thumbs ups and cut you off we have both yes okay so we have what we have this morning we have Jason and we have Marie they are the couple air recently back together. Don't know why it. They don't know why they are on here with us this morning. And what we're gonna deal is really give Jason a chance. To admit what happened. If he didn't already maybe he's gonna say although we're ready to older we were over it and that he had. But he didn't teller were you a chance to and then if he does he does Cheney think we're gonna give Dina ten seconds. Ted this is gonna be ten very tense. Very very very ten seconds. To give her a chance this stoppage stuff in there and say look here's what went down you know this but I suffered Jason. And if she doesn't want to let. We're just gonna seems you wanna do it read it yet okay. Tonight we ready. Bill what if it weren't on it. OK so let's start off first of all by welcoming. And Jason and Marie to this morning zoo good morning you guys good morning good writing. So Jason and we hear Utah means that he's made my case. Yeah we do pretty big one entering what do you do at the party do you think Joseph sugar or something. We couldn't allow. That slipped can't clean. It can. You do is no wind acts. Well actually we had an argument that we can't though you're at an antenna and didn't run. Moss two JC you had a role solo and saint patty's day yeah. Well the reason why you're both on this morning because we heard you guys had broken up for a little bit that you got back together cracked. Yeah. Maria who broke up with hill when you guys broke it off. Well all week of bowl. Near eighty and I need to break chatter. He agreed how old Seabrook. Rarely. Yeah actually got back together the next day. Okay now Jason when you got back together the next day did you happen to mention any details are. About the party the night before. I mean just that it was crazy it. Well neither in new this week I think mystery guest is been listening online three. And this person has a secret about something that happened that night and mystery guests. If you want to reveal your secret you have ten seconds to do it starting right now. Okay. Yeah. Okay how I can't do it. Murray IE but that Jason and said sorry. Maria you still there. Okay and Jason are you still there. That a case that's to hang ups and is gonna go ahead Lisa Marie you're still the only one with us not who back who. That. I think that's a conversation you might wanna have with Jason. No doubt you. Are heading home. I'll tell you what and why that you hang on the line for a second and then we'll talk okay.