DWW: Dara and Mike, the Husband on a Dating Site

Friday, May 18th

Dara thinks her husband Mike is using a popular dating site to pick up women. Is she right? What if we told you yes AND no?

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Same morning zero. Sure you guys doing trying to in my life make me look like a brigadier. Listen and hurry I don't know about five. We get how. Dirty work when he's out here for 731 of four point five hi who's this I don't think. This is who. I dire and liar but with the. Oh dollar okay isolating a lot like Florida with the. Well I think my husband might be using a dating sites which I think of when. Pace he set or the worst huh. Husband and dating site don't usually go to they're now do today okay what is your husband's name. It was like okay how did you find out about Elvis. Well I. Co worker of mine is on the right edge all the wrong IL and she showed me that extra bit and would like. I looked like and right he. Is alternately looked like him at it was a way younger like. Didn't get a picture when it was going. And how good she got a script to earn my. However good to her kids my husband's middle name. Okay well it was definitely heard something before I think we've even. This situation similar to listen to have a guy who was. Who was married but he was on tenure but he's using his middle name or something I honestly I don't see anything remember I mean we've caught and many people cheating. Yasser okay so what's right was sees it as a site which one if you don't mind me asking. OK see you think there's a reason to believe that your husband Mike may be on. Has he recently heady nights where he's been like can't call into work for an emergency jolt laid up Corina like that. No you know I'm not like. Giving me because if he didn't actually need it I have no idea. I need you in bed next maybe everything. Well not cheating is and a night I mean you've got to keep that in mind sometimes the alliance data are mid game rag Dave is a cheap hotel somewhere now. Like Jessica he's him every night doesn't mean he's not carrying on an apparent. One true and I know who one married guy we busted was into the hole on chat room thing well. He never met any of the women that he was having like cyber affairs with women and his wife was like well enough sleep and sounds so nice that a possibility does he ever say something like. Kennedy downstairs working on reports lead into the night's adult way operating like that. No I mean it doesn't. Have that type of job. Okay we'll column up and we'll see if we can spook the truth out of him we'll find out what's up okay. You sound nervous are you nervous. I. Really any I do this every week he does so well Odyssey. Dollar yup nothing to worry about if he's not cheating thing you're in the clear if he is think being you'll have the truth on your side and even have to know you're involved in this facility like you have this secret on him and he doesn't know and then if you decide you wanna act on it and that's a T okay. OK so let's call Mike then we come back we will do that now. And tonight I guess I'm going to speak to Michael Bausch. This is my account and help it. Mike I my name is Sean Mendez I'm calling from crypto locked cyber security. We're firm that handles like the majority of cyber security for lay a whole host of web say it's one of them being. But the reason I'm calling me it's important that there was a major security breach at. You're probably gonna be hearing about this and dear to all over the news or trying to contact all of our users ahead of time tying it to hopefully get ahead of the storm. Anyways I'm afraid this information that you shared. And your eHarmony com may have been stolen and that would include any passwords that you use to access the site information like your name address phone number that kind of stuff. No apparent calm. Well not actually on. Michael. It is Michael. And not on our. OK well then. We may have another problem then you're your identity may have been stolen because I'm looking at a profile right here. It's definitely your picture and your information although the perpetrators using the name Christopher instead it. Okay so yes that that is my picture at an apple account. OK so. All right so it is your picture though to them what we have is stolen identity. Now it's just. They're trying to help turn him like it dates so it the pictures really isn't me that information in there isn't my chips. Oh OK I got showcases and he's using your photo maybe because that picture has a better chance of getting it deep and his down I got you I have buddy is doing that with tender right now so. It's not even that. Actually want and I'll. The thing we do is I talk to girl carrying on conversation and then siege last summer for copy that. Would you agree on the placed my body goes instead. And that equals deal you know Kyra Christopher Clark attorney Sherry can't take it and she told me to buy you copy cachaca. Oh ho ho ha ha okay Sinha say you set at the aids in the knees and your buddy is like instead like a consolation prize. Pretty much what what are you have your body sign of these deep since then it's huge you're doing all the hard work here. He is on there he was on their first six months that he kept complaining that the only limit you to be the ones she didn't like so steep bank to meet it China and gone double date sort of and you know senate mop and stuff and DelHomme can't because I'm sort of married. I see okay I guess that would be a note now if you were married and not indeed excites. And I went and that's sort of what you said. Yeah yeah you never gone any of the dates or anything says that really cheating. I mean technically even if you let flirted with these women online is not really cheating right. I guess now I am trying to help my friend and all it really is best picture copy. Reggie never end up going I'd. Okay let me ask you something will you get out of this thing is he paying you or enemy is illegal or anything I'm just curious. Now we don't think I'd like stat I guess what I can it is. I don't know to me is still on to C section. Yes I still have it you know I can get a girl to go out with or without actually do not like yeah actually yes. I'm like well you know still can do it and it she says no and I'm like oh well wouldn't go anyway. Okay all right last question. I don't know how this little plane and you and your buddies that actually work the easy gotten dates on it. It's actually work better and when he was doing the site on a regular. Okay well what what it deception and you guys have going on crazy OK so listen either way I guess your information is safe so all you guns and remind you keep denying your passwords and all that stuff okay. Sure am what some are trying to easily enter region on. Oh eight. Don't know until moves go screw themselves some odd problem. Elmore. You're not like I expected it all the job right he's still there. OK so do you have any idea who this friend he's talking about is the OK because I'm really a couple of texts right now on our text line and here's what they say let me read these tea you. He knows something's up. There is no friend this guy has a master's degree and lying he knew what do you think. Well I. I believed what he had until just now. Yeah no you should Gil you should totally create a fake profile on. And look them up and start flirting with and and see what happens from there. Okay we have no idea how to do them right back. Acted totally appealing things like that either on hold real quick and then and we'll get back and I'll tell you everything. To. Gain doling out. So OCC a plane is to lie to the liar to see if he's telling the truth about lying or lying about. Telling the truth. Laughter.