DWW: Deanne, Tony, and the Mysterious Caller

Friday, June 22nd

Deanne would like to know who this "Holly" person is that keeps calling her husband Tony's phone. HE says she's a "marketing rep" but Deanne thinks he's lying...the Zoo finds out the TRUTH!

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Telling them that way apple isn't really a way to. On the same morning zero. We'll just show you guys analyst general in my life make me look like a brigadier. I listen and I only know. We'll hear how dirty or when he's on the air at 473104. Point five hi who's this. I'm with them. And a girl in the Indian back in high school that's got you is it. Okay outlook we do three on the dirty work Wednesday. Okay so some woman in hot. Is Colin my husband's phone all the time I wanna know there's he has. Well okay all right so I know what is your husband's name. Okay how long have you guys been married. We're married four years will be married five and September. Okay and to some woman named holly has been calling him like calling him a lot. Yet like a lot like. The other day act on its renewed calls from her own actions that three let's call and colleagues. Okay she got its founding said. You have three this cause from holly you know one day explaining she ends. Actually giddy that's. He said he federation and marketing person per capita trying to get at. Did you believe him. Again but I think about like should call it really weird times though. Are also call on the weekend or at 98. What marketing person does that. Yeah you here's another thing presidency if if she resents a client to your husband's training yet I would feel like he would be the one doing on the call and not the other way around. Had you seen any text conversation continue term. You know. And yet that ending immediately on your husband's past and. I don't. IRA choosing the least FaceBook friends in Hollywood may be a new FaceBook friend just recently. Yeah. OK so what you wanna see do you is fine and he's telling the truth and find out who his colleague girl is she really a potential client was or something else going on. OK now I don't suppose you have her number. Now I went in and confidently short memory and it says you know colleague calling her miss. Right and so we can't call her we'd gently call him though right. OK so let's devise a quick playing here a during the commercial break and then when we come back. Let's see who we can find out about this is an okay. And so we're gonna call Tony. Call Tony and it and actually tell him that you are is holly girls sister are now that sister. Like say cousin so Holly's cousin and we're throwing her birthday party so we Stoller photo we call all of our contacts are so I get a bite people but we don't want her to know about it. It's surprised just surprised at yet you can we saw that you were your phone that and then when he says yeah bitter foe and say like well we just assumed you were her new man because of all the time she's called. It's an and yeah and then we'll see. Yeah we'll see if you've owned up to anything. Do. A a. He truly ideas by the way that was very helpful he. Hello. And good morning is this turning. You did it Jenny did you actually I got your number from Holly's and actually her cousin. Paul and because eighty times name Alli. The state you're here haven't. And necessarily Stiller fan because they're preening on during recent price birthday party Sarah calling all of our contacts to invite him to the party that we don't want her to know about it. Sandra trying to indict healing we figured you were they knew that she keeps talking about as we saw how much she's been calling year. I mean I don't know what yeah you guys. We've got a job as well. All you Tony for how rich. Actually met you winds of learn how yeah. In the W. I think anytime you holly yeah like I think near. Sure I mean. You'd let that's for about I don't know to a yeah. Actually when I'm pretty sure she doesn't want anyone to know at this point. Ill know less about me and they mean like you guys like aren't I think I. Incomplete that I guess. War. I mean like I don't like. In my ear and she's gonna get like all upset seniors from game. Love all of that should be off the I've actually dipping into orbit to the trying to forget about it but this is a good reminder. Prep takes up so I could eat out as coming to the party then. At. Least try to figure that part Howell. That you'd like to content re absolutely. Okay and that Shaq attack as you just lean or. Tony police try and learn. Just Tony's trying to get a let's let her. Fortunately. And says you're coming to the party alone re like you need a class one rainy paying. All vote. You share any like with the press line yet you can probably bring your wife. Until. You. What I sat wise. With a glass of wine and you could bring your Y wife you know. Who's on sale on this film gone right now. I'd aid. I Padilla. You come marketing wrapped hot sound like he's more than Anthony. Yeah 'cause. I read it sounds like he's more than a marketing rep in the U I don't think I'd expect when he again. They wanted to be make that we've already. And do you eat. Hey Tony hey. Please ten. This is it really heist cousins is he morning's view and nabbed right now you're a dirty work Wednesday DN actually asks us to call Lou. Or it. He didn't exactly let me finish there. But do I think we've got your answer I am sorry it was in the when you were hoping for. I mean I'm not upset the cheater. And it got a copy of the now current on definitely. Taking everything.