DWW Dennis and the miscellaneous file

Friday, February 10th

Dennis is freaking out because his old laptop now belongs to his fiancee's father. Will his soon to be father-in-law find out what he forgot to delete from the "miscellaneous" file??


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Wednesday he finally got it right. There's Simoni zero. We'll show you guys Jewish or in my life make me look like a breaking news. I'll listen and we know. We can help dirty reflecting on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this. This is better. Hey Dennis what we never on this journey we're Wednesday. I need your help finding them enough for me credit sensitive and it actually involved might be out there. So your fiancee his father's or your soon to be father in law exactly okay so what can we give Korea. A couple of years ago I was deployed her now living overseas. Battle laptop which is pretty much mind being computer that I always youth. Also dating ago all the time who live back here in humid very. I've had access she was very sexually open type of person. It's okay. This to ourselves that it's about did you did you sing. Yeah how this week or so anyway it does go dating at the time to send me some pictures sometimes videos and an error occurred going. Like actual site so I don't I got. To see you were deployed she would say viewed Mickey picks to keep. Prior on your mind yeah yeah you gotta wait a different pick Everett Hubble we hardly your video. OK okay and where the video is also like sexual type stuff. Oh OK okay are you couldn't send that stuff to military like at that the government would block it. Well over the military not grass area but there it would wait around. OK so. Now I'm dying to know how your soon to be father in law is a part of all of us. Bob I'll tell you go back and are moving in together that's my gala OK thumb. I would cut it you know of there but it side in order to keep book goes in the scorers lord's gonna throw it. Sort go through a clutching my old stuff but I article left out. Don't remember I had acute thing like at least two years well and you didn't forever OK go. There have been me. Oh left out you know achieving their third owner now. So I need a big avenues that being years you know it brought out yes well this could have had good regular amounts. You teachers at a program or cycle laptop here and there is that so public should go ahead. Thirteen a couple of mind about this. With the American rights at this. The kids so these naked pics and videos your girlfriend say you use what you do you were on the last to see you save them or. Yeah all of whom have order order column actually here okay okay so that's got goods. There are. The best mongers glad thought you get a good hugged me because you work iris beard like that you jobs. And look what he does Google label held off the computer. Disputing get gifts like get a brand new. Okay tear problems it that you gave this laptop with the need keep cakes and the videos and pretty much. Turned it right over to the guy who's going to be your father in law. Yeah okay and I'm Andy word cyber security. And he's really in charge of wiping your hard drive and a thing. Oh yeah oh I'm not. Hello yeah okay what are pleaser at a couple of questions first of all the pictures and the video. You said they were sexual like how sexual. Blake really sexual like fifty shades of gray sexual. Blake 500 sheet of great. This stuff and there you could even children are in movie it's like pornographic until. It's an and all these pictures of our of your fiance right no no no they're good vehicle for my. Lou I want I don't see why in the world would you break when this freaky girl there. Can I I we're getting. So the second question I have for you is when her dad whites a hard drive like this he actually. Look at the study deleting Nikes he could see the old miscellaneous vial. I don't know why it played here where three out they were solid. Year and a few tell as he works like first ever security I'm probably sure he's seen worse. Yeah probably but still we need to find out if he saw any of that stuff on year old laptop yeah I I got a hundred bucks is easy solid copied it. And out heat is don't water with a missile hits now yeah. And now apple. And other. Okay how long are good if you give them your laptop. There was this test we can't okay. This site architecture and that's saying hey dad it's semi attacked him let me ask you did anything Otto laptop you want to keep fighting year right back. Don't go ahead to delete every day right has died a few minutes later should they be back. But she says are you sure. And the word shore where it all cash. I don't know if you are trying to look older now I've read in them and. As you said this is the delicate situation here. Yeah so you need to know if you're the Nazis father saw your secret old porn stash what you don't want him to know all bets on America's then of course he's gonna go looking for it. Com. Don't think guys who might lap times go through every little folding checks stuff. That's analogous Ametek signs saying he says that he storage for geeks lied and he would go to Q and re saying he said. Is it his exact quote giving until laptop is like giving us the keys to your house and saying don't look in the closet. Awful black person edited that. OK so Dennis let me ask you this. Can we it's crazy but can we call your fiance is that is that possible IQ can you get is number. You know Campbell the need to know exactly we're gonna do progress. You don't trust. I listen I do have a plane and I will go over everything with you during this commercial break before we make a move but we are gonna call him okay. Okay. Good morning guys BT gene please. Jeanne good morning sir my name is Ricky rose. And we've never met. Are deployed with Davis a bass fiance he's actually my roommate while we were over there. Or think reservist. Yeah no problem so there was calling is because I guess Dennis donated our old laptop that we used to share. And he told me you were deleting the memory and stuff. Yeah I haven't got to yet but I was gonna do wipe this week on it OT CU Denny yes. No I sure haven't OK why is there something neat on the. No not. Really I was just trying to remember if there were any pictures of my girlfriend on their but if there are I don't need done. So I was busy go ahead and delete everything. Don't mind going to report some final score if you want I usually do that anyway. You usually go to the files before you do Lisa. Yeah a lot of people keep stuff like old tax records or contracts or other stuff so I always double check. Okay who won't. Blood AVC a full they're called miscellaneous. Then I just go ahead and delete that line without looking added there's them pictures in there that. Might now be family friendly if Tina hunt me. Yeah I know what you mean I think forgiven me they had yeah yeah sure no problem thank you. Are right you never get Dana OT TO. We sell all. I started jumped on the grenade Tori they're dead. We're gonna break here so much pride in my mirrors literally singing them a Mary gender is you know it's a first time for everything well and just say you know I am. Positive your father in law is appeasement is Somalia it's our own jags tonight because now he knows exactly. What you could lose pitcher.