DWW: Hannah, Josh, Chelsea, and the Beach Party Mistake

Friday, September 7th

Hannah's boyfriend Josh throws an "end of the summer" beach party every Labor Day weekend at his parents' beach house. This year, Hannah showed up a day late...and she discovered that she missed a LOT more than just beer pong...

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Wednesday. So. A lot of the problem is the ideal mile point 731040. I didn't do my whole. Bad taste but a loss I dreadful dreadful and I am so glad I was told us. Dirty when's he's on the air force 73104. Point five hi who's this. Had to pay him a what can you three and his dirty work Wednesday. OK so that it had been a long story all right he's sorry my boyfriend at the party every air Labor Day weekend. His Terry they have to eat out apparently can't bridge and if they yelled at me closer actually to see you can't expect endeavor for a part. So every year but I'll go over there and it's like huge huge advocate our. That that's a pretty sweet deal. I am. But here I could go for the we can't can't. I actually heard you know higher open my very you know so I would not hire children in the morning and then he came back and I want to each house. OK so this this is kind of a roller coaster week and for you. But it ignores. I get there on Sunday everybody basically just shrinking and and I noticed right away Asia showed up. Everybody start acting like it out. It. Appeared like it almost like we're just eighteen. Equity three year out. So it was almost like you more welcome there. Isn't your boyfriend's party. All right why I would be surprised to see you again. I don't know any rain I might apple inspector. I go look at the reference LP. And cheap and sending me picture on Friday night or you're out drinking game as. I looking for her and she. I act it out and egos I think you're like experiment we're now and he never actually. I didn't get all of I read that nobody hurt here think Erica ultimately I think what you eat eat and arrogant record oh laying out in the year. And and one of the I actually our technique. Why don't you ask Josh she. OK so did you. He. Islet like why it Chelsea and depleting our air ate there on out from people. Here. See why he's about that statement. We. Act. I'd do it at all I'm hearing that the real reason you act as an urgent and it could you know you'll. And happening. I don't know of terms and out. OK so. Here's my guess my guess is either they got any huge fight and he threw her out. Or the other scenario in which is the opposite. CEO I mean. Al Gore might extract so it probably not the opposite. What did you ever get a holding Chelsea did she ever text you back. I asked her to change that I. Ash and other elite. So she changed the subject quickly. So it sounds like okay. Your diving you the truth from Josh or from Chelsea but. Now this is exactly. Where is he mornings you three way call comes in handy so what do we do this what are we texted both Josh. And Chelsea and said the same thing something like. I'm about to call you real quick we need to talk about Hanna now if we do that and the we call each and the same time which you're gonna get to hear. Hannah is a private conversation between the two of them that they think it's private but really were all getting it to hear what they're saying. Other art. Well we need both of their phone numbers. I'm Morgan will send text during the commercial break and they will call them both at the same time and then we hope to god the people. So either works perfectly or it totally blows up their faces and we looked really stupid. But in the end you'll have nothing to lose either way they won't know you're even involved okay. OK so let's get the numbers and then we'll send each of them a text message. Armed let's send them sings it like hey it's Josh hey it's Chelsea and then see I'm about to call you from my work number. Please pick up we need to talk about Hannah and that CX and they both pick up. Day and in a game on. There touching that and what about him don't write back to his or right just reflect badly on calling you right now because. What happens we will try to make this happen they both answer a rule listen we come back. I. Cheney what's gotten. Not much you can make. Well let's go analysts Hannah. I'm assuming her proper. Not since last weekend. Okay well if you do hear from her I wouldn't bring up what happens. Well. I'd like you're gonna teller. I tee it. So how to take yeah. I may issue a good pictures eventually quite so article and it. But she says she didn't ever want to hear it again so popular is don't bring it up. So what she was cool would. Look at what she's yet she said Eugene didn't wanna hear about it anymore at all. But you did Keller and and well he didn't help me. Can you explain what. Healthy. You want to completely what I'm wondering supposedly holding up. Only are you recession and jobs. Steve what do and don't look at me I'm not responsible credit. I don't know actually we're the ones responsible for this I Josh and Chelsea this is busy morning zoo radio show me. Seen shaggy on Z 104 and never right now you're both on dirty work Wednesday. Okay. I'm assuming at this point since you both admitted something happened and we handle listening in as Juanita you guys just want to admit to it now. Just getting overweight. You know what this is his fault to begin with I'm gonna let your boyfriend explain. Okay why you have to understand he's like our budget sports on Saturday and we were all excited. Messing around at each other. TIO. Yeah shelty vote just wanted to get some sleep. We were trying to stay out while everything else without ought to be just holding meetings. We have not been as big bed and should stop acting we didn't capture action. OK Hannah. He's a lying to you again we did. Have to ask. I'm sorry. I know you probably don't. Ever want and you my friend again but I'm populate a lie you anymore okay. I'd really terrible and I totally understand if you don't auctioning. You know I. Appreciate it on miniature it. Would work charge. Second at each other out you obviously sister each. Yeah. Okay well thanks a lot for election everybody. Yeah well maybe you shouldn't lied to me and your girlfriend yeah. Street Shelby and I thank you are he did that since then Elian in this.