DWW: Heather and Jonathan, the guy who only dates during the week

Friday, February 23rd

Heather has been dating Jonathan for over a month and has noticed one strange quirk about him: they only date during the week, and he's never available on the weekends! Why is that? He always comes up with an excuse why he can't see her! But is there some secret reason behind these excuses??


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Audrey gets dirty work when. On your. Simoni easy. For sure you guys Jewish or in my life make me look like a brigadier. It was an anomaly on the. We get up dirty work places on the air force 731 of four point five hi who's this is Heather. Other likely you'll agree on this dirty work Wednesday. I need your help I need to think out. Felt like I think Davis at her outlook about a month and every time we go out it during eat eat. But whenever I act if you are thinking out of the pack heat they looked pathetic excuse about why. Says you're dating a married guy basic. I'd like. Eating during his people not because either had a beat and girl are buried it dirty secrets I. Okay and before we get too far into this what is this guy's name. On it says that about a month or so. Let me ask the stupid question here does this guy I've worked on the weekends. Know he's even after a record so they don't eat it if it is on the weekend the bats eat eat like all of us. Last name read at. Just found Mary and Mary preaching to add an ID eighteen is me as kids I mean okay pump your brakes here when we. You guys go out and they're do you say it's during the week yeah. Does he ever seem like he's trying to be secretive when your to gather. And by that I mean like does he say let's meet somewhere in senate pick you love does he take you places that I like 45 minute drives out of town that kind of stuff. No not really. Pretty openly are eating so like I printed the contents and he had an LP it. At every party. Now okay. Yeah he's not mean I mean like this only each week who lives in another town and he just works here. I don't know I mean. Automatic eighty went by they are about how heart ED and he told me senator Carl brand that they are like he may. That same timing he connected and making all of that that we know people like that okay. So you want us to do what Heather find out who he's married. Would be a great hurry past. I guess maybe I arrow Larry you know it is nearly. I mean he just likes to have a little time on the we can we don't know but we can find out and hang on the line so we can get his number for me OK okay. Okay how many you an opponent on this home Mary and. How much money you how much money land. I don't know I don't wanna bet money I mean this is dirty work Quincy. This public if I might if he is if he's married. Like you think I'll take you chick filet. But he if he's not married did you have to take me and shaggy to Pizza Hut buffet today for lunch get ready to meet that speak and maybe a court order to fight now we come back. Yes I speak to Jonathan please. Are. This is Sam Wilson I'm calling about your car insurance. Hate John is an ounce of greenhouse calling this is what you know that actually your new insurance agent I was giving your final yesterday so I just calling to introduce myself. Also on our problems so late in the so. In order. Failures you're still with. And that usually different rep who is managing your file and now I take it of their responsibility he gets fired he needed moved at all. So now looking at your file you have one vehicle registered it does is that correct. OK got. How people on your policy I see that it's as you it looks like your wife is on here as well. Of the bout with Beatrice and it goes I don't have a whole life. Well OK this. I got a whole stack of these files on my desk I'm sorry Seth he's a no life I think any kids that you want covered on hearing it. Don't know why it. No kids. Up next something that we actually are introducing if your interest that we can actually at a person your coverage. In the case that they have to drive your car under special circumstances of this would be if you were too injured to drive or if you actually excellent drive you home after. Had a few cocktails that coverage is totally free won't cost you anything additional usually let people do is they'll put their significant other. Or roomy and your silly maybe a girlfriend. For you or boyfriend if you want to do that. Well I I live alone and I don't have a girl and so. Now. Said that's an now. All right should. So quickly right after somebody sure the how can do it sure somebody on my vehicle but I'm not even related careers. I mean it's a special provision that we just introduced this year. So I could just pick. Anybody wanna do an album just aren't. Well legacy usually it's in the situation of a boyfriend or girlfriend. We have a lot what are we broke about how much Robert Dawson. I can't see. It's gonna cut the crap here John thing and I'm I'm not calling the show. I'm not your new agent this is actually this morning he radio show on the low for this is nick Ashley and shaggy. This time I am yes I'm serious. But yeah. All. Noelle actually were calling you because his dirty work Wednesday and Heather asked us to call ED it. Any idea why. Our. Oh that's OK she said you guys have been DD almost a month does that sound right. She says she's really eighty you put all your friends think you're secretly married because you can never hang out with her on the weekend. Or. Yeah yet still she said every time you guys hang out it's during the week and all her friends really well the reason you'll see on the weekends because he's with his wife and kids. Well that is not the reason is the reason is there any reason. Yeah out there is definite reason but I don't really feel comparable total whole war. OK well how what do it then just tell us tell us what it is. Sheets arm. She's so last summer I was pretty stupid and I it managed to get it do you lie. Arm and I am Everest like at a meeting critters so long story short track you know try to let. I don't have to do it on the weekend. So with that I. I gotta to Jordan and cannot organized. But it let. Okay. How long it did serve. I got a thirty day it is an argument within hours to structures so that. And they'll be in about a week. See I told you he wasn't married eight. Million in jail things are being nice gentlemen I'm sure Heather witnessing just told there. It's it's kind of embarrassing to be honest I do in order frequently submitted saying. Okay well listen you secret is safe with us OK and yet. And appreciate being honest sorry to bother you have a good morning okay. Sure you got us. Sell parts so that's the reason then had their so now you can't. Tell him that you Null because if you know he's gonna know that we told you OK I want. What are your plans and many are even still CM iron. I'd eat he did I think I'd ever been eating it and I really don't charity media didn't and he pulled back. Gonna get an update or try to kill anybody. I'm pretty sure I'm all right a. I should do it. They show up at his place on Monday with lingerie on his feel like I'm guessing you probably had a rough week. Well we're pretty great get for anything like that.