DWW Janelle, Mark, and the massage fiasco

Friday, May 12th

A bridesmaid, a bachelor party, and a massage gone HORRIBLY wrong all make up for one interesting Dirty Work!


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Judy and Wednesday on the scene morning zero. Or let's. You guys Jewish under my life make me look like a pretty helpless and and we know. We get out dirty work when these on the air force 731045. Hi who's this. It now. Did you know what do you agree on this dirty work Wednesday. So I'm planning to. That's current and buried it I'm a great. OK okay congratulations. I guess I I get enough of this a good news thing or not. Why are people really aren't that I. Helped evacuate you can be. Perky aren't they aren't yet ready. And each earth girl we get a little action in our. You. Expect there to play. You. Can't. Hurt. You eat we know we'll be getting every they. Expect. Yet that sound right that sounds perfect to me. It could be it it can happen. Hey I can offer her any good at it if they. Still want. I tell you what happened to spread. He beat the way it will Arctic. Click actually read all that you're. Right yeah. Your hit area it yeah it happened. It's. Ul why no news here. Yeah humans like I would. Apple and Oak. Creek. It beat it didn't even if you go to. I do. It. So. So he doesn't really did know them well but it that is a bold move I would I would not often that happens in a massage place. Yeah I know she should be story like that capital and the credit he thinks. I either. No. We're staying OK okay you do anything with says okay well so now I dish you must be like somebody needs to tell Kate. No because I hurt average. A triple and see what I can I write your story or did it. It did. Carry it to you later. That. I. Think he I don't tell me I had it kick right trick her. And I did activate an eagle how ligament that. He right back. Well. Anything you wanna turn anybody race. Hate it you look at eight a black. And this really did app. I don't know I could be back at all it. Merged it. Definitely am. Yeah. So he did it but he's not acknowledging antennae line. And it. Do you think I would we thing I think I wanna know of your cousin went through whom I. Yeah. An eagle and looked at it. They're like. Yeah. I think I eat totally did and he probably wasn't dance and now he's just denying can't. Yeah I could see him like thinking it could happen and and then just being like you don't like. Ever coming back here and then just going for bro man so okay so what are we wanna point out here if he did if he didn't honey dear if he was strong. If it hurt about it if it. I don't know that if he doesn't. Well okay it's usually you texted him do you have his number correct. We thought what if we called mark and we told them. Somebody on the other line has a pre wedding confession. About you know we were playing like a little game yet only a little game. Adding that has them now we'll just gave us but we'll tell him that the other person is the woman who gate is Janelle cousin gave him a massage. And we will see if he admits to it before we bring. Par on the air Jordan is maybe if he goes up crap they got a girl library guys we'll just admit to a pretty yeah feast sense something. I can then he still has the chance to go out it was just a joke I was just kidding back and yeah and then committed to Matta would then write a bit so let's call out. Mark. First. And we will see what he admits steal when he knows who's on the other line. It and. What. Hi good morning I'm going to speak to mark right and police. Yet it hurt like this is busy morning zoo radio show nick Ashley and shaggy on Z model for how are you this morning. Yeah great so let's remember the reason we're calling is because we know you're getting married in a few weeks right. I yeah I am doing very ugly girl that's rights takes its take back. Right hey I mean like what what he yelled yeah. Actually that's not however colleague were actually calling because we have a surprise guest. Joining us on the other line this morning cool we're gonna bring on in just a second for a game that we called blind casually. Dream yeah. So the way it works supplied. Is that you can make a dream wedding confession about yourself usually it's something about something crazy to have another bachelor party so that did you have. Have your bachelor party. Yeah actually we just got back. OK great so now what did you do well. We only repeats please golf. Basically is turned going to be guys on the beach and legal rights but that's. All you did is that. I mean we I don't he. Right click a button and they're talking about is what happened with fewer men's side show. Sell our special guest this morning joining us is. Actually reach shelled the girl who massage GO. And she's about to reveal something to us so much you wanna make you are pre wedding confession first. No tradition be great because. I generally have no idea what you're talking about. Okay well okay all right so you you have an appointment at a place called and Assange correct. Yeah okay and during your massage to anything unusual happen. I actually. I think and which are getting. It so what what is there. So. That day I was supposed to have the massage. The rest of the guys are gonna go play AG holder does brand new golf course a greater. I would a little let's just say pissed off a skate and I couldn't out. We during the multitude of reasons one it is a brand new ball. He wouldn't aptly per day too eager he's kind of greedy like. Eight dat who came with guys on the triple like hey you really would rather go play call. I'll take a massage and that way you know we don't lose it on. So we have a doctor gadget to massage and I don't listen you don't ask. You're getting buried in three weeks easy. Hold hold hold it hold on. With wrecked out what's okay. You didn't go to your massage. No I went golfing I need a date to be honest with you I didn't go back because I mean I'd hate. Paid for it or purse some like. A sixty degree. High. And all that much I get all that a bit when you think Kate's dad went to the massage not EU. Correct all the while. How. T well okay that OK I think you've just one dream wedding get a check. I'm great job market the way I am your father in laws of her congratulations. On call all right you think you.