DWW: Jason, Paige, and the REAL Reason for the Breakup

Friday, July 20th

Jason was dating Paige, and was ready to ask her to be his GF. But that's EXACTLY when she DUMPED HIM! She said it was because she needed "time alone" but Jason thinks there's a DIFFERENT reason, and it involves someone you'd never expect!

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I handled the problem is the ideal mile point 7304. Point five didn't do at all. Bad taste but a lot dreadful dreadful I am so glad I was. When he's on the 473104. Point five hi who's this. 88 Jason what can we do for in this dirty work Wednesday. They got so. Beating this girl race. I think your guns creed let's cook the perfect innings and last week she suddenly decide who know she can't be tied down right now are sorry. But you are completely cutting off I don't know. OK so we get some of performing well. A quick starting with the her name. Armenians age okay how long UN page been dating. Well. Leave it at my buddy's place on Memorial Day weekend at a cookout seriously burned. OK so and thinks of her think journalists and move she doesn't wanna see you anymore. Yeah it's only clear relationship yet but those that master pretty soon. He think that's why she ended up paying shrink maybe she wasn't ready from that. Well I guess that's sort of what she said Gianna that you laid the surge can't be tied down right now bubble of life in license. OK well then there's your answers to some people don't want a commitment especially during this summer I mean that's I there's a whole season for our commitment is not. Mid July brother you need to wait till late fall for that sort of thing blind people are sort of settle down for copying season and they say. I mean look at gala I just don't think there's anything you do it it but it just goes blind dates Dioner. Lie about what illness eating anymore. Okay see you don't buy the whole I need to be single right now thing. Okay so what you think the recent yes well. 300 gonna sound pretty. But I seriously think she felt for my dad instead of the. Paula I think your whenever I meet again. Adapted so well redacted so a couple of weeks after he started dating my dad took this hour's boat. And I assume drawn over that day right it does feel like that he is able to athletically down at a headache so I went down the better. Look at maps and yeah anyways so are still better came back now. It is to adapt and my dad currently churches after being just the smile are seriously talking out of his house like oh you guys look Sharia as the mediator after party you know I'll. Always say that I'm Justine your dad is single and Renny yeah. So we usually have you felt like they were hitting it off this curling your dad. It and look great. You'd savvy more operatives that you accompany there. Maybe she is like Jason and how I prayed. Maybe she just probably trying to win and never because she was dating you know. You haven't yet done Soledad this is like Paris saying you always try to grab the younger wasn't super annoying. OK so that was one day correct is not like he met every Friday night for drinks or anything. No blatant sign out they're protecting other candidate seems numbers and I saw his name come off or well. Like action definitely a guy Axel she got a text edit a joke it'll kill you got a text from my father. Answer it like actually it's from your father. Also a huge school it was a classic senator talking about me and import. But you just play accurately put together refers barely open. Okay white Justice Souter recap. This really page you started dating you introduce her to your father who is a kickass vote. She wants to end things because she needs time alone and you think the real reason is because she'd rather be with your dad then you know. Pretty much yes and account greatly but I really using the. Well heavy talk to your father that this can't. Now beaches in the announcer it's an actual real reasons. So I took them like you guys can probably figure this out. Okay all right challenge. I accepted we can do that now do you want us to call her or you're dead. I mean. Apparently he can sign up to Jerusalem. Okay all right well let's come with a game playing here and then we'll figure all this out when we come past. Good morning how can seek to page please. A page this is this morning zoo radio show and he went a full hour how are you today. Hands and sang and I actually no I guess I'll just. Yeah and needs some barrier island access to exit stupidity. 06 listening. Now. I and that's grandmother and she called me handled it well. So let's see San. You know Blake. I get Jason just called anyone else or and had a real reason you'd done and as you found love with his dad it. He says that's not the reason I hit. Nolan and absolutely not a really disgusting and it might aids they expect many if that wrote an. It it wasn't his dad. Then why did you dumb Pam was it really because he wanted to be single. I mean that was heart of it that's. Real reason he's totally leaving now. OK so what is the real reason. Is so I think is out of hand and then ask a few weeks everything by telling spy plane and then one day I get calls from those weird random number and I and and I'm like hello. And she's like how I doses. Deep cultured city they can beat that and then calling about the goalie Clint account of justice chambers and gay LH didn't she concede to coming back and listen as some sort of like. Contact your hands and like doing knows how to read him because he's this like I payments. Oh my he so she put you down as some sort of co signers something. Yeah and then it. It gets worse early I can credit him about fat and you lay it out companies taking care today and then a couple of different I am and I get a call from their ideas and insulin like. I hit it talent they have are outnumbered but it just keeps calling me and I like how many of stills it's usually as house do you always you know. And then he'd like no that was my job in China hire me back LA six it was the last day. OK so when Ku would he could dump him they had nothing to do it is that. All pretty basic content texting his dad behind his back. Yeah I did take his dad. And I was like hey are you really aware that you're on own all the money to every lines. OK okay so that's a I see you're trying to help the amount. Yeah and I usually do in front of him into the element here is. OK okay that makes sense. And it's like when we broke out like how is Marion and I played you know cold and I wanted some alone time development trying to make until where. Yes sure sure I got ten. Yeah and then make. Friend of Karl manner by taking age into that your mom with a pack and different isn't particularly touched. So it's very cheeky hints if he ever gets caught up on all these bills and stuff in his back on solid financial ground. That you would agree to date him again. And I need after president John lag it now. Blame me I'm not trying to get caught up in your next good data means he's seen anytime drowning in debt he has until.