DWW Jennifer Tom and the new condo tenant

Thursday, June 22nd

Jennifer and Tom are married, and live together. The problem is that the woman who is renting out Tom's condo has been getting more time with him than his own WIFE! Is there a reason for this??


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On the icy mornings it. What are you guys doing under my life make me look like a brigadier. Listen and Mariano. We get out. Dirty work when he's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this. Hey and hi Jennifer what do we do three on this dirty where Wednesday. I. Haven't heard that my husband it's light out. Think they just wanted to know why and I on the I don't wanna know how that's out there my circle of credit. And. It will slow down here what's your house. Time OK how long you've been married to sell it in their search site that had been together like that it OK so what he thinks he's lying about. So basically I'll be livid because picky but he actually harm Olympic Honda Virginia Beach. So he's been like trying to get rid of it right here at it's I have right go right to play renting out should be strictly interpret it different tenants he started. And like you know not your typical. Three months ago this woman Janet and I don't I don't know her but he. Ever since. And like there's problem after problem it always going over energy fix chipper handy I would look at some point or an agent. He's got this Condo as long as you've known him right yeah you know it had a well they can't it's old now right I mean it it's got a break things are gonna break Anaconda. No I don't hurt. I don't I didn't hear you say that she's different handy I don't again I don't wanna be like putrid treaty but wage. See you all went over there except for all like no big deal. All of a sudden this new woman and an orange is over they're constantly like all the sudden it's it's it's not at a soup plate. So you what do you think this this person is lying or something. I don't know I hope that hurt and applying her she has I can't act like actively problem here I'll call it over there like. Why you every single week and you play well you can think she'd seen their old. But getting a little bit like create image he'd get that she wrote lady an act of double problem. Like fully expected that and then like jumped out of curiosity like I like lecture at that. And tipping it and she's not old and I'll try to answer is actually one. C asks the court has been Cheney's daughter. So flaws. What he said quote lady I mean. She actually won that's not old. OK that's one thing and it should like it and we're not getting caught up at my at it mutual friend. Actually found out that I'm looking more marked epidemic getting up and up on it well it's it's a bit. She's liking all of it. Just doesn't have a comment or anything but she's still going into the light hurt after a. I'm sure she does that it is seen as if she actually comments in Spanish Chela morons and as if she'd just like sent saying it's still pretty Ing con media you know. Like I think like she doesn't comment she wants to relate I don't know I don't seem to. Need. And leaning. Act on the while back at it like what completed name and he told her name and Elaine. I think it gently eat which you know abbreviation but actually a little rain and play. I can older sounding game and that's why he said he wanted to count all there should shut. OK so bottom line here you think Tom is going over their for more than just fix it duties. I mean maybe spices LA OK here are the last Saturday he he went over there I think like 4 o'clock and he was like. Back in the wire. Any advocates and a close look him up. Oh really bring direct a perfect joke age and you big time. Up by the leader got it up. Which if you know man advantage. Guess and it never lunch dropped out taking the queen I think not our eye ear and Mary Creighton gains. On the. Cigarettes kind of suspicious right there so now who do you want to call Tom. I don't have remembered. I'm. Actually. Well not usually stay on the line atlas energy wanna hang up in the snow on the radio you know and they are okay. Then when we come back we'll do is we'll call Tom we'll see we get the truth out of him while you're listening secretly but we're gonna need a plan for this open now. So if anybody has any ideas and you might Texas Texas at 757104. Now what were some of the ideas. And say I wasn't even though that we didn't go. Okay here's three of the nice putt there on OK put SD card from the local Health Department and I'll go to guy he now yeah. That we could ask what your relationship with her yeah I. And maybe fall she's in the hospital and he's listen as term agency cut OK these are all good ideas for the is that we did someone text in a really good as some. He said why do you have actually call and pretend to be a friend of Laney who lives in the kind of comes and say she needs something fixed till. And that kind of have a conversation with yet there like since time is any any man Ashley should colon and issues frontier by Eileen me an and then two cents. So that is so important is that we're gonna call. Apps is going to be ten she lives the same can't accomplish she's friends is Laney. And say all right tightly recommending Jewish Center really handy audio guy so this is really relied on and actually compose songs like yes. And show. New why you're gonna win. Here you need. I so. Remember when he talks you after you asked for the help but think there to bring up just feel like. For UN Lee pitch. Blow. Is this time you hear it. I Manning actually I'm actually ink and a lean mean and I live in the same kind of complex test yeah. She told me to call you can't I needed help with something. So don't look at look into it. I so I need the help me hang a picture and I want it to be straight and pleasant kind of a big picture it's definitely a two person job and I don't have when it is act strainer it means. Pinging it with a little bubbling Saturday. 00 level yeah yes and you level and deep next January he could sap find help me I really appreciate it. Oh yeah. By the way just to put this out there I'm really happy for you and rainy. I haven't seniors and happy in a long time may not think she I got divorced. Well I'm I'm. Have you actually says yes yes. As gently Perry because I told her. Well I don't think I can repay town prayer he is where the same way you tear proof of. You would pay him. I know macondo so it breaks particularly lethal although it. I know I'm gagged I just I just met like. Don't worry I'm not gonna make a move on your belief in anything. But I kept her so well I mean what you know what I really literally and so he. The next seven area almost went by you know you don't worry about weakening of the OC. Let's do a good cook. Show me I am I'm a great clip. Well then I will try to make it a bit of time. Yeah they've been going this week. I don't know I mean you're going to be scheduled. I don't are not what you. Eat. Seats. On the night he. You'll like you explain to me. Do you think it's a little more foolish yeah I ain't. I don't know well. You. Might be right now and you're not lucky not run from the it. Hang up. Not only did it sound like he was dating that Laney girl. It sounds like you try to get with Ashley 20 yeah you definitely it was a weird and gaming he treats. Now I can't not ocean. I'm sorry I'm just play and Owen a leak. That whatever is trying to Q but now. I don't know but I'm wondering who else he's gone overt to fix things for like who is the tenant bid for Laney. Almost a couple guys in the navy like one. Well I'll tell you try to go after you go over there including things but it is still salvage sums going on I think you just got the proof you're looking toward the. Well yeah actually. I. And actually so stupid they sort of know. I know you're not CP and you did nil and that's like UConn I CJ it's yeah in fact that.