DWW Julie and Dale the brother in law

Friday, June 2nd

Julie is worried about her brother in law Dale. He just got out of a long relationship, and now his new brand new girlfriend is completely WRONG for him! And she knows this because of a secret she just found out about her!


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They've seen warnings zero. And we'll show you guys Jewish or in my life make me look like a pretty. Listen and Mariano comes a time. We get out. Dirty word when things on the air force 73104 point five hi who's best. I. Julie what can you print this dirty work Wednesday. I'm so I'm seriously worried about my southern Montreal. Hey what's going on okay he's. Gail my husband and other. And he lives and her relationship such a sculpture. A long time like eight years I think. I'm gay and I accusing others but they never. So it frequently Cheever a couple of hands and they don't at night I pay you. Just 91 of those people who it straight to deal. Well I think after eight years any kid with somebody would be hard to be alone right and he used to being a family and having somebody. Yeah yeah. And you went leave I and I got out of house again social. They can't intriguing and her age get back out there and buried eighty you can bet that album and he's very hanging out the block and he. Eating girl and I think that is not what they eat your next car. Fish CI. They just block I don't know why get such a bad rap like that. Well I bought it back in your kayak and trying to act goes right. Well now that that is that is true okay so what happens allow cookies fountain ex girlfriend. And we've gone in there act Lou actually. While OK so he basically went against all your advice. It greatly. And don't guy hanging shouldn't change but hey here's the problem it's. It is so obvious they only let her because you are great at being alone and get all our seat you know. So you'd like her. Parents and her preaching you do and don't Lackey and Lester do it. Okay uses here and how well are you are eleven and it is actually at name brands. And actually it will make anything then how about the Belgian newspapers do it. Attribute our gallery and she got checked out of their parents out why should you in jail. Well I mean if he's happy to know what's the big deal about a lot of guys don't really care about the adds up again. Now back eight years coolest part. And they agreed on. Saturday eight grand slams. And rank and Jeannie you know the argument that the hot. And another bartenders who it fair to expect in the back where you breed. Had enough reason. I don't I don't even have like that helped pull me in a freeze there. Yeah I guess you happy about it after running ads about it and I don't have very good Doris felt yeah Laura I. Like everybody up there yeah. There heard stories of people doing it in the freezer and that fires that why why the free czar is not why do they get there I go back. Rumors on the besides of I have never mind sell what do you want us to do fine and at this hair grow really did it. But I watch. They'll be listening spell. I don't act on him up and have him on me and then how you guys call iron PP got to admit it goes and finally it's here that your experience. I got you OK okay we can never do that so you need to call him first trying. Never and it it call 840. Well technically that's gonna be a three way call not to Wimbledon. Know how to do it on the we put you on the shaggy persecuted he'll talk you through it okay. Okay and we're gonna need this era that girls number two so get that for us okay. Yeah OK well then we will see we get set this girl lot. Oh. Is this there. It is. I'm actually and I'm supposed to calling you because I just how high it and they want me to train me ask. A lot about that I'm hanging. I just didn't know what makes you Wear this week because I'm students like help you in chatter you. Okay. Yeah just 12. Actually I know I worked Friday night so it's Friday cool. Extremely Annie is there anything you need to win and or is it started like a typical trash can move to learn. You have pretty much just just bloody giving it you can't talk yet. And yet. OK I get challenge so what do you think anyone. It's actually attic well Friday night and completely and that party talk to so many people it sounds like a really greatly story. You actually are well it was not my thing that I wanted to ask you for his name the one at that guy is he was talking to me and said. At some point he'll have to find somebody to have and he she Asian land. Allen sank. What is at his. Eight as well everybody's dining in the freezer at least once around here is that shrill. Okay. I Syria. And that I can remember and it's you but I talk ballet and I start bushy eyebrows. Was it Chris. I think San thanking allies have. Apparently are. Don't and the feet and he married. The. Alone Lula came back but it century mean that has has ever read. Dining in the freezer before. I mean yeah. I don't know about angry variety. Don't use. May be. Actually negative mail last weekend. Oh now and that was that we DL your boyfriend. Or or somebody else. No it would. Oh wait. How do you know bill. Until it really Seth. So I defended you. Everybody told me you're just you know place you don't know better than what they told me your best round I don't have any idea. Thank him look like a complete loser. Hey I am not sure what's going on I'm gonna hang on to a serious because that is going to I think that there.