DWW: Julie, Chad, and the Pittsburgh Trip

Friday, August 3rd

Julie's husband Chad is in Pittsburgh for a business conference...but why did she hear a WOMAN'S VOICE coming from his hotel room when she called to wish him good night...???

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Yeah yeah Wednesday. So. Yeah. Handled the problem is the deal I'll 4731040. I didn't do at all he's bad taste but a lot of Red Bull spreads and I'm glad I was. Wednesday's on the year 473104. Point five heightens this yeah Julie Julie what we easy on the eastern work Wednesday. Hats so Clinton. He's an expert right now is tainting that he had to do every year print jobs. I went and that the company he about it. Yeah I I. I actually have heard there there there arena that the Pittsburgh Penguins play in is named after them. Yet get fed them a gay friendly town he goes company makes one a year for the annual training game and so you've done it this week. And I called yesterday to determinant in all of me in the darkness you look everything's going well. Any trick I'm in the middle of being chemically leaders. Out of it OK you know shore so I think that the tickled by and I get home from work. Enemy dinner and there's been no calls from him whatsoever. Thought and I they have that but he's quirky right though it's been a long day of training and up eighty god. So now I'm feeling about it and it tumbled. 10 o'clock 11 o'clock. So I decide to Colin and I I only beaten the cut it down and he answered and I swear to god it's kind of like he could not get off the fast and. He was likes but still in a training been like it. He was trading at 10 o'clock at night was he you know. No I'll bet and that's what doesn't mean I'm like I'm talking and an alibi didn't go to games. You can go. And I don't particularly this story about what happened at work and I'll. I concede that the woman police are talking and it just stopped. You know and I'm like I'm sorry that your company or something and he's like all the talk that people Omaha. And you think wow that's crazy religion and now another long day tomorrow he'll likely get anything at all. Yeah. Not enough he said I quit like he would have been major hurry to get out the. Okay so what what exactly do you think he's going behind. You know. I'm not sure but a psychology that can mean EU deal with just got all the time yeah. An Atkins plan I told you didn't have come and look anywhere eat Iranians rim are walked into these rim and didn't seem on the the only year and we may started talk heat. Eagle on the old Mike Nash EIU look at signing an extra that you don't actually say he hit it can yeah. I think that on a few things have been assisting in that room then at a direction east yeah I am that she could definitely aiming his Graham. Flatly she caught doing what I did you see this phone call ones. And it said. It must have been a little after 10 o'clock. That's kind of leak tests will senior room with GO especially in a weeknight. What do you see your husband's name was doing. OK and you don't know which hotel he's saying this week. OK Jack let's look at the phone number with the Fairmont. Hotel in Pittsburgh. Arm I think allegedly let's call it movie come back that will find out if anyone else's in that room with them okay. Mean they're month to. Its good cop. And lo this adds I've thought I had. Good morning well there is the chairman Patrick Courtney speaking permeate this cute. Doing it room and these. Certainly you. I hi this is Sean Mendez and calling you from the front desk we got a call from a woman in your room saying that the hair dryer in your bathroom doesn't work. It hurts. It did a retired. Hello. Yes did you call about the hair dryer in your bathroom not working. Oh OK because a call from your room something about a hair dryer. I question for you look at it doing it but it will tell. How hard it you might remember. I did. Not know what you critic that I really appreciate. Series. Yeah. And other women in my room. Does this do that in the conference room tonight and right now there. There's a book review right now. We're getting ready for presentation right now. And life because I. Don't. Thought I had the four or what so called Q so but that's what you got this will. So weak she US the front desk to forward all your calls to a conference room where there would be a ton of people. On the off chance that someone might call you. Sleeping cult. I don't know maybe because it would tiger. You are tight and try to get my car. There at. All this. Hi how she added okay you linked got to you know this league that some giggles I swear to god dumping a little. Yeah you do that I I doubt her I write you and everything. I. I tell you. It. It's sweet isn't what we talked to her earlier Juli is street of K stuff on him. Hi I would be worried if I was old Chad he made about them. All the time. Yeah.