DWW Kristin,Tim, and the New Years bus incident

Friday, January 19th

Kristin went on a brewery bus tour on New Year's Eve and brought her boyfriend with her. The problem is that by the end of the night she found him on the bus with another girl!!


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I handled the problem is the ideal time 04730104. Point five student at all. That pace but he was dreadful dreadful and I am so glad I was. We're glad he's on the record 73104. Point five hi who's this thing that got ten pick Kristin what three over and his dirty work Wednesday. So I need your help with something actually about probably two years. Old while OK so time machine back a couple weeks okay. Yeah I'd. Given I'm going up and union bar crawl enrichment it was like a brewery are crawling out Egypt are those places like it acute agitation to bring it up at the bar near ebitda to. Find out why it's so. And layered look brighter place friends and I brought mine and everything's going fine but at the end of. Hang on and I'm gonna interrupt you real good what is your boyfriend's name. Tim OK sorry continue sex Sosa everything's going great. It's going great and then at the end of the night that went into the rally last call to all the hacking your accepted over and looking around and I can't play anywhere on my had an empty my late friend and eventually. We find out Hewitt I'm about clarity I guess you get ready to go to he just walked out with about. And these are some people just can't hang up the problem. Yeah absolutely of this athlete Bynum on the bus he's on their talking to them scrolling Leah and I like. Well he's gonna talent that you asked. And we get into the post fight thoughts anyway so about a week later and here Islamic girlfriends that I need to find out what happened between Camellia unabashed. And moon. Yeah she heard something happens sound like. Should stay but I am not because the girl told me about it people liars like. Goodbye and having lunch and other different than you'd like to what happened when you talk to hand you know the cartoon about what you'd like. It's something definitely happened on that last. Envoy and let me ask you this when you guys got to the bus was in Iraq and cut himself he should nick how. Didn't seem he I don't know there's nothing going on there. You eventually tops your boyfriend like did you talent when you married him. I guess so desperately tried to check them out at lake. I heard that we have girl today that we can't count on me years and he was like oh that's cool. Did you look nervous when you said her name. Now it is pretty fired a car it. Everybody you know it is a good lie in my printed business he's alive my boyfriend is he's a liar overall bill what is your gut tell you like to eat and something happened. I didn't until the second Saturday I had lunch and pleasant thing. Yep but she could've heard it from the first friend. This could all just be one big rumor that has no truth to it at all. All that I'm trying to figure out and securing the rumored that upon him the truth. OK I gotcha and that's where we can name. Yes okay so we could try a three way call if you want we can call this lead girl and put her on with him may be. Even Richmond federal. I don't know she's been nursing student I'm not essentially the answer to collared. Okay. I don't does complicate things a how about this. Let's call her on a roll and just her and she does answer what we can do is we can get parts of her voice recorded. And then we'll call him and we can make it sound like she confess something to us then we'll see if your boyfriend either admit something. Or maybe just denies that vehemently. I mean she ordered bankunited aware of the get a candidate. And. The bad for the C cases isn't working. Out. And think she's a she's a nursing student. In return I'm wondering if they even have school today. It's this have to. Do morning this is said and energy we got a call the your power is out. My own yet it's your power currently out where you are right now. I got at all. Times are whom I speaking with. Me. Thinks he has so you're telling me everything is fine where you're at right now. Okay it was a pretty good this summer called lessons of their power was off. Well it only went. So everything's fine. OK sorry to bother you or I have a nice day. Okay it litre wine that we'll get me to the there has let's get to the parts. Because we just recorded that felony here a little bit this thing a second and will find some spots of power was off. Well it definitely went. And then. Interestingly yes it'll definitely be. Okay answering that Leah can we got exactly is so year. And then let's use lose so let's use that mark that one Jack. About it and let's mark that one and then let's mark. My. Major power came news that lets mark hello. Yeah okay so let's see if we can use this audio track. All right and we are gonna call him now. And we will try to be sneaky about this and Chris and you can hear us right. Okay so why would you you can jump in where do you want to I would wait though until we tried to pull this trick on him. And I'm we're gonna play the recorder parts of the is voice that got itself. At that point if you Philly jumping you can't. So let's call up to him. HM. Yeah they did on this is busy morning zoo radio show and he won afford nick actually shaggy how are you today. And I'm good how are you guys go to it. We're we're very good. And you by any chance been listening to the show this morning at all. Early this morning though have advantages it. That's okay. Unsolicited retreated saying man. Called New Year's confessions. And we got a call from someone you definitely know she told us what went down between the two of you my New Year's Eve. We want to hear your side of the story okay. And who called it well let's bring Iran real quick hello. Oh yeah your name once again is Leanne. Right so now leave you confess that you and TM did some naughty stuff on New Year's Eve. Yes. And you don't mind if we get his side of the story. Like. He could use that was mostly him started all of this between you do he's the one who initiated it. Well let me well hold the hold it that will run first vote she's. So why don't view she's cute when we started everything she's she's the one who did all. You do you wanna know which are wonder what happens the new site still. Art so she and I are on the bus talking and we're both police did it had its way and to disperse kind of don't rub her hand on the air and agencies cut you know to the little Leo tired whatever see you later headed my way up there I'm like well you know. This this is kind of a bad idea opened a good idea of porno. You like to borrow my belt and leopards let it appeared to. This. Is how thinly and another. What are you started. On the one what would you open an able woman and go to. Boy if your girlfriend walked in and seen that. Trust me she would have. Pushed me up but let me off but I wouldn't walk on the best. Okay so to be cleared your version is that we got on you and a little bit happened that you stop before your girlfriend showed up. Yes that's what really happened yet I thought everything relating. OK so how. How do you feel about their hands are consistent. Weighing heavy on timing of the trip. You're telling me that nothing happened. Swear to god nothing happen that's what happened that. Week and how did you go to both. Is yeah. I'm like Chris and explain Parti later so. GM have a good one. And by the way. That really pleasantly that was just a recording of her voice you should probably wait what what. My favorite part. Kristen. Do you feel better or worse now. Meaning gaelic you know the chase now yeah I I don't know if I'd known yet when you steal it simply spring strong business. I don't know I think I don't know why didn't Tony I guess we need to talk about it.