DWW Laura Seth and the two sided story

Friday, May 12th

Laura is a good friend to Michelle. So why was she making out with Michelle's boyfriend Seth?? This is a Dirty Work with two VERY different sides of the same story...


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They've seen warnings it. We'll show you guys doing shine or my life make me look like a brigadier. It's always a monopoly on the we get out and dirty work Wednesday is. I continue this week by the dirty. Doing your taste buds of Famer Hank he JD. Good the dirty buffalo dot com to check out their delicious. And Dicky yeah. I and we are radio was this little relaxed and Laura what do you agree on this dirty work Wednesday. I kept needy guy says clear rainy and sort of move below pump the brakes on I don't know how we don't do murders on the shelf I. And he went real well I think we saw you want us. And okay. So are we doing fee that usually by name out at some point bringing. Shout when an excellent a couple of go to celebrate finishing her aborted BM credit you'll ever in terms long list is up eight home a couple of weekend it got all turned to charity that perhaps they'll I don't mind having him on player and how would a bunch of people came over our eggs in one of the machine. OK I think see where this is give me yeah yeah Philip Humber attitude round including you sad. And we decided to Dayton I eat while I'm sleeping you wanted to bring downstairs. In the middle of an 888 Toro and it. The week comes then me start sneaking out with me. So. I wonder like totally freaked out or anything but I knew he would try to pilot click OK really weather and even happier drunk. Let's give a girlfriend and Philly dead. Okay and did he stay with you like to seek her DC stop making out the beauty sleep in the same room as you. No he. Is trying like rim to rim like Hurricane Betsy Wright's anger has never had any. I'm driving home and I felt kind of bad you know but nothing happened but we definitely be out for meant it. It would inject became just the ancient get about it me. And and that's an ankle or even a towel LaSalle about what happened at night. And he'd play and I and I said yeah I feel a lot anarchy and it. And here. And let me get this straight you actually thought he was gonna do this. Well no but like I did my child to think that. When you get back up cat and he want to talk to you about all hope you're inclined. Kids I mean that's exactly. What every girl on a cruise lines here I can we pull your boyfriend need to tell you something. You get fat cats I'm yeah. I know of well when it in the shared each popular artists that did well that's just yeah I guess he did talk to her about it. After she got back killing him. In some. Me and try to meet Jack and. And they are locked in grand statue at record packed yeah I mean I mean you'd like did they got a boyfriend like you said yourself. I went back to play any way. Here's the evening meter house. Her whenever mutual friend that I talked to Larry but he told her at eight topic that. He told her I was trying to into evening into early and leave it option. OK so he flipped the script and he literally he revealed double reverse on yet yeah. I really like Michelle and I eat it all yeah NBC for pets or use that you want us to clear your name meaning you want her to know the truth about what happened. Okay you say you have sat phone number correct. Okay here's what we're gonna do shag and yet get Michelle. On the phone and then we'll have her listen in third party style got in secret. Then Laura. Why don't we call sat. And you can heavy private one on one conversation about what really happened. But what he won't know is that his own girlfriend. Is secretly listening in on the DL with the Jon Lundin as he likes. Lenny can you get him telling tree. Yeah I think now. That's. He had worn out on. It was a little lit then we need to attack about what happened at the party. I mean very tomes. Shell about it so well yeah that's what they wanted to talk about all those pretty much and branded meat from every inning and won't return any attack. And she was pretty mad wouldn't elaborate what exactly BG color liquidity they happen. I actually kids you know we were both really strong chance. Okay what first of all you're really drunk I want then. Well you're drinking so you haven't I was going to run all fill gate each holiday taking anti you're room. Yeah it it happened to know that you when you came into he room. I would sleeping you came and started making with me and I Tokyo. And so it Delhi told her. I don't I don't remember exactly. What from what I'm hearing that now what you told her that. If you wanna clean it up so. Much now I have her on the phone kill him. Okay yeah a day that you you want to explain to these what actually happened. Who eat salad the troops at. Yeah I don't really remember. And only if you were drunk and we stopped Stan that was out of it no doubt what the net. You look at these I wanted to have Sachs and they told you know and you asked if he could just go and Andy yeah. It's probably me is that true. Yeah. So I just. Remembered something. Michelle your good person and a great friend and I feel horrible for what happened what you need to know that I told him to leave and it would be kind of yields. And I am so sorry but I don't wanna but I'm over it. Yeah wells. Looks like I'm losing a friend. Yet deployed are out so. It. Didn't go to true. But then I got a girlfriend. So that we got was the truth the it's sad. In Africa we we forgot to imagine this is busy morning zoo radio show on Z 104 you're on the air right now we're doing dirty work Wednesday. Or not.