DWW: Lisa, Ken, and the Fake Money Ripoff Scam

Friday, April 13th

Lisa thinks her co-worker is collecting money for a FAKE CHARITY, and keeping it all for himself! Can the Zoo catch him in this despicable lie?


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I handled the problem is the ideal mile point 73104. I couldn't do I thought that taste but a lot I dreadful dreadful and I'm so glad I was. The dirty work Wednesday's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this this week that they Lisa wouldn't you agree on this story where Wednesday. Well I think one of my work is collecting money from people are truly state charity anyplace. Keeping the money and best. That's ten. Here interval of papers of all we ask you work EC rework and I Wear it. Okay this is a private real estate company or is it like a big one. Mean everybody. OK so you think somebody your work made above sea charity. As collecting money in the just keeping it. Wow okay what does this person's name. K okay now give me Cindy just you tell me what he's doing what do you think this is speak. So you'd kind of had a month ago that I around like it. Sign up sheet and an object then it was like a GM is an editor of the march are dying now I think at. Agent did a lot of land the appetite and our Atlantic it walk but actually in large Smart guys. The play well noted it is the pledge form the lock is actually that he locked. Too late there has to Pakistan and now. And I came out to him that he did anybody who walked with him like it could get actually from markers linked. Well now did the right now here and like oh my god it may actually had leukemia at a particularly can't. In a few days later he called somebody else now says that it blood being happy that I. Out of evidence that you would do what he's doing a walk out now it. OK so this this already sound suspicious to me. Yeah but it get query as somebody else noted the she wasn't even from their ear it that you patent that it's not there. And Hewitt like it took heat helps you track of everybody getting the ball. Yeah right at this point I. I have to be honest he would have gotten any money from me. Earlier that I. I asked him activate my check out you know. And let's play it in want to make it out mania news you have to account at a credit union that he didn't keep all the money saying. He didn't do anything well now I gave him cast I am only twenty dollars. Don Oklahoma enacted it and learn as he told one of the action as he's going to they get the Memorial Day weekend. And gasped and then a hooded pocket to be. If he gets here at the Memorial Day weekend. This whole thing sounds sketchy. Yeah. And you kind of proof that you write about there out I can't gunman bought it I don't wanna get involved in that if it turns out he's not lying. They've now look at Ebenezer Scrooge and. Right sure yeah yeah yeah Eagles this entire situation just stinks why do people feel like they should be allowed to bring fund raisers to where it really makes people on Contra broke. Right yeah body. If you don't have any pain. You're attacked prayers rang rang if you do get on me people like for example this guy taking an indictment. Well we don't know that for sure I mean when we're not sure yet I think we can find out OK see you this can guy's number correct I don't. OK get it for me and that will give them a call we come back. Little. Good morning I'm gonna speak to ache can it is the ski please. And can't have Emmys James became in Barnes and actually work for the United States Treasury Department on a treasury officer in his division that specializes. In collecting counterfeit currency. And I think you might be able to help meet any case that I'm working on right now idea of a few minutes to answer some questions. Oh. So who do you are where I work for a division of the United States Treasury Department and don't worry you're not in any trouble or leaning on his trying to track down some counterfeit bills that are still in the circulation and I wonder if you had seen any of them. So that we can track a lot of home but different transactions that they are involved and so now did you recently participate in some kind of charity event that your coworkers supported with financial donations. You have within the team you walk. I just got a little work to schedule obviously wanted to add some people donated. Okay see we believe some of the money you received was counterfeit bills. Are you serious yeah. Oh my god that's awful. Yeah well the good news is will be able to Trace them take them out of circulation and you'll actually get real money. To replace it from the Treasury Department that's how all this works so now the money he received donations where does that money now. It's. World gone. I already donated it. OK so where did you donated to. Who's to my nephew is he's you do in the locker leukemia okay see your nephew currently has the money. Pulled low speed darted to the walk. Soon he donated where electoral home did you donate this money. Vieira. Do Kenya society. Okay answer you gave them all the money that goes to be pretty easy to Trace than at this point. All notes because she was having a hard time donating because he didn't have a a chicken the gun battle that goes so. What he did Lucy you need the money and then I wrote him a chair. All OK all right. That's perfect do you have the check number than. It the check and you should have a check mamet the number on the check that you Roche. We'll know in the little and it wasn't a personal check it was. It was just to check exceed. No I'm not sure IDC what we were you mean. Ordered in. It wasn't from my personal account. Okay that you just said your nephew gave the money to yield and you wrote a check you said he had never checking account so you took the money and wrote a check is that correct. Yes what it was like the little bank checks. You know what the bank quoted. OKs are able that's even easier than now what kind did you use. OK perfect so the money is in your account you add the bank issued cashier's check is alliger telling me. Okay and waited all this occur. When did what occurred. Yes where did you have the banks issued the check. I don't know what you do last Wednesday or maybe even Tuesday. There was like some time last week. Okay and now every cashier's check will come with a receipt that you would get so I'm assuming you still have that. I didn't know I'm pretty sure to get away. OK so that's no problem making really good track of that stuff so what is. Is this walk for leukemia anyways maybe I could donate to it. Well actually it already happened. Who serve a great cause. All of this when was it. It was this past weekend. Oh this past weekend was the law crew. Yeah OK okay then now why we tell everybody the walk wasn't until Memorial Day. He people of Nigeria where a lot older. Did you have an answer for that war. Yes so Lisa and he's. And yeah. If you really wanna get your money back when you get to work today telling him that somebody from the Treasury Department called view. Asked for his numbers you gave it to oh yeah and I doubt nowadays.