DWW Lisa,Eric,and the Mystery Texts

Friday, March 10th

Who is sending Lisa's husband Eric these mysterious text messages? We thought it was a co-worker, but the real truth is pretty far from that!!


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They seem mornings it. What's your you guys doing trying to in my life make me look like a brigadier. It was an anomaly though I'm kind. We'll get help. Dirty work Wednesday's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this lease up. They Lisa we're going to print this dirty work Wednesday. Oh I found out on C has detected. I had him and I know who's here. Okay well you call the right place came we start off with your husband first went to what's his name. Area okay you said Tim has been texting him but yeah. 00 OK I'm obviously by the attitude that I can feel through the phone right now that these are not good tax. He. Stay or not. That Mary and be hiding her up yes did you find him. It happened eighty years he's definitely I wouldn't eat it act on its own as they also talk about it I can't. Executing an eagle at home he had been APEC is. OK so it's pretty obvious these texts are coming from a girl. Yeah okay well what they say I'm thinking you reading and then I'll I'll act and it is. Not a. Okay. Blood it added. Somebody. Pretty nice day in the you don't NN and another on that play. Win the next and we get them alone kind better and then get a bind the otherwise I have not like app or even read them. OK so this is obviously sit somebody from work that. Out. Okay and where does he work. It navy. Hence the hot and the uniform comment that. Yeah and you wanna know what they're really at heart is. All of my friends told me don't hear anything back on May be at its eaters you're making them at eight. And I would want you to Armenians they know you're wrong you can't frame yeah and outlook in the. You'll like tell you though we wheelock and maybe guys are listening right now who are not cheaters you know we also have a lot of listeners right now that would totally agree we will be like yet. Maybe guys are definitely cheaters yes it's true. I'm still has Eric had any late nights in a while or guys' night down or even I gotta be out of town for the weekend tied things. As part about opening it I see him every day. When he even got out there and then every night I get home about an hour after he does and he is always there yeah Craig Heatley. So maybe the flirting thing hasn't gone beyond just text sent or maybe they're getting it on network. Has he recently gone on deployment and are now. Okay I'm very hard to believe that when you work for the needy you can just find a broom closet jumping in and get it on like Colleen I eat. A new law or not I'd like I got it written it and just how art that is actually okay you want us to call your husband or. Your conquer because I know more politely you okay we can do that you see your pictures the conversation right. Yeah I like coming out. And elaborated that all of them. OK perfect sit tight while we come up the playing here but when we come back do you wanna listen in on this line that your honor guard you wanna hang up and listen. No I wanna hear my. I OK so we get back we will call whoever this person is a we'll try to figure out what's going on I have a plea and you bet part of it is that it does it involve Scott in the books I don't know it's not that that's not a problem then. And that's totally fine with me totally by tomorrow guys are haters out in an even number here. Up apparatus that's texting Eric and then Shaq let's bring up Lisa unwind you. Rightly so we're calling you right now so. I'd pay good money money ms. Jon Baddeley and I'm calling from Mandalay industries about a job reference. Were interviewing. I'm Eric. And he put you down as a reference to have drivers and oh yeah. Okay great soul all I have is a couple of questions of you have a few minutes. Yeah. Okay first of all over what is the nature of your relationship with Erica you are you friends you coworkers. Value his girlfriend here. Well armed and French. And how long have you known him. Not. I don't know about you're. Okay and so you say you were afraid until you have worked with him war. Are no no no what am I just about every day. I am a candidate and want you to work. Oh OK I gotcha that the no if he. Yeah Brad don't. And and lead us. Explain to me what's going on in years. Well then yeah. He tried lady many your spending led to his cabinet is trying to edit. Didn't you know warm an happy that he handles all eat together. It and I'm sitting out was that the other ones these are you still there. I'm here well who was that that wasn't related and we don't want her. So she's the nanny. OK but if you think about it all makes sense is she you know she has access to the house. And you did say your husband comes home before you oh yeah. That are out we are not hurt. OK so who does dropping off. I usually deal but air doesn't change or not. Well apparently he's picking up more than you're K team CC should also. He'd get. Older that I Ambien in her late forty. After testing they get specially if anything has not been imparting your son like you should divorce and and see her. I go to acted and you should mull it. Actually one. Yeah guy. Well unfortunately we never really found out how far this is gone did you kind of jumped in there in the middle the conversation but at least we know who is now. Hello old I didn't worry. Well. I'll.