DWW Mike and the Crushfest blowoff

Friday, April 28th

Mike met a cute girl at Crushfest, but after showing a lot of interest in him, she gave him the TOTAL BLOWOFF later that night! Was there a reason? Yep. And it was one Mike never even knew about...


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We'll show you guys doing under my life make me look like a brilliant. Listen and I only know. We can help dirty work crazies on here for 73104. Point five hi who's this. Hey you know if they might what to maneuver in this dirty work Wednesday. So it's an India has helped find the missing girl like Astrid a blown off from Saturday night. Seen that so we're Isa bus have a blind date is something. No actually a letter crush us. Oh yeah. Is this past weekend how was that I was okay. Look smaller than last year's good you know yes that's what illustrator OK so take me through this story here and then. I'm afraid so. Back Russia which Obama has done. This year and down by the oceanfront OK and do wish. The weird part is that actually works there Suze. Little awkward but it was a big enough crowd so we didn't do gonna mutually I was I was sitting with with that many people when it if you even saw her yeah. Well yes but Libya or into important minutes. I mean this. Q with the girls knowledge and you take Patricia Muslim world and I get so I do and target this one girl her name's dean has sounds more like trichet and talkative flirting and noticed for the friends way across crowds she's part of my act so. Folks she goes without a teller when your friends start my actual and now she looks laps that you led on a leash law fired me gathers some like. You know who are in love with this girl eating gap that exists. She sounds pretty good use when did you all that 4 AM. No way anyway. All day goes by drinking and just getting to know each other and a western shores of its students who are done in my he monster got some dinner nominee not like. 7 o'clock. Nonlethal emission energy she told mission is to go unpunished friends before they leave so as I slowly doing as you won't go away. You those shoes. It's got a few options. That you actually doesn't want well. Ask their shores just come sort of my play is what matters something just chills solution. In honesty issue just to scratched. Yes I was you know try to sections let's it is related to yeah I get my number my address is there any issues fields around like niner fan and I go home clear in my place a little bit already everything's. Not welcomed by not intend not to let it out. So much. You know blew me off. Did she okay did she send you any tax like K running blade or can we tried every night and I'm I'm busy area. I am assuming she didn't otherwise you would be calling us. Yeah Russia and let me not one. Did you try to call her I mean it's gonna. Until next regular screen test great but I mean I had heard from her sort of like actually learned. A texture of Zakaria G-8. Felt planet doesn't back. Like check on our. We got worse now and in reinforced now and then becoming better at night which notes of the well I didn't hear you think her. Brought us. Did it get detection treatment action. One who has that crush accused like do you have on you keep giving me. I think yeah I don't know so. When my character or something you see you okay so I think your acts might have interfered with this whole thing. Well. I mean yeah I remember I told about fringe I was talking to her yeah yeah is so I don't know what a shame when it happens but it went back trip and my next told her to come over something I don't know it. He probably told her. Like I ST musician. Do you have SPD's. Yeah hello yeah. This got so what you want to know I'm guessing is it the reason this drug completely blew up is because your ex said something to her. Yeah okay so USA collier exe wants to call these Dina Guerrero. No I don't want you try to Dina Catholics I mean I don't care on the item in the Portland. None of you because the law actually then I this is. OK well let's find out. What your ex may or may not have said about jail. Yeah management said something true. We were like sort of storm of scholarship. Well OK well sit tight their lover boy let's see if we get some answers when we come back next and I. Couple of tax real quick before we break did she lose her phone. He got that ultimately kick need him. If you do luster followed three days go by that you typed text summer baseball this kind of run into and link well civic we got meg cancel my. We were above all to cull Dina. Which is the girly question you once closings under college is being a girl and find out. You know why what was set what happens most when on what it in my ex is in the did she tell you to blow me offers like that we were of two called Xena. And then this happened. We got a call from somebody else somebody. Hold office instead it. And that's something is on which line like you are okay and check isn't you don't want us to use your real name cracks. Okay so we're just gonna call you Stacy. So explain to everyone why you called us. Okay though I meant listening to that like ice and I don't know I am guys that. Kind of clears. Him and Tina I was quicker on track. OK so you're an explanation as to why she got put. Well I'm. Probably not going to be happy when you're. Yes well he explains what happens until we have we got some kind of answer so you you do know what happened. OK explain police. Don't be mean and by the other girls without beat all around my act. Like I'll be Margaret when you're out there are eight. When you render her on Saturday issued like Lugar. She didn't want to be working. Hand. I would bear Oprah because. I think you're right. Planes are either read the paper optics each cheated on her. So that's. There really sorry you know thinking. How are you like I'd you know why. I all your ring get your act. Brilliant and so okay so you guys were all just trying to get revenge by getting Mike to buy you drinks. Yeah oh my god we. Bring up on the teetering on how it was ridiculous at one point I'm not getting weird I drink for people we didn't even now. I hate how Ehrlich. You know like I don't know I think you want me there commit a patent. They are only act in order a mode and not many know. And I she ordered locker something which you can actually click it like eight to bite I yeah. Colin light black island. And you mean hey if you wanna go out and be itchy Garrett acts like she can't. Lee. They weren't you guys. Yeah probably didn't get a kick out you caller but the real reason I'd seen. Okay what did you wanna see something no Mike is he's actually on the other line right now you feel like telling him the true enough as I hate to break GA he's actually not about two minutes ago. I guess he can you know he's on the last year everything and I guess you hung up on. Fuhrman you're pretty sure he heard the read I'll do he must have hurt he was listening on the same thing we would just isn't an okay all right well. Anyway things are calling Stacy and clearing that up for us. How. Else.