DWW: Mike and the Suspicious Hairs in the Bed

Friday, July 13th

After leaving for a boys weekend and returning home, Mike noticed there were strange hairs in his bed...his girlfriend had an explanation, but was she telling the truth??

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Wednesday. No. I don't have a problem is the deal mile point 73104. Point. I've told him to my whole. Bad taste but a lot of Red Bull reds fought and I'm so glad I was. When's he's on the air force 731 of four point five might lose that status like they might quickly you free on this dirty work Wednesday. Yes it's that this weekend does go to Charleston it's Wednesday sort party weaker it. In them or girlfriends stay here Virginia. I would I would hope so I mean you you'll be a guy who brings his girlfriend. Down her bachelor party we. You know here's a single great my girlfriend lived together. Stand living here for about a year now. And studios aren't gonna tell banned those leave her alone weekend. I had sort of saying hey we did do without me go to issues and kind of butchered her girlfriends over Michigan girls weekend so let her go. We'll see were like okay you ousting of the house insist ten girls that are coming over you decided to stay home. He's got is a really good Charleston Gigabit Sunday morning. And I am the sauces I immediately walk around included that tremendous and I crashed right. I even unpacked. Don't sleep then in a notice a couple things all of and first of all there's strange errors and she'd done. Think those that don't hold that all of her. Those are certainly. Group who reared it's on wake up. Okay hours. I mean interrupt. Where they here's short ears over the long years commercial or on and I want. OK continue. It is good data link throws for an AAA. Picture. Is that. Earth she. Who aren't are two lead dog. Bert are over him I want to sleep with me. Saw my current and historic work alone or so. This is the she's his you know they know violence in that ice sprayed it with some solidarity. But now on Monday. I says Julie a FaceBook message straight just lewd joke. And say say your dark mine says that as they are all better. She writes Barack dog what dog so unlike the dog you brought over. Initiate message back and sit I don't have a dark sweetie it's. Cool. It's. Okay. First of all you're sure you said the message to the right person. Mean yes Chilean one pregnant doing. OK maybe she said during that she meant in my mouth I may be you choose and the Romney lashing here we should be asking about this and you actually have three dogs that your house did you cut your husband guy. So is that if they hear it seemed like the hair thing in the spring thing does that make sense I mean. And then it's all the personally. I would just washed sheets screen instead of being on nasty and that put it like he's covering this what's. So what do but it certainly a possibility she just said the wrong name dad. I assume. Make stuff up when she answered in early. You can't tell one answer really answer or influence on play actions and someone just followed. Sure yeah yeah won't necessarily like she just. OK so. What do you think your your girlfriend slept with seven to do while you're gone into all of our girlfriends we're told don't say anything. I mean Arnie Arnold they stayed the whole week senator. Courier in his state of the night. OK so it's possible she met some dude with blond hair. Who sheds easy and wished he'd cut their own. And that was the other thing it whatever she supposedly. Great at that lists. It is silly air pressure is spoke late cheap Cologne. OK so let's call your girlfriend here in the C if we can figure this out what do you say her name was. Heard. Of and you want to know if it wasn't a dog in your bed then who was its. OK hey I wasn't dog she is second round names she said Julie let me genie or something like that yeah. Okay that then why wouldn't Julie say what was that my dog it was Cheney thinks she's traders said no no dog and I can't speak to Hayden please. Well good morning hated this is busy morning zoo radio show next Ashley and shaggy and he went off or how are you this morning. OK we are just lies. Think you've Penske they're really zero or yes it really ends up you can listen to us this morning Zocor. And now. Now I know that begins I was listening to music. Well I mean we and his death you know. Virginia Tech obviously the reason we're calling is because we do in a segment on who has the craziest fourth of July weekend. So I guess we get a call from. Somebody whose failure place and say and I quote she has the south is bad I ever slept dying legacy that was. Whom. That depend on land it. This is hungry you are now. Wish it were just sort of recording right now. OK well then it's even Hannah or. They'll weirdo he cannot contact my house. Well okay and now who is Hannah. Okay now how she ended in your bag give us the story. Okay so we're changing around Saddam's Saturday and then and we all an act that aren't known Dan playing there right. Kinda different looking guy antibiotic for linemen stuff like that. I knew it and it. They marital pleasant Hannah inside the singer back to my house with us. Can't let sleeping with them and I bet well world guns and you know it. It's still see you guys are downstairs. And she's upstairs in your bag give me a private performance from the lead singer. Who is competent and her I'm. Actually funny story it was actually your boyfriend might cool kind of figured you were lying when he said that somebody brought a dog into the hands. Oh my god yeah and he would kill me. Well. The bad news here you you sort of just told him yourself he's actually listening right now. You're renting out her Becker now. Yeah oh my god it is our race. I can't bring embattled us and we are often. Watch me and they don't get to hear this it engages him and he was the lead singer and it is. Well let's drummer. No actually I think that was probably going on and you're guest bedroom I think Roland you know nobody else could anything with anybody to. And I couldn't really give thanks and who had been client I I suffered from Google. To keep bringing this advice. Why did you watch the game she. Mean. Going into my point. Home and went after they got there I don't want to. Although okay see what you're claiming that having the sheet to blush but he got home earlier than you expected. I hadn't. Entire house the clinical late Abul. He'd eat it doesn't take long did it that you ripped them off you throw them in the machine and interrogate him hit. Shanker the suspect he will. No call for analysts and at least we now that there was the duty nearby a bad night. But it was it you with your golfer if excelled as well. They got in and a I apparently views you know it is giving it your comedy that I haven't gone through.