DWW Paige, Rich, and the Strip Club Surprise

Friday, October 6th

Paige's husband Rich was SUPPOSED to be down in Ft. Lauderdale WORKING. So why did she find out he was at a STRIP CLUB instead??


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So. Yeah I handled the problem is the ideal mildly 730104 point. I didn't call him bad taste but a lot I dreadful dreadful and I am so glad I was told us. What Wendy's on your 4073104. Point five hi who's this campaign they page virtually every industry where Wednesday. OK so why he did he manhunts in Alaska and about dying and about going to pick clubs. They need your help yes. Although I got that Harry let this do you actually. What is your husband's name. It can read our our Richard Atkinson normally ritual when he's in trouble it's Richards so like right now OK so what happened with the strip club. Tell you laugh laugh I needed it out of Fort Lauderdale for words and he's supposed to be down there and help them opening new. And on thank you where to me that it is a work in banks. That only we knew going down they're like you know or work. I hear if he knew that this complaint app. All the guys that he went out there it are all young and most of our REO and I can you. Based on Saturday morning. Our daughter get the early and actually watch Saturday morning card you know. Do you real active and I. I yes I had mini and usually when he about it otter gold to Wear a leave it for her to use them back I don't think tennis and they act bad. And teach you complaining because. The bracket and that he and up by the green. I'm like kind of act now I mean you know how to do ipodder how to relax button. You cannot keep. Actually keep coming back I'm like I'm paid great maybe he got hammered by record someday. I want over panic at the iPad lets you add. And it could be brought confrontation an average is having what I'm roaming. This sign in on his iPad. Now what I cannot let alone in hot about it a case of telling this conversation. Normally hit and he's right. Aid by the way they are leaving your card. Here last night I sent the girl harper are happy and very. And he read act like oh my god you for reminding me at five on a and then if you like him right kind of act get a and you write out I guess that's getting used to come back in Il. Oh geez. Okay you're seeing this entire conversation. In real time and yeah I'm Blake okay well alleged hit he noted Britney early. I looked up at eight book and she worked at somewhere called correlate. We can't get out there. Law. So he's busted. I've asked yes did you call a month and he ranks who have resisted Clinton. Yeah I dead well hopefully he said walking though he caddie heard from guy out. Drop off and it went right flat out. Jerry did that did you ask about the tired. No I didn't read it. Okay you're telling me his seat there and site. By rights he needs help I just wrapped up mop I was they're ED I'd like have fun guy and then I applaud. How low writes what a lot you're. Had to pretend he considers this cheating like him galling to restrict cloudy that cheating deal. We know and I wondered if it absolutely does well and yet. Act like eating now so. Would reach the trouble right now if he just said you know why. Went to strip club the guys pressure me into it didn't enjoy myself at all. I would be in your body yes but it. Adding Adrian and now because I think about. Yeah well at least she thinks he lied Tia and tiny no he lacks trust you do you you don't know that. Well what I would in LA is who comes FaceBook friends with the girl names at a strip club and that's what I would be worried about. Places who have their dancers like each and that each themselves and any of contest every month about who gets the most news followers its like all for marketing purposes. Really sets up the I read about some yeah. My experience I'm pretty amazing what would you legacy deals page. So let's I wanna. And in fact it all and get it out of him that I know quite what binds me to go out of that. OK okay that I bought this idea should be they should be a lot of plenty I guess I take you wanna stay on the line and listen to all this right our lab. Coming on college street with a Richard are these. It's a good morning my name is Carlton banks and am actually calling from visas securities and fraud protection and how are you this morning. And great. So anyway the reason I'm calling these anytime there's a heavy unusual amount of spending on a plane to count we call to verify that no identity theft is occurred and the reason I'm calling used to verify charges totaling over 7000. Dollars on the night of September 30. Were you present during these transactions and are you aware that they took place. Well I'm where I'm Terry. I didn't. I'm going to make sure that it was you who spent over 7000 dollars in charges on the maybe September 30 which would have been last Saturday. Wholly believe no that that was not me OK see you work in Fort Lauderdale the next September 30. That I wanted to I didn't spend 7000 dollars trauma okay soup can you tell me if he did use your card on the evening of September 30. Okay degenerate thirtieth. Yeah it would have been last Saturday evening. A guy who had a dead. Chucked it that it does they they. Okay yeah I can see that out how about a bar called scarlet CG in the Golan there. Yeah yeah I did GAAP. Okay because going to the pattern of the spending on this account that was the last normal amount of spinning it occurred and then later that evening there was a lot of spending done on line. We know Elena. A he had it looks like mostly web sites like Michael cores and Gucci and here's 1% because Alexander McQueen. There's a bunch more right here not at notre. OK any idea who it might have been. And no I mean he he's said his identity theft right. A because whoever is your card had that little three digit code on it to bile this stuff so we're thinking maybe someone stole your card. Oh wait yes I bet I guess that would. Boy I'm really sorry about this debate because you never indicated that you wanted large purchase protection on your account there's now. I had a whole lot I can do here. OK. So a lot of what I do next. I mean honestly. I guess she had to get a second job he had a 7000 dollar bill coming. Known and and you'd be good Democrat protection department reminisces that has brought you news setting yourself. One though I say they believe it could be fraud but we don't have any proof. I mean maybe if you told you accidentally left your card somewhere and you knew who took it then we estimate to go on but is it seems we don't have any evidence of anything right now. I I do believe my card behind and one of the girls at the bars she had. What by. I which visited one at one of the browser and there had to. Strip club. Yet this strip club one of those girls at my card. Now you know this. Because she contact me she told me she I left it there and G issued and said you're gonna go on a shopping trip but I imagine I. Will frustrated that's all you have to go and there's really still not much I can do it. There's a lot you can do personally and I can't slowly started did item is that. Not really I mean they had your three digit code sons item and. Gotta bend air might bite can cause I don't. I just told you that. Well I'm sorry Agassi maybe don't leave your car in a strip club next time. Yeah yeah. And useless and let alone you're supervisor. Just put me on what your budget summit Beckley. Okay Sherry I 12 please. OK so. Hate page view he won have you went and played the role of the bus to enemy my boss. Oh my god yeah. This is so greed and. OK okay hang on a second I would have put him on hold on. Okay sir I am a supervisor on with me furious go ahead. Allow. Come out it would democratic I was Holland and they made a bunch of charges I didn't approve it and the bank now limited nothing he had indeed. Okay and put your card and I just it sounds and words about it that. OK and sure it wasn't that. Yes it wasn't a and M strip club and I went to a trip clouds and girls don't like garbage doesn't mean that I Asia depends where. All what let me ask you the goat failure hardening Britney. Yes yes actually I'm glad they're okay page senate report well now I'm just wondering why you would. Can your own wife about going to strip club knowing the girl he had at this kind of true. OK well let's have gone on here. Hey rich this and that this is a decent price for our protection call this is actually busy morning zoo radio show on C while Ford. And that page asks us to call you because she was pretty sure you were lying Terry about the strip club. Hey wow that's not my bed now played out of them down hedge their words in your place on game you can read it on the radio. And that's it's evident. And later. But I'll. Let you know what I did rule and second global reach Jackson was in seventh place right now at the dude you're a jerk. Yeah. And you'll hear. It anywhere but now I'm invite me back the period. Yeah okay well whenever we done here we done little radio thank. I mean you lie you got caught your pants down literally have made. So yeah I guess are done. Bind. And Matta to make it pathetic little miserable life a little more enjoyable now I'm back to my real job. I'm calling me back next week and I'm telling you brittney this strippers pregnant and it's it is.