DWW: Paul and Carissa, the Girl Who Ghosted on his Birthday

Friday, May 11th

Paul was dating Carissa and things were going great! But after a night out to celebrate his birthday, Paul received a text saying that Carissa didn't want to see him anymore. What caused the big 180? Paul thinks he has a theory...

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Wednesday. Oh. Yeah. I have no problem is the deal mile point 73104 points. I didn't do my pocket that pace but a lot dreadful dreadful and I am so glad I was. Wednesday is on the air force 731045. Hi who's this they're all big Paul Hewitt you trimmed his dirty work Wednesday. So I didn't exactly kick Kos did but I just girl why me about why she didn't want premium. Okay hi who's this girl. Her name but we're okay give me some of the background here how long did you see Dietz. Well sure we have a mutual friend and this girl Julia. Work this bird she's friends with congress saw a couple of months ago. A bunch of us were talking about how holes you know most of those children and a single when summer term come and they were all excited about it and I was like each. Going to be single. But not actual X I'd actually like someone by the sun all he goes are you totally Gujarat was my shirt Tricia. Solution to this week in total we start to actually reached out. About a week later. And what did you do. To religion dinner and a movie are I'm trying to earn him a little while ago. And you you're in the deeply well absolutely. Are such loans to do loosens water. Cellini hit actually a little eating for two weeks. All this is huge she goes to on the first date or anything now. We dated for a while actually. Couple returns until. When Weber State and and suggests little Irish yes that a bizarre sex and everybody can work was clear it was pretty cool. Sounds south Edmonton nine I was pretty we did it you in that drive me home the national action this day and she's so sure. He says he's happy birthday. And as a matter of fact they did it. The next morning she woke up shall I did that she's called spotlight her. You know maybe you at peace Summers by December and say hey I've sort great first day. And remember actually back. Something can you know no big deal satellite crashed through work harder and sing. Shouldn't gay goes started to shoot hoops and sort sender and other church saying. Air regional and should loose and Jen that you rates practice and warm bat pretty much saying alum creek I have achieved thanks. Changed Lou which crashed in she needs to be a low right. And K and it's not good okay so maybe you guys got a little too crazy that night for her comfort level. Well I mean I don't actually touch it all I mean we continue to have charged. I mean we mr. brown deleted due back. OK so you didn't do that. At the yet she still feels like things move too fast. Well here's what I think you really. I don't distinction like my apartment. And you don't think she's like tear apart. Well. I don't blame a little crack it hard challenge and chart that I live in like all our I needed. But I'm shocked honestly since October and I'm moving to work better. Well first and that she Eckstein ray land. Yeah every other parent would know either admit somewhere. I would pick up the Coast Guard. Do you really think somebody would be that shallow though that they would judge you by your apartment like that mean actually then I mean we judge guys that I kind of cars they Tra and jobs they have I could totally see ground. And senior. Maggie put apart maybe thinking like. Hey. They hear it out and see you think Disco didn't care about the moving too fast thing you think she used that as an excuse because your apartment sucks. I'd you'll. I am I wanted to make sure that's the reason that you play just sedar and are moving at the end subtler. Okay but let's not forget this has also your first night together and even though you didn't do that you did still spend the night together correct. Yeah and you say you were pretty drop corrects. Yeah okay you remember all of the events that took place that nightly clearly. I mean not really no OK so so it's also possible. You may have done something that you don't remember like that night that scared her away. Yeah I mean he and then. That all I still do that. And they didn't roller initiating our you know our arms are just passed out. Okay so we're gonna call this chorus girl and find out the truth for you. Just a real read my apartment. All problem okay we'll do our best but my guess it wasn't these apartment. Any and what is saying it was simple Alice but you have to understand lake like say your girl and an ailing 98. He did add be communique Cheney term I can like some big ass cock fridge runs across the floor is something we leave that place and media yeah. I've done that I can understand programs yeah yeah or perhaps Chiapas and yeah. Let's call a chorus that and then we'll see if that's what it was for real when we come back. Good morning this is Curacao. After. An actress and this is busy morning zoo should show nick actually and shaggy and he went 04 how are you today. And how can we we agree he's so listen Tom we need to know if you can answer a question for us. I. We'll Boehner. Yeah well no actually it's not a trivia question like that you're you're not playing for concert tickets are thinks that. But the good news is there's no pressure okay. OK so we talked with hall earlier this morning and you told us that you guys needed for awhile that you ended things because she needed time to be alone things are moving a little fast. It got to solve yeah my high. It isn't like different and it I. So when you said. You know you said things are moving a little fast was that the reason things were moving too fat arrest. Yeah I am. OK so here's the thing he doesn't think that's the real reason you lost interest in fact he has a guess as to the real reason you wanna hear it. OK well let me tell you what it was an and you tell me if I'm right okay he thinks is because you crummy apartment. He felt really bad about that he thinks she saw his police and you were like a no thank you is that what really happened. No no no he's great but let you know that at all. OK see you doing and things because this place sucks because he's moving. By the way in October to a better place and he said. Now I went about his plate and not really let it. We'll look at something else like. Aside she's plays. It was something out there something definitely out but actual literally electric knowing technically you could act as. We are now I. Is he's really that. Bonnie and I happen. When you really want. Ali doesn't wanna hear what lies I did you guys are not like they on the radio right now. Listen can I put you on with just. Ashley and we want off the hearing you can tell her and then will decide. Check but actually not being recorded right. Okay Jerry cans. Other tech I don't hang up Ahmanson which on hold for just a second house is gonna beat you up right now so don't hang up okay she is on line three. Now I know ladies and then find out if we can actually put on the air. A lot of well. Yeah Joyce and I like as part and something. Okay yeah. Like OK I think yes okay. Thought oh they're getting hit. I don't know. No worries here is all my other guys know I I feel for you I okay hang on I you have to tell. Do everything he did it and it acts more only thinking OK I. Okay so right so what happened Greece that Clinton acting department and she gave an east national cricket pregnant. That now. And DJ can I get a deal of it and say yeah see you viewed earlier sang okay a base it mean that. An employee or you just about here would want me this week his pregnant girlfriend for a kicker is that tell him what he did. So you can't yelling. What. My dear lord this is all cool. And that being the one who is there a little extra checked it looked like it but it happened Peter Eriksson medical. I think he did take it had like a compliment I mean you must be really good eating birthday presents for a bully to yell yeah well yeah it is yeah but the. And the moment that I greet me out it's like four or eight lane and economic outlook we are generic I why don't bench and I'll like it ain't got that like. Listen to every army if anything there is no way it like a kid like everything she can't really keep your but the act. Yeah I don't know if I could either like I'm you know one hand it's deadly attested to how good you are but on the other hand it's probably the un sexiest thing I've ever heard cell. That was the reason that you ended things that Paul and. Yeah I can't let it. Great operator no way am I even talked to him again.