DWW: Rachel, Alan the Boss, and the Vegas Trip

Friday, June 15th

Rachel accepted her boss' offer a trip to Vegas...but does that mean she'll have to stay in HIS room? What exactly are his expectations for this trip?

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Let's get you decks he would accelerate our Wednesday. So. Yeah. I handled the problem is the deal mile point 7310405. O'clock. That pace but a lot of Red Bull red sport and I'm so glad I was. Barclays is on the air force 73104. Point five deaths at this rate it Rachel what do we do three on this dirty work Wednesday. Call 83 to god. If so big it looks like five and now I honestly worried that he mainly before one growth. So are you going to Vegas with your boss. Thinks he'll need both one room. Yeah. Oh so you're okay securing the you'll be staying in the same room as your boss. Yeah. Okay what is your boss is they deem. OK and let me ask you the obvious question if you're worried about something like this why did you agree to go to Vegas with them. There aren't trying to bond story so you've I heard the board right now and it's been really hard at him I'd. Oh really bad I mean I'm a acknowledge it and now I hear Laura and I patently bad habit you. Always gotten me about it and he acted leak site you and I did I don't both Ari Brandt. Well there's the top and spared that he had the votes in and a couple weeks. Every year and I guess like the other I think their lives and everything. And he didn't care at least sitting alone at dinner I am out. On oh okay. T want to be the extra real. I got I mean I'm not mean one day and you're like look at it haven't been in doubt he'll eat out why don't you come with me. You don't have gone and even eating ready or business stuff. You can literally like a shot they are the kind of wall it would have locked all day and a hundred and it would be nice well I have a right out. Pork sandwich. Don't blame you for that wife and the problem and I didn't consider that I mean he literally poke one well I mean. How do you do you. You're not coolest hats know not all I mean I'd like Al really night he had a great spot but I'm not going into it they look at. And so now you you've painted yourself in this corner where you already agreed to gul you can't ask in my can't do we have setters is he says no and then you bail all. I mean there right now wait a lot. You know we're supposed to be staying. No I'm honored that there I knew I can't let all damages on my out. Yeah okay you can call the hotel OK so this might be tricky then. I think we can still find out what to do with we're gonna have to call your boss. Correctly is there a number that would think if we call we get directly through to him. Yeah me outbound okay we're gonna need his cellphone number and Tanya. You read and it caught. I mean unless you can figure out what who tallied votes in the next five minutes yeah. All right. And I'll listen don't we're we're we're we're pretty good at this stuff okay. I OK so let's get a break your will we come hagel called Rachel's boss. And we will find out the truth. And crying you speak to challenge and east. This developed. My parent my name actually and that booking and facilities liaison for the Luxor hotel and last name is Harry today. Good how are you angry. At thank you for asking you actually growing from British right now I definitely am. Well it would be up period. My cat we have to anticipate business from every times and sign up pretty early and a good thing is we had a Starbucks right here in our hotels that definitely helps edited. Every time calling is to ask if you'll be in town for the convention in two weeks and if he knew where he'd be saying yeah. Actually I am coming to town and I was planning on staying at the Westgate. Jesse you know we had a special deal at Alexa for anyone attending the convention that DT an extra night free. Class a free trip to our incredible about 800 tires. And it looks or cash even seen anywhere in our casino I was having I could pursue leads you to stand aren't Italian Staten. OK well how much would it cost for the week. Just depends on how many greens you need and what kind that I'd be happy to check feel first of all how many rings you need. Just wanted to try. How many people will be staying in the room. Two adults. And Indians from one team says that are two separate acts. What you size front. What can deal is put into whenever new receipts if you want to get the same price as a normal orient and we had two different themes. Line is our what happens in Vegas meet in that Lincoln's a hot tad and me I champagne waiting for even a rim Britney checked and in the other money is called back let's get down to Disney's. For practicing presentations in all you know things like that. So we gotta go with the final and right I mean his status. Think definitely set. You want to what happens in Vegas suite are there any extra touch easy money stack to variant. Sometimes we get requests very lenient and Reyes paddles on the bad stuff like that. And after that circus that you get treated as top cabinet room. Yes it's in the act and that it's dig in ask for TP. Okay ya gotta work. Okay it's already priced free you are and that he can decide if he when he Kelly pat you on our 12. Gesture. Okay he's on both. I can't wait not my advice to you do not. It's a little on the strap you hear your boss has more than this conference play and as. As I bet with what he was gonna do I used gonna pull one of those what the heck does that really I. Ask for too bad things and they knew it's gonna pretend to call downstairs disease and the like I guess they're all volunteers on the like debt. You got. It right you are out you have reasons to be worried. Got. Him every big debate I thought it is now well. You just poker room for yourself somewhere like you you go up to end and be like hey I wanted to help you out since you bought my plane ticket I wonder if my own rooms I've booked a room for myself. That could still seem like a little suspicious in any maybe Thailand taser like you had a friend who lives in May Nancy got invited to stay with her Sunday. I don't know I mean maybe it is certain about. Are you know there's always that's their option and you can do is Dele. We divide the air right thing.