DWW: Rachel, Melissa, and Dancing Danny

Friday, March 9th

Two women, one man. NO this isn't some freaky "adult film"! Although it DOES involve a male dancer... check out one of the wildest Dirty Works of the year!


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Yeah where Wednesday on the scene morning zoo. What did you guys doing trying to in my life make me look like a breaking news. It was an increase in the. We get how dirty work when things on the air force 731 of four point five hi who's. This guy is very old spiritual can you be and his dirty work Wednesday. I have whose son is dating this guy and things didn't didn't really think that we had and the and his. Act started to get involved. Oh Larry what is that guy's name it. Okay and what is his ex his name. Well Melissa OK I too give me the story. I know and then it personal trainer they eat falsetto part and they aren't you having an ethic how he meet. And I think his. Plus they get to Camille review like magic Mike style with. Male dancer so you know Mike let's. I don't say that icing it started using it that means I can imagine being a guy that does that for living is an hired. I mean. It was kind of strange watching it worked. In line if you can run and I like OK okay. So how he explained all this. So few weeks ago I went to see whether it's Atlanta and the after only had an effect and I opened it around about a good the girls. And they tell me if you know gaining the analysts affiliations I'm trying to be at eyed peas did that only you are to him and I really think either an LA guy you've heard it here IP your any behavior analysts and you're the sides. So hard to this is like straight out of high school intimidation tactics. Yeah ideally mean girls are the bank and and night lake. I don't idiom like Hayes is your act now he's thinking I'm sorry about that just ignore our and I and they and they allowed. Where it's probably your friends. They either country actually mean it and it it was like a couple weeks ago and since that night they keep showing up at every week in addition to hear because something. OK did you ask. Asked Dini about the whole still being with Melissa part. Yeah and he did they not together anymore but. Why does it sound like you're not sure you believe him. I mean I don't know I I. Educated electorate like handle things that until she never be back. OK see you got no answer. So what you believe you're do you think he's still whip during your just decide peace or you think he's just with deal. I mean I ate. That's what I wanna fight outlets psychology. OK see you want us to find out for you. I mean if you like me. Which hurts like I'm not it'll be in front of everybody writes I'm trying to Buick and I'd check. Okay well we try to find out you. Equally we using bigger three way call me begin Damien Zacks on the phone and see what he says about Rachel we could mean that you're actually actually got a better idea Rachel. You did say you at the axis phone number right. I think they think it's her at it like it's been rainy I don't know it's there and I think it. I see we call the X a person find out if it is very it is. I think Evan correctly in great idea OK check your playing here is we're gonna call the yeah yeah Melissa. And see if she will agree to this what we think we're gonna do as we're gonna called Danny twice once we're gonna call. As if Rachel calling yet and then and then ask about Melissa yeah Dennis Hayes I can hear everything that she's gonna basically beyond news last insane. Then we're gonna hang up call him back. As Melissa and asked about Rachel. With this works. This is gonna be really goods this is like their fly on the wall stuff here. Yeah. And so this is. Now you gave me asthma let us for kids this seamless. Good morning I'm going to speak to Melissa please. All this is busy morning zoo radio show nick Ashley and shaggy and Z 104. Oh. K bloody years. What he's calling me to learn and we'll. Actually we have a girl on the other line with us her name is Rachel and I believe you may know hurt. And yeah. Millionaire. OK so here's the thing she has apparently dating Danny but according to your friends she's a site peace because detainees with TO. I see what aiding any big wreck. I don't think Dowell. I. Honey. Why you love your Pedro prison here's my plan so OK ladies but we want to do is basically had each of you called Danny wanna anti. Yeah this or you can hear the truth while he's on with the other person. And since we have a third line all you have to do is just kind of sit back and listen. OK but the only rule is you can't erupt while he's on with the other person we think this way once and for all the truth is gonna come out that truth will set you worry enough. They'll pay issue. Actually yeah. OK so all right so this they get to hear what he says about you guys while the other purse he's talking the other person is this okay that he Rachel. Act and if I'm thinking here that. And that's why you Melissa. Munitions on her heart. Out and that I don't. So Rachel I'm. Now and then you can talk to him first just a heads up though he's probably not gonna recognize the number or using cell is he the type person who will answer a number he doesn't recognize. Yeah I think I answer and he is this is Aaron Aaron. But engaging sellers usually. Answers strange car thinking it might be work. OK so when he answers just talent that your new Foner some exceed as a suspect anything's up okay. All right here we are. Hello. Eat it straight job. You ladies. Well look surprised look I well first conditioning and finally I just kind of tell you that I got a new number there. OK okay GAAP and Santander. Particularly if you if we can. Heidi and we feed to Latin your own. I mean I think happened Janet punishing in America they kept intact and the axe and her friend and insisting that time in years site. Yeah I mean I'm rich as well like I'm me and that I keep saying. He broke up but there again and say yeah one. 100% yet so apologies don't don't worry about Hershey crazy friend or is she the biggest local groups and Taylor. And that's what I needed to hear. And I want to defeat Saturday. Aimed seat Saturday pray I'm tired. Oh points to do we did towns around to hear Melissa do you want us to call him back. Oh. A little. Hey I. Hey what's up. Hey let's send I can't let your purpose in all I. I know here. Wait and her all of that broader fashion but have you played. Currently are your little friend from MacLeod got fat and eat and like matching her and you'll meet me on my. What. You tell your friends you ain't bad eating or wherever what name like breach our I think. TEU. Diplomat that. Airport it. Regardless what did you say shoot shoot pretty. Keep not terrible iron dating him hour. I told you since restarted he can't beat sweating about group B play that. Well what she and I have great being. Guess that I don't even though Russia number. About at a group. And not even a few minutes ago. Eight who who's this. Seeking regional. And yet we are pregnant why else. What he did use duke king nut car you old cobra health and eat. Could tell that it. Katie well. Busy morning zoo on the run 104 and right now you're a dirty work Wednesday. We actually have Rachel and Melissa on the phone with you right now. OK. Okay periodically you write your calling you group B behind my asked. But I guess I didn't call you it. Me and you say it and you edit cheers supposedly ex girlfriend what is wrong with the old habit when you out. Needing. A I definitely do you say that actually needs yeah yeah yeah. Don't worry about Hershey crazy friend or is she the biggest of the whole group. Okay what else is going on right now series. I think Danny that's that the league would like to know. Just curious truth you don't think you're actually witness list that it never. Break out at me. I was about a longer want to see you. Thank. You broke what. I did I gave it really could do about it up on Sunday when he spent the night here. Hand him OK let him. I'm sorry that you want the troops. Yeah church okay I care about those who use too much of break up what you and I are not just gonna dump UI wouldn't I wouldn't do that you'd either view. OK so. So instead you just keep this thing around what both of them that's not a great solution either dude. Did you did you shout you're out for are not concerned it is your fault. Line okay. And what you're and bury you with terror are you Whitney. Tallied right now. Okay what I can say is I just not with this drama are these games OK so by. All right okay well. And Philly we really got an answer there. I. Yeah. Apparently you and I open it until I mean and I. Question here why. Either you still weekend he's obviously screening you don't know where.