DWW: Rebecca, Keith, and the Dating App

Friday, August 31st

Rebecca is married to Keith, but one of Rebecca's friends SWEARS she thought she saw him on a dating app called "Elite Singles"

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Did you equate it. Wednesday on the scene morning zero. We'll show you guys to list under my life make me look like a brigadier. It was a monopoly on the we can help dirty work when he's on your 473104. Point five hi who's this. I would you Rebecca. He Rebecca what can we do three on this dirty work Wednesday. So. He thanked her herded into app called and. Net and then on here haven't I'm I'm getting guess it's like. They get DD and amp. Well I think my husband is on it. OK. Well that's not that's not gonna. We're going on here days I just let that it is only singles is the obvious choice if you're looking for love with and there are single professionals in your area. And when it comes to dating series is unique singles and can cut above their bets. He might have been on the out awhile or what what is your husband's name and Danish. Okay so what makes you think he's on this app. OK so it a friend of mine she divorced. Educated the that particular rapidly inflation at any luck. It gave with other people order situation. And scrutiny that she found a guy on it looks exactly like to eat that he needed to Britney. He didn't Richmond. Not hurting each well but still he written in Virginia needs. But he works well Richmond. We actually just got him renting an apartment there since the not to do that drive toward. OK so now how certain was his friend at that picture looked like teeth. Well. I've been out her and she she said that it would truly see that she couldn't say for sure that it why. OK so now it's not so sure. Here's the thing that bothers me. She could do little picture coming out with a little you know little avatar to mention of what your truck on. Yes the the I icon belittle what they push. Yeah I and so it got (%expletive) got a letter. Now on it shocks and asked him about it with another thing that her marriage trading stocks or something like a mother. After Riley treating embrace that's what. Decent LC DC it was E*Trade could that is were trading stocks that could have been what you saw. Well I'm I don't I'm not sore and it's freaking out because. But you don't want it and take specific job in the first place geek out there in Richmond and be single again. I'm gonna give you. Interpreting her wake up call. Okay what do this why we call and so we'll see we're from customer service for the company that makes apple. What actually say hi I'm from you leak dating or whatever and then we'll see what he says we ask him about the happy either he's gonna say I have no idea what you're talking about or he's gonna say yeah. He's olives and and just you know we're gonna we've actually done this before and the last time we did it the guy was not cheating it was a member is a buddy of his. That was using his picture as he's done is gonna get him more days remember. And so I think that was done. It was intended at ray like he was eating his friends and it could really are spiking on hand right thing and then. The rigged game what agreed to meet he would be like oh yeah and he could gloves lacking in his day yeah. Yeah apparently I was dissolve Lan can still aren't some of the reason I say this is if he he's on it don't freak out it might not be for him okay. OK well let's find out exactly what's going on then when we come back. And check this spring grip Rebecca on unlocked on the on the other line yeah. You might imagine I actually am I'm calling from our meet singles he had your number down as you registered member of our database and their recent I was kind. I asked if you're enjoying act act. Why carry any improvements became me to help me to experience a little more enjoyable. No I mean it's treated in the weighted against. Brown you're enjoying using I dating aren't. Yeah. Often would you say you use it per week on average. Oh you mean like. Opening it look around her but actually gain. I know actually dating. How many dates have you used at land. Had stayed right between ten and fifteen. I think he has paid. Rate and had things don't work out Freel. It'll work out play. Kevin and then resulted and friendships are even dean relationships. Yeah it's a couple yeah. OK gray says the reason I call it is to let you know at this week is actually sending specially do you want to hear cloud free connect me. And we actually let someone he was interested in your profile topic you live on the phone to see if he'd be interested in me dad. And we actually had someone on the guys right now you'd like to talk to you it acted cap. Quote. Sure. Okay prep they hang on 12 now let her know she's going to be talking to you hang on for me and cat. Or. They'll all in that it's too easy act OK Rebecca on this and we're about to how we're gonna pay one with keys of the here's the thing. We're gonna put the pitch vendor on your voice it's not gonna sound like you okay. So you're gonna be held at a level full on conversation and if you want and he's gonna think you're like some random single check okay. I can't. You're straight up you've got an analogy. No he should give that held rule we've done this before don't be nervous with me what to do who pitch up your voice on give me a second he wants certainly set aside. What line is she on her and she can be are whirring and keep things aren't okay. Hang on. Peca. I have Britney on Wiki this morning go ahead Brady. How old. So are you. Really you know and design. Little weird right wing. And noted people are actually getting a phone number from this and you know. Yeah he needs and he'll enrich. Yeah what about your. Whole needle is okay actually go there myself in Baghdad. My ex wife stood there. Wind direction. I'll do it. Which he would endorse and you know I think abortion change. Oh I don't know this sort of thing and again it didn't work out it. Side you're messing around on me said. All alone they're light and now Iran and. I think area. So he went one knocking around on her. From understand. It's not Iraq except nothing around it you. What are. It is your right to do. Unlikely to be your unit. Dating app. Probably won't be getting. Another date anytime soon again all the eight city one actually wanted to board that I am going to hear it happen.