DWW: Renee, Gary, and the Babysitter Mystery

Friday, June 8th

While Renee is at a work conference in New Orleans, she found out her babysitter came to the house and spent the night...while her husband Gary was still there!! Uh-oh...

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Dirty work Wendy's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this tiny and listening okay and then before we get thirty guess she's calling us from. There let me tell everybody where you are right now. Well I'm I'm calling you finisher Daniel island and a lovely French Quarter. Okay. Now are we there on vacation or do you actually live there at night action and that and your fairway or something I'll man. Have we ever get were converts is in New Orleans that would be sweet OK so we have some dirty would you do what can we do trio. Well I think that's a little guys to find out why my eight considered if I didn't and that night at my house last night well my husband. The aides say OK see your husband was home in your babysitter was there as well yeah on. Okay what is your husband's name. Okay what is your babysitters name. Okay how old is your baby center. Or in any functions is close to three years. 24. Oh boy okay and she was there the whole night. Yes. We dance beat got that brings start you know meaning that that that brings tingles. Yes we get that as last Christmas and that. I didn't patient on my own experience and you its current order you know the backdoor by the garage weekends. And that. Gary's going up anger something it's just totally fine because you know he does that the times during the week attending morning I get another notification and I love and they teach healthy walking up the back door get electric car and. Meeting. So she obviously was there any hiring. Okay so either she stayed the entire night while your husband was there or maybe he ran. How and stayed out all night it didn't come back till the next day. You have brought it in that would heat I would just you know release. My thing would have went off and I would it canceling out of the driveway Ayers you know NBC news coming home. OK so we need to figure out why your baby sitter came over stayed the night all and all while your husband was there. Okay. And that I thought I pretty commonplace and yet answered. And that's like at a comedy as. Okay well he can answer for you I don't know he's gonna answer Farai display and we can at least try. On can you give me a physical description of your babysitters if you see a blonde or Brunette. On OK and Shia short hair long hair. And I hit it's bad shoulder length. Okay and now what about her hardly what kind of card she half. It's a great trio. Am I think he takes every I don't know. OK well lets you mean after going to Gary answers OK standby 'cause I definitely need you to be on the phone when we come back. I can't speak a scary place. Eerie he met this is dead Dave gat among the neighborhood watch committees for our street and I am a friend of her knees I know we've ever met before. And yeah candy aquarium. So Renee texted a few of us to keep and I and the house jag she's going to be gone and she won in yeah you do know that I. I'm not sure if you hired Simoneau watch your house or not but some growth showed up last night and let herself in she is blond hair tries a white Toyota yeah. There. Oh OK okay I'm just checking to make sure you guys knew about it that's all that I spot here. Like I might evening walk last night and then this morning is on leave them for work a southerner car was still there zone with. It the baby sitter and reject. Oh my god you're so lucky and consider that'll stay over now I can never afford value that. You must work they're chapters sound and I guess. I mean I'm an earlier date that things are gone. I question why now are eighty and. Why are PT yeah. Who live and. And and I can't. Win any so sharply and tonight in our home. Yeah I did she get locked out track called me but she's couldn't get a hold of her son told her she can stay here until tomorrow she and awareness. OK so house. Roommates blocked her out she locked out it was Heidi Cullen roommate she didn't have a played big ocean figured it would act were. At any time you didn't courteous to me all you get it and I. You don't really know what you want I think you'll like her. Hit great daughter I don't want it or not our. OK next time it'll get coated in a ditch somewhere maybe Bart station OPEC. I have a question why she'd come over the house in the first place I mean it does seem like Gary even when how or anything so like what predicated they're coming over. That. Why haven't had triple what. It. What are neighborhood watch denominator and irony that keep us and he rapport and volumes at call you. The people from one. Can anyone else directory it Asian. I Gerry it's this is okay thing to do you wanna talk only slightly self. I'm sorry that's probably my fault really the only reason I even jumped in these kids. It's really Q where does have a dilemma of the hawks and I was like there's one question we still haven't answered still so we don't. So do you believe what he said think about her roommate blocking her out. Yeah I think he should have called me to let me know is going on. CEU Ceres sleep leads can't. My sheriff how did it anyway why did she come over in the first place it's not going out and why did she come over. Well maybe he was content gonna go out and then maybe she told about the whole locked out thing and he was trying to help Ernie Justin and I'm going out maybe you felt today was a while screw it I'll just say yeah. I'll be nice. But I don't call him back immediately before he can think of another week to lie. OK to you when you do you'll ask the audience thing because it can do that we detect you could Texas at seven by a similar before you can call us at 4731045. But I'm gonna remind you of a couple of things number one he. He never denied that she spent the night he never said all she wasn't here and then changed his story and not true. Did that sound like the voice of a guy who got busted cheating did he sound nervous a panicky because he sure didn't sound that way to me.