DWW Scott, Amber the Ex, and the REAL Reason for the Breakup

Friday, October 6th

Scott's ex Amber told him they broke up because he liked spending time with his friends more than with her. But that's not the REAL reason they broke up, as Scott soon found out...


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It seemed morning's. We'll show you guys Jewish or in my life make me look like a pretty. Listen and hurry on the. We have dirty work when he's on the air force 73104 point five hi who's this. It's just gotten. He's got what we never in his dirty work Wednesday. All I think my ex girlfriend that lie to me about something and I guess I wanna find out the truth. OK and of what is your ex girlfriend's name. Her name and amber OK and real quick and asking if she's your ex girlfriend why do you care Sheila idea. Back when we're together well OK I was in the beginning. Ever got very dated two years to get them and we met through like a mutual friend that the birthday party typical kind of did you know I think. Okay and how long did you guys date. Well your relationship to her alma. Three years. Announces pretty serious and. I pilot period. At a savings account just let her engagement saying that I was planning on buying you. OK but obviously somewhere along the line things went bad or else we wouldn't be calling her your ex girlfriend. Exactly we would that mean we have quite a little bit Mozilla really stupid stuff like on a migrant too much in the week and but she didn't like me working two jobs mainly as one of the bar tending and that you know. If it sounds like she got a little. That's an end. I guess no. Which she broke up it was kind of shot as she did the week that my birthday. Mr. baker told me that she never thought she'd be more important even my friends in. You can tell love her anymore. Well was any of that true. True I've obviously OK see you guys break out how long ago was this. This pilot two months ago and I mean I'm still kind of like just out overnight and lead you know broke out I mean people don't laugh leeward Brent. I'm like I C dot. He kindly read these girls then enough. So you think you think she lied to you about something get to that. I bet well area. The great leap over confident that again and a good friend of mine who did well political debate or anything. And it Wayne's murder to command the bathroom and a cute girl name and we want down heavily used to be Amber's grooming. There's becomes deputy at the LA I do plan you do an out and I'm like yeah again and she's like I'm so sorry about you and amber and I go yeah I guess again like cleaning out my friend Belmont though she did better read you better have some parts and whatever. And she looked at me she goes. But that's not why broke up. And I go loans that would see that. And family says oh wait that's why she told you she wanted to break up with me and I'm like yeah. As heroes got that's not why she broke W there was another reason you probably need to talk to her and baker tell you deterrence. What was the truth. I don't know I. This Emily Gorelick Jess said that's not what really happened and just like to cough like Reno hate. Older typically. Also the real read you loud and she's like it's not my business they're not afraid to tell you. What you need to talk to ever get the truth it always goes sorry which indicated that by the way when they say I was or sorry yeah. It wrestle back the Eaton got so I didn't get any kind of there were any more now. This is this girl amber your acts told you that you hanging out with your friends and ignoring her was the reason you broke up and this whole time you believe that but now you find out there was a different reason and you don't know what it lies. Why haven't you tried calling her a hard texting her. I'm gonna try to caller attacked or whatever but that figured if she lied to me rebels or just don't do it again anyway though was point that I need someone. She would actually tell the route to. I got you okay. You speak to amber please. Amber this is busy morning zoo radio show nick shaggy it actually and he went on for how are you today. How are you where gritty so to me by any chance have you been listening to our show it all this morning. I'd I'd filed. For they had even listening this morning. Yeah oh okay well that that's that's okay. So let me tell you what we're doing weeping giving out prizes this morning for the craziest breakout stories. And your friend Emily called us as like. I don't ever read the story but you've got here on my friend amber broke up with a boyfriend Scott is a good story. Here. In fact we were about to bring Emily on the air but she was like Arnold let amber talent she's a that you and this got guy had fought. About some things that that was really the reason you broke out there's a different reason that most people. No amount. The gay community are Italian and the care. We use the real reason. What do you are listening. Okay. We're hoping that someone's listening to our show. And now I am playing tentative opening. OK well might. We change your name definitely he'll never know that it's you and it's about him. Brokerage called it. I'll tell you what let's do this let's change your name to Gloria. You can tell us the story and we will record. It out your Don if you don't want to hear we won't put it on the air okay. Abu. OK we do recorder and I hear Leo and 321. Okay so we got glory here I joining us good morning Gloria. World. So you're dating a guy and you broke up with him. And when you broke out within what did you tell him was the reason. We're fighting too much income he gets along better with a friend Benny Carter beat navy. She just leaving you without him. OK so everybody thought. That was the reason you broke up what was the real reason. I was looking around with Limited Brands and I I was pregnant. OK so the real reason is you messed around with one of his friends and you got pregnant. No I bought. I was prepared to pick pregnancy test and I got our confidence quick recount. Okay okay cell are OK if you get and why did you break up with him that I mean or even if you want me to US thought it was his baby. McConnell Ky and I thought okay now but I I just couldn't do back and he really either really don't really. Yeah after he found out that you weren't pregnant used to it and try to fix their relationship at all. At that point we were just like I mean we will be on angry at each other we were we were super Iranian Jenna and I had already cheated. Like on cable mind me asking who lives. Yeah I can can we ask who it was like who was the guide each she did win. That. Always why. Couldn't wait. Without on the phone at the Pentagon. I'm not sure. I got on the phone. No. Eight amber yeah edit me jump start. A lot that you made it all in a lot. Yes amber hung up but that at least now you know what happened. Yeah I got a pretty good idea. The question really quick. Do you pattern now laying it wasn't your fault for the break that lawyer d.s and he would have felt better just never knowing the truth. I mean I don't know the troops like you're better I guess it's like when it comes and on the truth but. And that's a president who had negative I'm really really. A team okay. Oh OK who do you think it is. I'm I don't want to say to eighteen blip in a right now and it's like included. I wouldn't stop might mean what today. Well did it seems warning or you're warning you if you're listening. Do all along.