DWW: Sean the Angry Boyfriend

Friday, May 4th

Here it is! The entire saga of Sean the angry boyfriend who got caught trying to set up his own girlfriend as a cheater! This includes the audio of Sean's visit to the Z104 studios!

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We did war of the roses with Amelie she asks us to call her boyfriend shell. She thinks that Sean is flirting with this rollover is Graham. He liked about her pictures and then she posted all his life so I was like thanks for the love and to be in Schoen who would choose thanking. Emily saw this. And she said is very side that he would do this because he's a very jealous boyfriend to begin way. I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with my ex. And we got a huge I'd about it at all. Night to see it is very surprising that so these are jealous normally would be the one flirting with somebody else so he put it to the test we did. Here's where things get interesting. We ask him if you wanted to send free roses somebody he did it. I think that anything I could my. Thinking about love shown. He sent them to his girlfriend. Not somebody else and that was the message on the cart. And that was that we thought until this happened well I think she's really going to Levy's they're beautiful really nice. Wait wait wait wait and and Sunderland and what we need to change. I compliment card. That you put it instead of what I just said you put it I can't stop thinking about you and and surrounded Omar. I can't stop thinking about you and China from milk. Markets a cake on the flowers still going to the same person. Night it is six and flowers are still going to heavily. But not for John from markets so we asked and they really is is sounds real main markets is that white ethic his formal lane jones' nickname she says no. That's not his name and no. Marches as the guys she went to lunch with and the boyfriend got super jealous about a month. Markets is the next and then we also whoever's second going why would a guy said his own girlfriend flowers and so I get from her ex Intel actually. Figured out exactly why. Eat one need to keep her on sat saying as she machines secretly they tend of green then. T you do now her to cause is seen as I can. I think he's guilty in humans they want it's almost like have won abortion but I would you get it. Q is that a reason get Matt I think and it's a reason to cheat or meet me you are yeah. That's pretty heavily back to the show whose dream is this morning hey Pamela A hey Perry ready or you got the flowers win yesterday. Yeah I got them yesterday morning. They worried a bit. OK okay you made sure they were delivered when Sean was there ranked. He was home I was Keller joke got. And I got it right away what the text today and we got hot when you get home. That picture of the flowers and I skewed and I was like yeah yeah Bobby brown and like how somebody already dead OK so fast forward to when you get home. Now I get home and flowers on the involved. And their right. It's. Like Eric routers and an Aggie town and see them on the table. In Cuba. And how couldn't it couldn't slow Irish junior exploration and. OK so he's doing exactly what we thought he was gonna do it's usually cheating. I think actually asking you if you're cheating. He could end up like. How much are teach you what it's like they're. Oh wow. Wow so he's all this up he's online GU and G says he can't trust you this guy's got some darker. Tell when he asked you about the flowers. What did you say I did you say it I don't know where you're from or whatever. I'm sorry he didn't. Good OS comes out and play dumb about. And that's true okay all right so after that. What big fight. Includes. And in stormed out of out income bracket I was already in that. Okay now we're about to call shoreline and ticked up to the best of your knowledge he has no idea that we all know he's really going to send the flowers correct. No I am OK so this should be fine when we expose him for the liar that he really is in front of everybody. I'm so okay let's get to commercially or we're gonna call Sean when we come back next. I. Can I speak to show on please. They show on this is busy mornings he radio show on C one affords you might if we put you on the air with us this morning. Yeah well we're doing that segment this morning called face the truth. And we heard from your girlfriend about the whole flowers thing you might forget your side of the story. It is surely Oprah yeah OK so first of your girlfriend is Emily correct did and she got flowers from another guy ranked. Did she got close from what I saw boy from her sex okay and now this this guy's name is Marcus right. Yeah it and that's the crazy part she got the slowest. Like the week after a sound RC had lunch and we afford it. Like so personalities lunch then comes flowers not it's not bad okay now. Much of an argument in all of this Collins I mean I was just I was pretty assert it was yeah you know yeah he sure I mean I have my girlfriends accent her flowers I don't know if I could trust her anymore. And exactly that's less than an absolute right now don't now so there's no let up I'd definitely catch questions. OK but now here's the thing we don't think markets is the one who sent those flowers we actually think somebody else days. Well I assumed name wanna card debt which means wireless. Right but OK but we don't think he had anything to do with this we think somebody sent the flowers. And put his name on the cars. Well I don't know why somebody would booted doesn't it Adam makes us usually shine we think you're the one who did it. Thank god did it what. Wow my mama are gonna show as well as some might. Oh and sent it would have cost from a exploit that doesn't even make sense let's. It's you guys you're are you messing around and you think you need it and only to get caught so. And you wouldn't feel as bad. Well well home brilliantly you have looked pretty good imagination it is is no way I would surmise girl slab was at sonic from a exploits and like I don't even make sense. Because then that trust that you talked about would be broken rank near exact green in fact we got message that side but do when you're doing okay we'll listen to me. Any of this sounds from billiard GL. And the wait wait wait wait. On the London. And what we need to change. I compliment cards that you could instead of what is. Can you put it. I can't stop thinking about you and inside that remark. The team sat anybody in China from hill. Markets again on either flowers still going to the same person. Every. Cell is does any of that sound from the. In the ACC championship and now and then that would diffuse its. So sure. Sit listen and let my private conversation about. Could gradually establishing the league and radio the. We're tapping your phone that I who called you two days ago when we told you at all via the free flowers. That wasn't a flower company that was on us that we don't matter of. Okay well this this is still illegal would have you reported mild voice. In the psyche switching my word and ran I don't know how it is worth. You could just have my word switch back and forth to make it sound like SS some sanity to say it's. Some gravy yeah. Radio show so. Sit around with Sean we didn't switch on anything that's exactly how it aired on Monday morning just the way you hardy just now. Well it will never actually if you didn't he show so. Bet that a solely this day. You can try your you'll lose that aside you know what exactly would you rate now at some point common assume you and and is going to be some problems. I mean you can try but you're gonna unload you're gonna have a hard time getting here this man out. Upload dude every window I don't little. Long story short we busted a guy who was we think was messing around and his girlfriend the guy's name is Sean. And when we talked to yesterday. His reaction to being. Busted. On the air was not very good it never it's nobody likes to embarrass him on the radio and have you have pulled out in front of everybody else. Lets your bit by. This guy's reaction. Was like yeah. Super angry listen to the. Aside you know what I know exactly what you're reading them somewhat suddenly I'm coming to see you well and and it's gonna be some problems and you can try but you're gonna I would do if you're gonna have a hard time getting here this. I can't do this little window I do. So that's what went down yesterday as he did. We were talking about it after he hung up on us and signal the number of times people threatened to serialized. Or do worse. We can't count them every time we catch somebody else I ever see you out somewhere Ahmet punch your lights out or whatever it doesn't happen. But the fiscal why. Is they wish on as you know but he did show up here yesterday he did. And we we told shaggy. Bring cameras with you because of something happens we need to have evidence that cell. Do you want to hear the audio of this is the audio can shaggy also recorded on this phone which is article about that after he's came back and said I have everything on tape. As and that's pretty Smart and but by the way before abuser Jason idea. In Virginia you don't have to have permission. To get on the audience at all really tell one person and an. App. So here's the audio a shaggy confrontation. With shell on in the lobby. Of Entercom Norfolk yesterday listen don't go first well welcome and chase. This and I guess I get it and a quarter harmless I'm gonna probably jewel right. But I wouldn't say zoo says I got the do not change is a computer and I know you're frustrated anomaly of cremation on this call them hot. No none he's another one how is that an amendment and Jibril. How did you figure whom bush and right why would you voice in the MI port and admit I didn't do it all he did yeah yeah yeah. When he's in the studio I mean I just to Miami surely not a pop analysis I'm in the house are real quick yeah I don't know he's gonna come out. Not somebody who lets anyone I mean he's out all the time like he does have been in the media. You know you mean audio now and I'm not so I must say from here yeah yeah we yeah I'm not I'll scene but I Jalen does Olindo. I'll give you all his information that is Graham maybe jokingly dubbed admitted it in Chile is ominous and then I'm would you say you must where you would would you citi's name day. To pick Taylor yeah nick says the missile government has meant a we couldn't do all right just don't you just don't look so men you will need. Larry really. We want that real quick time. Government should link obligated to Chile is on the medicine and then I'm would you say you must work where you would would you citizen they were mixed. Nick Taylor yeah knicks ever missile government it's a cash. Okay no okay you're the talk sorry I. Could draw me like that. Third first off this man was huge ball OK and listen I've wise so people out 36 years old wood 2 kids I am fighting for nobody anymore. Go all the police nature. You know let's if you rob a bait and I know that I need to reward for I'm calling on you like it. Now so here's the deal though lake he wasn't gonna illegal as I gave them some then. So you gave them my name yeah and all of these are numbered did but. Do you tell where I live well I did here is the issue is. Boarded the ship it yes begin to tell you act treated by is the issue it's no air right now. Canada just sort of it's salute you hear the N. And you hear him yet Mia you hear clap right when he says she IEA an approach you guys via yet only get done and for the fun in my pocket. And I feel welcome out and he is a yo I actually like I ate an age you'll also as a media day I guess and others have talked about. He DM me last I mean yes he's got an album now aka he's coming to see you. At live nation. Had yes I'll go out he's gonna come by to say I. No no no no. He has promised that Gallup gonna talk younger it's no ideology is never good. But that doesn't. I'm gonna do Bob Hope might have organ up on the way there on the summit chili's you some tips is also. My feelings and I've article do you live nation you all can have a super wrote so yup you like ashes Al yeah. This big yellow what I really don't have a lot of people thought that is I don't know of his verbiage will be appropriate. So how big was he. It's I'd sooner or photo OK he's huge issue. But look he promised me he'd probably show up that he would come note like here's what told you man to man. President elect. I know but I imagine that we set a much talked him into an imminent and that means he's gonna take a swing. That's not yeah I mean come down yesterday. And under the bus. You gave me completely on Bob you know you mean yeah. Now it's my second hitter yeah yeah we yeah I'm not I'll scene but I do additional window. I'll give you all his information right there if you want is infamous episodes they think it's shaggy states it snitches get stitches. Yes but I'll be allowed to pay for the city's mayor won't be because that's where. You can link obligated to Chile is on the news. Hell makes you think I wanna go to chili's is this guy has Chile's fixes everything right where you would which you said they were mixed. Nick Taylor yeah and exempt municipal government and wow wow and remember this racket remember for the record. So you can go a mile ten it was not a full government team. Thought it could be that hard for me to put the dots the other we get put the dots together bit. Is that you sit me that you did. You don't have to. This Nissan silence you could you hear that you put me in a bucket full crabs that was sort Georgia genes they don't sign. And I begged you for me not to use this you signed up there recently at a Westin. Oh yes smoke detector in and at duke was becoming. I'm not a military guy came to the window to get you yeah that was very that's the guy Bundy did dukes of hazard at the the bush met right was named. I ever met. Alleged illicit things it did and Amy do and it hurt me yeah. Hope you did you ask you today and it's. Six inches in my. Obviously commitments minimum does that mean you want to do for you who. It's a big he's excited where's your idea is to you guys Obama give everybody that shows of allied nations need your personal phone number. Seven by 706. I'm I'm I'm serious well. I got to die from heat promise you got me all right examined him any good night no not not being abide. Landry. Yes. It might morning that it at that maybe I won't go and they got now you yeah yeah. And then and then I'll. The U legit have to go. Did you run from any of this are only gonna get worse. He I'm trying to listen I'm trying to help I don't know I would rather I would rather be out somewhere in public with my security around it bubbly well I Asian security Europe and hi I got you. I. American people you idiot. You because you are supposed to be my blow. Yeah yeah yeah. Me I'll get. It in Italy may go to Chile shop I don't know I told reckon it's not the and you know you can't tell me I would deal does CEO Carly you're right now in eight. You were my friend Harris on the Clinton ten years a lot. The email thank you dropped to be like third period French.