DWW: Stephanie and Dave the Ghoster

Friday, April 6th

Stephanie thought she and Dave were a thing, until he "ghosted" her. But it's the reason WHY he ghosted her that has everyone wondering if he's telling the TRUTH.


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Let's try to make you listen Friday morning for your chance statistics. Let's get didn't do what action how it's. Wednesday. So. I don't have a problem is the annual mile point 73104. Point 500. At all. That taste but a lot of Red Bull reds and I'm glad I was. After Wednesday's out here at 473104. Point five. That's private company based ebony what are you free in this dirty work Wednesday. Though. My friend we'll if you guys all people. Goes and somebody that true. Yeah actually yes that is we've we've done it before you get goes didn't. I. Did you tell us the story. OK so I'm on Friday night I I would have friends and we read in the name in Norfolk and I'm. I know it's cute guy and staring at us now. I'm kind of separate line of our group beat him I have nothing to list and I hope I thought I walked over to him. And I'd like you know. You're a lot farther you quit staring at and his potted solid spring and the original happening. I guess that means I'm Bonnie I'm like yeah. So anyway. Get up talking and eventually got my number and I get it to him and then. Towards the the Knight he's like. It's really great meeting you to see you again I saw her. And I'm. Out. You know what what I think Saturday night and I come out we're going on to the north bucket nadir having missed. And I are back parties to reflect sound good to meet you Adam like sharks. I was in perfect on Saturday it was like is there costume party investors. Yeah I don't how to nineties cover bad everybody up up up still. Sees it. You did and damned and we had an awesome time amazing we Wear her out drinking and dad signal timing and talk about music and I told them I you know I need to go to war store in July and you'd like to. I think from now. Until they planned to do that and then and and then at the end of the night eight. He he'll have to stay at my place and. Hello I'm not only. And did you did you hook up. Something happened out and get yeah. Since price is into you know at the moment. The next morning you take me to Akron but I and I itch and now and I'm he told me that I'm. He would work on the worse it gets and and that would you know attacked me later that night like Rick. OK so that was on Sunday. And I take he didn't text GO. Now nano and you haven't heard from him since then. And I thought okay blow. Ashley is this writing goes I mean it's only been like three days. Well it located so here's the part that bothers me so I can't get on Monday just saying you know I thought it would in here in the last night you forget. And he writes me back. Who incidents. Yeah and set it up like hot hot at the very cute is at should be shouldn't play with a woman's emotion that they are. And right back these I have no idea who this is. But I don't think that on the person you're looking for are sorry. But I'm like yeah. I'm double checking my phone to the Islamic way I am I crazy and. You know got there on number I'd look at that you know I look at BM by and it's definitely the same number could protect from that weekend or were so they're dumb like. Okay you're not serious right it can but it is not funny and then literally he just never right back. OK so it clear that he was coasting yeah. Then did you try calling the number instead of texting. I did actually did I what they're going Cuba than yesterday I was stuck in traffic and you make sense that public. All of it let me do it happens and it's a plane just went straight to voicemail. Okay was it his voice on the voicemail. Now it just you know I am the person you're calling it and here we ran just like a machine is still up close as you please find out why you this is. I mean. Like you know you know why you not only. Sleep with a woman but and mutate brought to breakfast the next day and make plans and amateur again and then. You go to our idea I know I'm an estimate of a one night and there's like adept at that this did not feel like all like any part of it in any way it. I think. I know what I did that made it decided. You know I'm never talking to her again they do something I think you know used to this guy's number cracks idea yes and he doesn't answer when I call. OK well maybe he'll answer when we GO and then we can find out what his deal as what what is his name anyway. Stated okay so callable Davey boy here when we come back time. Hello good morning guys we dig deep please. Call it. This is busy morning zoo radio show nick assays shaggy and he won all four this day. Oh yeah. Be the key guy answer a couple of questions for as far as he could do. Alright okay so personable. What you do this past week in the did you go out to eat anyway did you taken a movie you watched a basket. Well OK I did watch some basketball. On. They did not go out to each. Actually see I'd get chewed me. A concert. Pianist party pay at the nor about. Okay that was on Saturday night right and then ninety's thing. Out area. Gosh don't donors need to be and they know I I hear even. Yeah well now I have that it has nothing to do with the band is not the being want to ask you about. It's the girl you went home with that night. Do you put me cheering members that aren't. And AD. What what it looks about. So she shared her story about the whole thing and says that we you ghost at her and don't worry Davis isn't some witch hunt brain thinks she's not even mad about it this guy even gonna bother you already I think it's. She does want to know if she said something or did something wrong that needs you ghost terror but she feels like things were going good. But maybe she said or did something that upset you and that's why you go stated. Now now guys CC didn't do anything raunchy really swayed. OK so it's here is really sweet. Why didn't goes to maneuver like she's you guys have planes to go to another concert later this summer. DEA. Not so much. To deserve this is why he's. See which. Which I can tell you but I honestly not sure the other bullied along. We Tyson and we protect. That very few weird reasons the poll ourselves. Okay role. I'm I'm sort of buried. So my birthday you discuss weekends my wife gave me the whole weekend off. Forum being carried. OK eight. So OKC usually got the weekend off do you mean like a halt us all like for this week at only you're no longer married. That's exactly. Complex it's it's. It's in your life you're married soon. They say god there and sleep with Larry Monty that's only this weekend. Only through this weekend and after overtly hit continue communicating with any guys that spear arrangement. Host okay see you could go out there and mess around but once midnight on Sunday his Cinderella had to leave the parties and he held. He just says I'm not allowed to have brought it. Any girl but I might be well on him he's here temporarily. Okay but I guess that's why you've caught her off that. He would apple is cruel so yeah. Block all or actually your wife Kelly even you do something like that. Well. Steve boom really great life. And I've. Referred to. Delegate injury or urged to simply go on oil. I think that's speaking. What are didn't. Everybody. Here OK so now we now. You know okay cool all right and thanks Dave. Sir Robin did in a minute wait to me in me. Yeah bwic UN. You and your tournament home during these on to put on hold for about Dave don't hang up against we have talked to you about something else. I don't leave town. I think he is learning these homes used to these lines I think he's I could. Building the white mountains no I don't think he has this hall pass this little arrangement is my. And act. But it's your right hand out saying. Britney on its call he's day. We'll see what technique as if it's trail so that now that's why now. Now leisurely and his wife fun in this I don't think so. But those Timmy if these I don't his wife and his marriage yeah. It's yeah that's true light yeah that's true so usually can even say they he's let her do it yeah. Like it's easy we Cole and his wife yes she everything will calm about all passed just. We do want to turn right at I don't T think she's gonna be like I don't earlier talking about. Under down kind of president I wonder if that I wonder if his wife was really odd how over the weekend there was no hunting dog that he just kind. And it needs. It's. It fits court sort of seeding confidence yeah like he can't sit when he's just out. All right so put money in the pot right now if there were both there really home as a wasn't there as we're gonna call. Noticed out of that is of yeah. I don't think there's almost as. All right. Somehow get Dave's wife's phone number in home the awards okay yeah and then I guess we'll try to call her. When we come. Oh my gosh he finally got hold on Dave that's the guy's got a hold his wife and woody why do you explain the conversational that you had. Well actually give me ten minutes and now. I sew. It up I took to his wife I first. So I caught yesterday morning we are trying to get on on yesterday morning but she works so we're wishing them the owners it's should they call me around noon. On a color around 12 o'clock. She had. Add so Luke Lee. Zero. Idea. About the hall pass really. Fishy here. I'll tell you what I'll I'll say BA he. I tell you the level and I saw my pastor nicely did you wanna come Hillary what does this yeah. She was so humiliated. That he was said they are insane on the radio. That is why do a hall pass she was more humiliated he said she's done it too. Yeah she said not true she's an average you know husband issues like I don't know where to go from here. As she did not like a month with a saying OK and I and I asked but out of out of respect for her she didn't ask for that her husband ally rank either succeeded Yeltsin took. But then faster though I did say is it okay if we tell everybody. You're aside she said her biggest thing was she went to a now. She never cheated nor is Gamal fast okay. It. He didn't need that. Yeah.