DWW Update on Katrina and Brian

Thursday, June 22nd

The update YOU DEMANDED on one of the most memorable and touching Dirty Work Wednesdays in history!


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Last week. Not yesterday this week during dirty work so rather than usual happened. Weighing. One guy who describes himself. As a lovable loser and admitted his crush. On a coworker. But he had no idea that she was secretly listening. Old school. Who put little about I. Mean you know. Sometimes they do also warrior. Please excuse. Me of how. Yeah. I knew you liked them so I mean is quite favorite. Color. It was the most beautiful thing. I'm really sorry you know you're on the phone uses Eric's trip to embarrass me obviously how do you ever come up in Hockney. All I get ripped bodies viewers this. Well grossly out of our group work goal try and ugly I don't. You're not an ugly why would that. Trainer you absolutely stupid not what we saw a threat to plan not in love it there. I would I would take you to dinners and childish if you want. Yeah. And that's what happens and it's very alert last week and since we aired that dirty work. So many of Yale Pettitte asking did they go up. Did Katrina and Brian go out to they have their dates. Here to answer that question. He's welcome Katrina back to Z what do you think you're coming back on the general yeah no problem so I imagine but what does it feel like to be famous like you're famous now because well. I mean that I would say it ain't it cited in trying to treat it like I have had. People calling and texting me like one person even survived two mile on the street. Okay I'm up to be like I was there a minute of yeah I was. OK so it's a question on everybody's mind. You when Brian went out and he he leads did go out and say yeah okay and what and how was that. Oh. And it went really well. Lebanon and you know entry fee now has the Mexican shares western movie is but it was really fun actually at a related I'm. Okay is their chemistry there I mean I know this is very early so I wanna put any pressure on you. I'm feeling I know I try new visa bill like everybody wants this to work out. Like eight in all honesty it's OK BC know is their chemistry there. It. Like I mean I think where are constantly sent this Cilic. The whole situation because it is kind of clear candidate and a full of pressure so it you know we're taking there really early on bad. There's accidentally. Sent chemistry and I mean. It reminds you up your mind he could Gina ligament rising if you being on the bachelor lake everybody wants you guys have a that if you don't look at and realize everyone's disappointed itself. I'll tell. Everything's good people that are asking about. All right here's the here's one. People wanted to know if you actually still went out on the. Yeah you know what I did I did go out and I didn't want him being. Mean but it. It went pretty. Like. Pretty obvious pretty quickly that term at least there's really nothing merits I get that out just telling it announcing instead. But no thanks IMAP you know kind of realizing damages and then come on out. Hall yeah okay all right I was so as the daily goods you guys are still. Yeah those are. Or are they how is that. How is it working together early tech has I imagine everybody I mean I can really means earned media requests have been talking about this once he figured that it was you guys. Yeah I mean at first like everybody definitely attack had something to say there you know actually you know. At some time had passed so aggravates treatments just you know gotten back at the daily routines and mine has advanced. Okay yeah. So there's not a lot of pressure on you have you worked on this all sound Henry Aaron. This sounds really good like I feel like we did something good for once a dirty like so I'm glad to hear what. That it has a happy ending and I can see that your riding off into the sunset together but at least you are still are digging and that things are going in a positive direction. And that's all. We could ask ourselves yeah. Well thank you pitching and keep this up daily email us or tell Brian each email us at once a while give us updates if things keep going okay. I borrow and also you are required to get married to this guy tonight is to an agency now. I.